Fracture (Xbox 360) by LucasArts

Fracture (Xbox 360) by LucasArts Box Art

North Amercian Release Date: October 7, 2008.

Average Overall Score:
8.73 / 10

A whole new meaning for the term, ?shovelware.?"

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Saturday, October 4, 2008
Saturday, August 23, 2008


Complete Act 1
Complete Act 1.
Complete Act 2
Complete Act 2.
Complete Act 3
Complete Act 3.
Complete Act 1 on Hardcore
Complete Act 1 on Hardcore.
Complete Act 2 on Hardcore
Complete Act 2 on Hardcore.
Complete Act 3 on Hardcore
Complete Act 3 on Hardcore.
Complete the Tutorial
Complete the Tutorial.
Von Helsing
Crush an enemy to death with a spike.
Open Sesame
Successfully open a physics or hinged gate for the first time in single player.
Successfully block (or unblock) an energy beam for the first time in single player
Clap On/Clap Off
Successfully used a TD switch for the first time in single player.
Combat Engineer
Successfully raise/lower a bridge for the first time in single player.
Han Shoots First
Kill an enemy by using TD and forcing them into the beam in single player.
Use the Force … Field
Kill someone by forcing them into a shield.
Collect a Data Cell
Collect a data cell.
Collect 35 Data Cells
Collect 35 data cells.
Collect all 100 Data Cells
Collect all 100 data cells.
Deathrace 2161
Cumulative 25 kills running over enemies with the TDV-1.
Dragon's Breath Specialist
Cumulative 25 kills with the Dragon's Breath.
Mole Mine Specialist
Cumulative 25 kills with Mole Mines.
Rhino Specialist
Cumulative 25 kills with the Rhino.
Catapult Specialist
Cumulative 50 kills with the Catapult.
ST-4 Torpedo Launcher Specialist
Cumulative 50 kills with the ST-4 Torpedo Launcher.
Lodestone Specialist
Cumulative 25 kills with the Lodestone.
Raptor Specialist
Cumulative 50 kills with the Raptor.
ALM-37 "Deep Freeze" Specialist
Cumulative 25 kills of people frozen by the ALM-37 "Deep Freeze."
Invader Specialist
Cumulative 50 kills with the Invader.
Scorpion Sniper Rifle Specialist
Cumulative 25 kills with the Scorpion Sniper Rifle.
Bulldog Specialist
Cumulative 50 kills with the Bulldog.
Pacifican SMG Specialist
Cumulative 50 kills with the Pacifican SMG.
Bangalore Specialist
Cumulative 50 kills with the Bangalore.
Black Widow Specialist
Cumulative 50 kills with the Black Widow.
Dead Aim
Accumulate 25 headshots kills.
Melee kill 10 enemies in a row.
What Goes Up
Kill 5 Hydras while they're in mid-air.
Welcome to the Suck
Kill 5 or more enemies with a single Vortex Grenade.
Beware falling objects
Kill an enemy using the Stomp Augmentation.
Super Soldier
Acquire All Augmentations in the Game.
President of the USA
Accumulate 100 Alliance Wins.
President of Pacifica
Cumulative 100 Pacifican Wins.
It's Good to be King
Win 50 Kingmaker games.
All Your Base Are Belong to Us
Win 50 Break-In Games.
Gold Plated Shovel
Win 50 Excavation games.
Standard Bearer
Win 50 CTF Games.
Awarded for completing one multiplayer game.
Awarded for completing 10 multiplayer games.
Awarded for completing 100 multiplayer games.
Awarded for completing 250 multiplayer games.
Awarded for completing 500 multiplayer games.
Demolition Expert
Awarded for completing 1500 multiplayer games.

User Reviews

Score: 87
Overall User Average: 8.90 / 10 (87.3%)
Gameplay User Average: 8.80 / 10
Graphics User Average: 9.25 / 10
Sound User Average: 8.75 / 10
Date reviewed: April 14, 2009.

Overall: This game is a must own for third person shooter lover. The campaign is not too long nor too short and you get a hell of alot of achievements. Great game for only $19.99 CAD. You will not be dissappointed and if you are then shame on you. The achievements are fairly easy to get and the game has decent graphics and audio to go with it. This is my first review so dont give me crap if it sucks.

Overall: 91 %
Gameplay: 88 %
Graphics: 93 %
Sound: 90 %

Date reviewed: October 14, 2008.

Overall: You are Jet Brody It is the year 2161 and the United States has been split in two by the "Great Flood". The polar ice cap has melted and the Mississippi River wiped out a large portion of The U.S. The Federal Government has failed at stopping a civil war between the Atlantic Alliance and the Republic of Pacifica. You use a vast array of unique and powerful weapons as well as Terrain Deformation (TD) to shape the battlefield against a clever and aggressive Pacifican Army. Shape the battlefield, shape the battle.
Gameplay: As Jet Brody you fight against the Pacifican army using new and innovative weapons. Included in your arsenal is the ability to shape the landscape called Terrain Deformation. You use this unique ability to raise and lower the land to reach higher areas of the terrain such as ledges, cliffs and bridges. You also use your ability to lower the land to access areas that were once covered by land. The Pacificans have the same ability which leads to your screen filled with weapon fire and explosions while the land is constantly moving beneath you. This brings the game to life and and a whole new twist to the shooter genre. Terrain Deformation never feels tacked on as you use it not only to access areas that were once off limits but for cover and to solve puzzles.
Graphics: The graphics are not only on par with some next gen game, they surp@!%#*! others. Press the "Y" button to run and watch your character blaze forward with the jaw dropping visuals blurring by. This is one game where is in game visuals are better than the cut scenes. Top notch graphics blended with pulse pounding gameplay
Sound: The audio is what you would expect from a shooter as good as Fracture. The dialogue is not over the top and is appropriate to the context of the game. The weapons sound unique and powerful. The land makes a distinct rumbling sound when moving. Characters lip sync when speaking. The visuals are crisp and clean with a solid frame-rate.
Suggestions: With a game as good as Fracture, a sequil is a must have. If there is another Fracture in the works, the ability to play as either side of the warring factions would be a nice addition to the game. Explore different locales next game. More driving sequences would round out the game.

Overall: 87 %
Gameplay: 88 %
Graphics: 92 %
Sound: 85 %

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