Guitar Hero: Aerosmith (Xbox 360) by Activision

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith (Xbox 360) by Activision Box Art

North Amercian Release Date: June 29, 2008.

Average Overall Score:
7.35 / 10

Activision has decided to milk the Guitar Hero series for everything it can, and why not? It seems there are plenty of folks willing to buy the same game multiple times even though the cover is different and there are a few different songs inside. Hmmm, I thought that?"

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Monday, July 21, 2008
Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Get Your Wings
Complete the Tutorial
Make It
Complete the Career on Easy
Movin' Out
Complete the Career on Medium
Rock in a Hard Place
Complete the Career on Hard
Dream On
Complete the Career on Expert
Unlock Aerosmith as the playable band
Play a song at the Nipmuc venue
Earn a 100 note streak in Career or Quick Play (Local only)
Earn a 500 note streak in Career or Quick Play (Local Only)
No More, No More
Perform all the Encores
Kings and Queens
Purchase all the playable characters from The Vault
Big Ten Inch Record
Purchase all the bonus songs
Toys in the Attic
Purchase all guitars from The Vault (Bass/Lead/Rhythm)
Same Old Song and Dance
Complete every song in the setlist and the Vault (Local only)
Score Hero
Score "325,000" or more on the song "Train Kept a Rollin'"
Get it Up
Score 2,000,000 in the Career
Eat the Rich
Earn $50,000 in career earnings
I Don't Want to Miss a Thing
Earn a gold star rating on a song on Medium or harder difficulty (Local only)
Hit every star power phrase on a song (Local or Xbox LIVE)
Sick as a Dog
Earn a 5 star rating for a song on Medium or harder (Local or Xbox LIVE)
Ain't That a B***h
Earn a gold star rating on a song (Local only)
Big Ones
Earn a 300 note streak in Co-op (Local or Xbox LIVE)
Earn a 600 note streak in Co-op (Local or Xbox LIVE)
Earn an 8x multiplier in Co-op (Local or Xbox LIVE)
Let the Music Do the Talking
Earn a gold star rating on a Co-op song (Local or Xbox LIVE)
When I Needed You
Activate Star Power 3 times in a song in a Co-op match (Local or Xbox LIVE)
What it Takes
Play 20 online ranked matches of any game type
Deuces Are Wild
Complete all songs on the setlist as the lead guitarist (Local or Xbox LIVE - primary user)
My Fist Your Face
Win an online ranked Pro Face-Off match
Don't Get Mad, Get Even
Win an online ranked Face-Off match
Walkin' the Dog
Win an online ranked Pro-Face Off match by 10,000 or more points
Soul Saver
Win a ranked online Battle Mode match with a Death Drain attack
Love Me Two Times
Complete all songs on the setlist as the Bass/Rhythm guitarist ( Local or Xbox LIVE - primary user)
Subway (Secret Achievement)
Played a song at the Max's Kansas City venue.
On The Road Again (Secret Achievement)
You unlocked the Orpheum Theater of Boston venue.
Nine Lives (Secret Achievement)
You unlocked the Moscow venue.
Critical Mass (Secret Achievement)
You unlocked the Half-Time Show venue.
March 19th, 2001 (Secret Achievement)
You unlocked the Hall of Fame venue.
Woman Of The World (Secret Achievement)
You played a song with a female guitarist.
Draw The Line (Secret Achievement)
You turned down an encore.
Spaced (Secret Achievement)
You completed a song earning Star Power, but never used it.
Dude Looks Like a Lady (Secret Achievement)
Played a song as Izzy Sparks.
Walk This Way (Secret Achievement)
You purchased DMC from The Vault.
Night in the Ruts (Secret Achievement)
Bummer, you failed a song 10 times.
Fallen Angels (Secret Achievement)
Keep trying, you failed a Co-op song beyond 95% completion.
Nobody's Fault (Secret Achievement)
You failed 5 Co-op songs. Don't give up!
You See Me Crying (Secret Achievement)
You lost an online ranked Pro Face-Off match.
Falling Off (Secret Achievement)
You lost an online ranked Face-Off match.
Back in the Saddle (Secret Achievement)
You rocked out as Tom Hamilton and Brad Whitford in a Co-op match.

User Reviews

Score: 74
Overall User Average: 7.50 / 10 (73.5%)
Gameplay User Average: 8.00 / 10
Graphics User Average: 9.00 / 10
Sound User Average: 8.00 / 10
Date reviewed: July 2, 2008.

Overall: Do you love Aerosmith? Do you love Guitar Hero? (And when I say love, I mean LOVE) If you said yes to either of those, I would highly recommend this game. Anyone else should save their money. There is no reason to spend 60 dollars on this game unless you're an avid fan of either GH or Aerosmith. The core gameplay is essentially the same. There are only 41 songs available in the game (with no chance of DLC.) The non-Aero songs are less than impressive. As a huge Guitar Hero fan, I must say that I was thoroughly disappointed and wish I would have waited to buy it used or after a price drop.
Gameplay: Typical Guitar Hero gameplay. The mechanics of the game are more like GHII than GHIII. Casual GH players wouldn't really notice, but there's a slight difference between the gameplay in GH:A/GHII and GHIII. Performing hammer-ons and pull-offs was much easier in GHIII due to the large window and the ability to hold down the note for an extended amount of time. It made the game a bit easier but was evened out with the addition of more difficult note charts. Which brings me to my first gripe with the game: the difficulty. This game is painfully easy. The best thing about the Guitar Hero series is the feeling of accomplishment you get when beating a particularly difficult song. No such feeling is felt throughout this entire game.
Graphics: The visuals are the same as in GHIII. It has some nice renderings of the band. It's great to see Aerosmith in their virtual glory. The addition of some interview videos kept things a little interesting. But basically it's the same graphics with the addition of some rock icons.
Sound: With a game called Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, you can expect what kind of audio you're going to get. The tracks were rightfully chosen with the majority of them being from the 70s-80s. Some of their newer tracks weren't as interesting. The non-Aerosmith songs felt unneeded in this game. They should have been replaced by more Aerosmith songs. While on the subject of songs, another gripe I have (and possibly the biggest) is the amount of songs found on this game. 41 songs is pathetic. This game has 6 tiers in career mode (as opposed to the usual 8) and about 1/3 of the usual amount of bonus tracks (one being a 2nd version of a song already in the main setlist) For the price of a regular guitar hero game, this is inexcusable.
Suggestions: Make the game harder. Drop the price. Add more songs. If this isn't done for future GH games, consider Guitar Hero Aerosmith the first sign of Activision killing the guitar hero series. At least they aren't adding drums to a game called Guitar Her...oh wait.

Overall: 75 %
Gameplay: 80 %
Graphics: 90 %
Sound: 80 %

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