Ghostbusters (Xbox 360) by Atari

Ghostbusters (Xbox 360) by Atari Box Art

Xbox One backwards Compatible

North Amercian Release Date: June 16, 2009.

Average Overall Score:
7.85 / 10

If there?s something strange, in your neighborhood, Who you gunna call? Ghostbusters!"

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We Came, We Saw...
Complete the game on 'Casual' or 'Experienced' difficulty.
Are You A God?
Complete the game on 'Professional' difficulty.
Slam Dunk!
Slam dunk a ghost into a trap.
Slime Dunk!
Trap a ghost using the Slime Tether.
Stasis Dunk!
Trap a ghost using the Stasis Stream.
I Ain't 'Fraid of No Ghost!
Trap a ghost.
Aim for the Flat Top!
Eliminate a creature.
Heat 'Em Up
Purchase all upgrades for the Proton Gun.
Mother Pus Bucket!
Purchase all upgrades for the Slime Gun.
We be fast! They be slow!
Purchase all upgrades for the Dark Matter Generator.
I Don't Want My Face Burned Off
Purchase all upgrades for the Meson Collider.
We Have the Tools!
Purchase all available equipment upgrades.
The Destructor
Complete the game with more than $3,000,000 in property damage.
Nice Shootin', Tex!
Complete the game with less than $100,000 in property damage.
...And You Want to Keep It?
Collect a Cursed Artifact.
Spores, Molds, and Fungus
Collect all Cursed Artifacts.
I'm Picking Up A Signal...
Obtain a 100% PKE scan on a paranormal creature.
Back Off Man. I'm a Scientist
Obtain 100% PKE scans for every paranormal creature.
I'm a Ghostbuster, Not a Doctor!
Revive your teammates 20 times.
I Feel So Funky
Get slimed by a charging ghost.
Total Protonic Reversal
Knock yourself down with your own weapon.
You Gotta Try This Pole!
Slide down the fire pole.
It's Slime Time
Use the Slime Tether on 15 ghosts.
I Looked at the Trap, Ray!
Recover 20 of your own full ghost traps.
Remedy a dubious food choice to make the bar mitzvah as orthodox as it can be.
I Love You When You Rough-House!
The tidy arcitectural office could use some Proton-based humbling.
But the Kids Love Us!
The children's reading room has a story to tell, but it will take more than your eyes to see it.
You Never Studied
Keep your ears open to learn everything you can about the Civil War.
I've Quit Better Jobs Than This.
Some ghosts had a real blowout in the Coat Room. Clean it up?
The hedge maze is a real eyesore; do some Protonic pruning.
One down, on the Ground!
Airborne coffins are an affront to gravity; use your Proton Pack to avenge Mother Nature!
Ghostbusters Drinking Game
Quench your thirst wherever possible to avoid being scared spitless.
Loans Paid Off
More than $100,000 earned in Xbox LIVE.
On the Payroll
Successfully complete one Xbox LIVE campaign.
Egon's Guinea Pig
Use one of every pickup (both power-ups and equipment).
Be the overall top earner in each Xbox LIVE campaign setting.
It's a Living
Trap over 50 ghosts in your Xbox LIVE Ghostbusting career.
Defeat three Most Wanted Ghosts.
Employee of the Month
Be top earner in each Xbox LIVE job type.
No Job Too Big
Defeat all Most Wanted Ghosts.
Gozer's Most Wanted
Successfully complete each Xbox LIVE job in every location.
Get over $2,500,000 in Xbox LIVE, over 30 post-job awards, 50 jobs completed.
We Have the Talent! (Secret Achievement)
Complete the Firehouse training level.
The Flowers are Still Standing! (Secret Achievement)
Complete the 'Welcome to the Hotel Sedgewick' level.
Once S'more into the Breach (Secret Achievement)
Complete the 'Panic in Times Square' level.
Get Her! (Secret Achievement)
Complete the 'Checking Out the Library' level.
Ghost Fever Grips New York (Secret Achievement)
Complete the 'Museum of (Super)Natural History' level.
Somebody Saw a Cockroach on 12 (Secret Achievement)
Complete the 'Return to the Sedgewick' level.
Let Me Guess, Gozer Worshippers (Secret Achievement)
Complete the 'Lost Island Rising' level.
Disaster of Biblical Proportions (Secret Achievement)
Complete the 'Central Park Cemetery' level.

