Far Cry 3 (Xbox 360) by Ubi Soft Entertainment

Far Cry 3 (Xbox 360) by Ubi Soft Entertainment Box Art

Xbox One backwards Compatible

North Amercian Release Date: December 4, 2012.

Average Overall Score:
9.40 / 10

"Jason, what is it? Why aren't you laughing now like you did up there? You see, the thing is, up there, you thought you had a chance."

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012
Monday, December 19, 2011


Aftermarket Junkie
Buy all attachments and paint jobs for one weapon.
Archeology 101
Gather a total of 60 relics.
Artsy Craftsy
Craft 5 upgrades for your equipment.
Bagged and Tagged
Complete a Path of the Hunter quest.
Dead Letters
Gather all "Letters of the Lost".
Fearless or Stupid
Dive more than 60m (Single Player only).
Free Fall
Freefall more than 100m and live (Single Player only).
Full Bars
Activate 9 radio towers.
Fully Inked
Earn every tattoo by learning all the skills.
Getting Even
Complete "Payback" Co-op map (Online/Offline).
Heartless Pyro
Kill 50 enemies with the flamethrower (Single Player only).
Here We Come
Complete "Ready or Not" Co-op map (Online/Offline).
Hide and Seek
Complete "Lights Out" Co-op map (Online/Offline).
Hunter Hunted
Lure and kill a predator.
Improper Use
Kill an enemy with the Repair Tool (Single Player only).
In Cold Blood
Complete a WANTED Dead quest.
Inked Up
Earn 5 skill tattoos.
Island Liberator
Liberate all outposts.
Island Paparazzi
Tag 25 enemies using the camera (Single Player only).
Jungle Journal
Unlock 50 entries in the Survivor Guide.
Late Night Pick-up
Complete "Rush Hour" Co-op map (Online/Offline).
Let the Trials Begin
Beat any Trial of the Rakyat score.
Love the Boom
Kill 4 enemies simultaneously with one explosion (Single Player only).
Memory to Spare
Gather all the memory cards.
Money to Burn
Spend $5000 at the shop.
Needle Exchange
Craft 25 syringes.
Never Saw it Coming
Kill an enemy with a takedown from above from a glider, zipline or parachute (Single Player only).
Hunt and skin a rare animal.
Poker Bully
Win $1500 playing poker.
Rebel With a Cause
Liberate 3 outposts.
Return to Sender
Complete "Sidetracked" Co-op map (Online/Offline).
Road Trip
Complete a Supply Drop quest.
Rock Always Wins
Fully distract 25 enemies with rocks (Single Player only).
Rocking the Boat
Complete "Overboard" Co-op map (Online/Offline).
Say Hi to the Internet
Find the lost Hollywood star.
The Good Stuff
Craft a special syringe.
Kill a target from 70m or more with the bow (Single Player only).
Liberate an outpost without triggering an alarm.
Deep Cover (Secret Achievement)
Complete Riley's interrogation.
First Blood (Secret Achievement)
Escape the pirates and survive in the wilderness.
Hands Off My Stoner (Secret Achievement)
Rescue Oliver from the pirates.
Have I Told You? (Secret Achievement)
Survive the encounter with Vaas and escape.
Higher Than a Kite (Secret Achievement)
Use your wingsuit to reach the Southern island.
Magic Mushroom (Secret Achievement)
Return to the doctor with the cave mushrooms.
One of Us (Secret Achievement)
Complete the Rakyat initiation.
Poker Night (Secret Achievement)
Kill Hoyt.
Retake Wallstreet (Secret Achievement)
Rescue Keith from Buck.
Taken for Granted (Secret Achievement)
Kill Vaas.
What a Trip (Secret Achievement)
Attend the final ceremony.
Worst Date Ever (Secret Achievement)
Rescue Liza from the burning building.

Far Cry 3 News

Far Cry 4 coming November 18th
Tom Clancy’s The Division may have been delayed, but thankfully, Far Cry 4 has swooped in to fill the void.

Far Cry Sequel News Coming Soon, Says Ubisoft
Was another Far Cry game ever in doubt, after the runaway success of Far Cry 3? The REALLY big question is, will it be on current gen, next gen or both?

FC3: Blood Dragon open-world, made in 6 months
Having recently received a launch date of May 1st, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon appears to be keeping the core open- world shooter elements that made FC3 great, but the rest of the game will have an intentional 80’s Sci-fi B-movie feel. And Michael Biehn!

FC3: Blood Dragon setting not a joke after all?
Ugh...the futuristic theme was an April Fool’s joke, until it wasn’t...or isn’t it?!? You know what, maybe we should just stop talking about it until someone at Ubisoft explains it in a press release. My head hurts, I’m going to go lie down now.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon gets April Fools’ Ad
The 1980’s Terminator-inspired visual and audio leanings are apparently fake, but the game is still real. Read on if you want to live...

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon’s cover blown
Those of you who played the hell out of Far Cry 3 and are still craving new island jungle adventures might be in luck, as a standalone downloadable adventure is apparently in the works.

Far Cry 3 gets difficulty, outpost reset patch
Never pulled off that double-death-from below stealth kill (from the water), or found that the game didn’t make you work hard enough to survive? Well now you’ll be able to relive all that hunting, stalking and running for your life at will.

Japanese Far Cry 3 edits out sex and violence
Few countries are known for breaking as many sexual taboos as Japan, but even there apparently Far Cry has too much sex and violence for their tastes - so much so that it can even end the game if players abuse it. Read on to see what got cut.

Take a vacation with Far Cry 3
Today, Ubisoft announced that Far Cry 3, the open world first person shooter from Ubisoft Montreal and Massive, is now available on the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft.

Far Cry 3 delayed to Dec 4 in US
Looks like Far Cry 3 got lost in the jungle on its way to release. Now we all have a new date to look forward to, but here’s hoping that this date stays valid. Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?

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