STAFF REVIEW of MechAssault (Xbox)

Thursday, November 14, 2002.
by AloneInTheDark

MechAssault Box art Well, at first this game was not on my wanted list. And quite frankly after seeing some videos that had not changed. And I dont know why but in the past month or so this game has really been creeping up behind me and I have just been getting more and more excited for it. I have never been a mech fan, I have been disappointed too many times with them, but MechAssault has opened up the Mech doors for me once again.
This game looked as if it was going to have an awsome multiplayer, which it does. Even though I havent had a chance to play on live yet the multiplayer is awsome. And the single player, that has to be the greatest part of the game. So overall this game is great, and probally the best game I have played for a while. And I have to say it is the most fun game I have played, EVER!!

Aside from the great multiplayer there is an unmatchable single player mode. Actually, some may not know there are 2 single player modes. There is the Campaign mode and the ability to play 1 player under multiplayer mode. How does this work you ask. Well there are bots in this game and when you are playing 1 player under a multiplayer game, say Grinder, the bots automatically come into play.


The campaign mode is by far the best mode of the game, imo. I was disappointed at first, because it looked a little too much like gunmetal, which was extremely horrible. But after playing through the first mission or 2 I noticed I was wrong. The missions were challenging but not too hard you would give up. And doing it over and over just made the game more and more fun.


There are so many features in this game. By far the coolest feature is the "destroy anything to get anything" feature. In this game you have to destroy buildings and other things to accomplish a mission and to heal yourself or pick up ammo. That isnt the only thing you get out of destroying things. You can also use that as an advantage. Sometimes mechs are ontop of a building or next to one, and if you shoot it down it may tumble on the mech, so you dont have to destroy it. Or if a sniper is on the top of a building all you have to do is walk into it and it falls, resulting in the dead sniper. It may not seem strategic but you will need to do this to beat the game.


The control system is very easy and very simalar. If you have played halo then you will have no problem with this control system. Almost exactly alike.

If there is a flaw in the game, then it is the graphics. But not enough flaws to take off a .5. The graphics are very well done and the explosions are OUTSTANDING!!!The graphics are superb, the only flaw is at times the camera angles, mostly while you are in the water. But other than that the visuals are outstanding. The mechs look beautiful and realistic. One thing I dont like is the blood. It doesnt look real but there isnt too much of that. The cut scenes are great, and tehre are alot of them. This is one of the most eye pleasing games up to date.

The sound in this game is very very good. The soundtrack never gets annoying as I am one for rock. I love the sound of the bones crushing when you stomp on an infaltry member. The explosions sound awsome. My suggestion to you is to put up the sound as loud as you can because this is one of those games where you have to. The guns and screams and stomps sound great. This game is very very loud and migh end up in an angry neighbor..but who really cares. So over all, no flaws in the sound area.

There isnt much more you can add to this game. Maybe being able to customize the mech. But otherwise keep up the good work, I LOVE THIS GAME!!!

Overall: 10.0 / 10
Gameplay: 10.0 / 10
Visuals: 10.0 / 10
Sound: 10.0 / 10


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