User Reviews

Score: 78
Overall User Average: 7.50 / 10 (78.5%)
Gameplay User Average: 9.00 / 10
Graphics User Average: 8.00 / 10
Sound User Average: 6.00 / 10
Date reviewed: June 27, 2009.

Overall: This was a game that for most people like me, was highly anticipated purely for the title of the game. It was clearly a large mistake on my part and others to believe that simply because you have a game based off of a cult cl@!%#*!ic movie, the game will be somewhat decent. Don't get me wrong, the single player of this game is fun and effective, but that is as far as you can throw this game so don't trust it. It looked very deceiving when first demoed and I wanted it badly. Now that I have it, I realized that I was slapped in the face by the franchise that I loved. It cheated me out of 60 bucks and 2 days of my life.

When I first popped in the game, it was fun and I was thrilled to be playing it. But as time progressed (first 15 minutes) many problems became apparent and I found myself turning my xbox off. This was the first time that I have ever voluntarily turned my xbox off. It was a sad day and I hope to never relive it.
Gameplay: As I played through the first mission of the game, I realized 3 apparent problems. One problem was that despite difficulty, the game was unbelievably hard. This is a little nit-picky, but if you have played this game, you know very well that your fellow ghostbusters aren't worth their weight in pennies. They seem to merely run around shooting their proton packs at any little thing that moves. This might seem helpful but it isn't for two reasons. One, they always miss, and two, only causes more property damage for you to pay for out of your own pocket. The Second problem that arose was how the game doesn't give you all of your weapons up front, it seems that in the ghostbuster universe, the only logical thing to do for a new ghostbusting recruit is to give him the weakest weapon available, not upgraded at all, and tell him that it's up to him to singlehandedly destroy a sumerian god that is climbing up a building to kill you in all of his marshmellow goodness. Finally, the third problem in the gameplay is this, if you find yourself fighting a boss who can one-hit KO you or anyone else, your allies will shoot at the boss with the weakest weapons, while standing stationary, and dying. You and your allies can try to revive downed teamates, but it seems when just one or two of your allies is downed, it's solely up to you to revive them. This becomes fatal during boss battles.

Don't get me wrong though, it is fun to shoot off your proton pack and to capture ghosts. It is fun to do, but is sadly the only fun thing to do. And it gets old after a while. In terms of the quality of gameplay, it is a very unique third person shooter in the way that it approaches wearing down and capturing ghosts. The game gets points in that category. But that's about it.
Graphics: This game looks pretty good in most aspects, but when cutscenes occur, the game can't seem to find the confidence to decide whether or not it should use the crappy in-game animations, or to use the really high quality, every once in a while cutscene CG. Other than that, nothing is more rewarding than seeing a proton beam being emitted from your gun, type-thing. Pretty good visuals.
Sound: Bottom line, not the best thing to listen to. Dr. Venkmen seems to only have one phrase that he says in-game. Whether it is him being shot, slimed, downed, or what I can guess is him suggesting what to do next. Another problem with the audio is that you never know when someone (other than venkmen) is downed. They never speak which makes it very hard to detect when you are absolutely screwed. Don't buy this game for the audio.
Suggestions: If things have to be suggested, AND THEY DO, then there would be a very short list.

This game needs better AI.

Clearer instructions on what to do next

Either more types of weapons or more upgrades that can't all be purchased before the last two levels!

Don't preview a game and create a ton of hype for your game and slap a franchise liscence on it before testing parts of the game on the public with at least a beta next time. It would have spared me 60 bucks.

Overall: 75 %
Gameplay: 90 %
Graphics: 80 %
Sound: 60 %

Ghostbusters News

Atari to Publish Next Ghostbusters
Atari has today officially announced that it has become the new publisher of the next Ghostbusters game.

Sierra Calls Ghostbusters To Save The World
Sierra Entertainment and Sony Pictures Consumer Products jointly announced today development of Ghostbusters™ The Video Game, based on the classic films that have transcended and entertained generations of audiences.

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