Def Jam: Icon (Xbox 360) by Electronic Arts

Def Jam: Icon (Xbox 360) by Electronic Arts Box Art

North Amercian Release Date: March 6, 2007.

Average Overall Score:
9.40 / 10

I love seeing a game franchise evolve from one title to the next. When the developer can take the game in bold new directions without discarding the meat of the game that originally made it fun, I more often than not applaud their efforts. With this in mind, EA deserves a standing ovation for the continued evolution of the Def Jam series."

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In collaboration with urban lifestyle powerhouse Def Jam Interactive, EA Chicago—the team behind the critically acclaimed EA SPORTS Fight Night series—is integrating hip hop culture and gaming like never before. With the hottest music seamlessly infused into the world around you, the game’s environments pulsate, crumble, and explode to life with every bone-jarring beat. Time your attacks to the driving bass and use falling debris and exposed environmental hazards to pound your rivals. Featuring an all-new single-player story, the game takes you deep into the life of a high-rolling hip hop mogul to build a record label.


Monday, March 26, 2007


Workin’ at the Car Wash
Solo Hard or Ranked: Clean up your opponent with the Car Wash Brush.
The Big Burn
Solo Hard or Ranked: Torch your opponent in the Flaming Gas Pump.
Too Loud, Too Old
Solo Hard or Ranked: Defeat your opponent by using the speaker blast at The Club.
Hit The Lights
Solo Hard or Ranked: Use the Light Wall at The Club until it's lights out.
It’s the Amps
Solo Hard or Ranked: Blow your opponent away with the electrified car at the Block.
Joy Riding
Solo Hard or Ranked: End the fight with the lowriding impact at the Block.
Heads Up
Solo Hard or Ranked: Knock your opponent out with the Swinging Light Rig.
Feel the Power
Solo Hard or Ranked: End a fight at the studio with an electrifying experience for your opponent.
Solo Hard or Ranked: Use the fireplace in the Penthouse to finish off your opponent.
Window of Opportunity
Solo Hard or Ranked: Throw your opponent out of the window at the Penthouse.
Killer Sound System
Solo Hard or Ranked: Bring your opponent's health to zero with volume at 11 at the Office.
Going Down
Solo Hard or Ranked: Throw your opponent into the Elevator Shaft in Troy's Office.
Caution: Wet Floor
Solo Hard or Ranked: Shock your opponent to victory at the Rooftop.
Smacked Down
Solo Hard or Ranked: Use the helicopter tail whip as your finishing move.
Look But Don't Touch
Solo Hard or Ranked: Let one of the dancers defeat your opponent.
Play your "Def Jam Icon" Saved Playlist in My Soundtrack.
Have a record go gold in Build a Label.
Bling Bling
Have a record go platinum in Build a Label.
KaChing Bling
Have a record go multiplatinum in Build a Label.
Complete Build A Label Mode on Hardest Difficulty Level.
Producing Mogul
Release 6 songs in Build a Label.
Top of the Charts
Have an album reach number 1 on the Charts.
Fashion Icon
Reach 500,000 Style Points in Build a Label.
Ladies Man
Have 4 satisfied girlfriends simultaneously in Build A Label Mode.
Represent Yourself
Change your Signature.
Getting Hot
Ranked: Win 5 online fights in a row.
Critical Beat Down
Ranked: Win 15 online fights in a row.
Get Your Mode On
Ranked: Achieve 50 online wins.
Ranked: Achieve 100 online wins.
Ornery Bastard
Ranked: Achieve 200 online wins.
Ranked: Have your Taunt Tag appear on your dominated opponent's screen.
Straight Clownin'
Win a ranked match with 100 total taunts.
Reversals Only
Beatings with Bass: Solo: Hard: No Strikes, Directionals, Get Up Attacks, or Grab attempts.
Directional Attacks Only
Beatings with Bass: Solo: Hard: No Strikes, Get Up Attacks, Blocks, Reversals, Taunts, or Grabs.
Protect Your Crib (Secret Achievement)
Complete a Fight without the glass wall breaking in your crib in Build a Label.
Troy's Trophies (Secret Achievement)
Be Troy Dollar and protect your trophies while fighting a solo match.
Brother's Store (Secret Achievement)
Be Dr. Chang and protect your brother's convenient store during a solo match.

Def Jam: Icon News

Def Jam: Icon Beats Down Retail
Today Electronic Arts, in partnership with Def Jam Interactive, announced that Def Jam: Icon has shipped to stores nationwide.

Def Jam: Icon: Achievements
There are 37 achievements worth 1000 points. Take on the biggest and baddest rappers in the world in Def Jam: ICON. With the hottest music seamlessly infused into the world around you.

DEF JAM: ICON Tournaments
Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: ERTS), in partnership with Def Jam Interactive, announced today that a series of DEF JAM: ICON™ tournaments* will be sponsored by GameStop and held in four major U.S. cities throughout February.

The following DEF JAM: ICON: Demo is now available on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

EA Announces DEF JAM: ICON For Xbox360
Electronic Arts in partnership with Def Jam Interactive, announced today that DEF JAM: ICON™ will be released for the Xbox 360.

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