Dead or Alive 5 (Xbox 360) by Tecmo Inc.

Dead or Alive 5 (Xbox 360) by Tecmo Inc. Box Art

North Amercian Release Date: September 25, 2012.

Average Overall Score:
9.50 / 10

The soul of a warrior may take upon different forms and lead one down different paths, but the fire and passion for victory that burns within is a constant reminder that every warrior must fight in order to achieve their goal. Tempered with both beauty and humility, there are very few moments in time when you can truly experience the unbridled fury of a warrior's spirit. Over the past decade many warriors have taken us down paths of both glory and despair, however, the time has come for one of the most iconic fighting games to return, Dead or Alive 5."

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Sunday, September 16, 2012


A Fight to Remember
Save a replay.
Ahhh, Memories
View your photos in the Album.
Akira Yuki
Unlock Akira.
Anybody, Anytime, Anywhere
Fight 50 people through invitations.
Arcade Cleared
Clear 1 course in Arcade mode.
Arcade Master
Clear all courses in Arcade mode.
Blow 'Em Away
Successfully land a Power Blow.
Cliffhanger Comeback
Successfully block an opponent's attack during a Cliffhanger.
DOA5 Is My Life
Fight online 1000 times.
DOA5 Master
Unlock all achievements.
Down You Go
Successfully attack during a Cliffhanger.
Exercise Newbie
Perform all moves in Command Training.
Failure Teaches Success
See all characters' losing poses.
Fighter, Know Thyself
View your results in Fight Record.
Fighting Entertainment
Have your first fight outside of Training or Versus modes.
Fighting For Real
Play a Ranked match.
Fighting in Style
Unlock all costumes.
First Tag Team
Play Tag Battle.
First Throwdown
Send a Throwdown Challenge to someone in your Fighter List.
Fledgling Fighter
Fight 10 Versus matches.
Trigger the Special Danger Zone in The Show.
Get out there and Fight!
Play a Lobby match.
How Do I Fight Like a Pro?
Display the Move Details.
How Do I Fight?
Display the Move List.
I Read Every Move
Win without taking any damage.
Watch all movies in Story mode without skipping any of them.
Jump In
Play a Simple match.
My Fight, My Rules
Create your own online lobby.
On the Edge of Your Seat
Play Spectator mode.
Rival Rampage
Fight online 100 times.
Rival Rumble
Fight online 10 times.
Register 5 fighters in your Fight List.
Safety First
Turn Danger Zones off on the Stage Select screen.
Sarah Bryant
Unlock Sarah.
Say Cheese!
Take a photo in Spectator mode.
Survival Cleared
Clear 1 course in Survival mode.
Survival Master
Clear all courses in Survival mode.
Tango Kilo November
Trigger the Special Danger Zone in Hot Zone.
The Fight Never Ends
Fight 100 Versus matches.
The Power of Two
Perform 50 kinds of character-specific tag throws.
The Ultimate Hyper Clone
Get all titles and unlock Alpha-152.
Time Attack Cleared
Clear 1 course in Time Attack mode.
Time Attack Master
Clear all courses in Time Attack mode.
Training Hard
Play Training mode for 1 hour.
You Asked for It!
Fight 10 people through invitations.
...And Then THIS Happened! (Secret Achievement)
Clear all chapters in Story mode.
Ninja Battle (Secret Achievement)
Clear "Kasumi: Part 2" in Story mode.
The Curtain Rises (Secret Achievement)
Clear the Prologue in Story mode.

Dead or Alive 5 News

Dead or Alive 5 - Last Round coming to Xbox One and Xbox 360 in 2015
Rumor has it that the current-generation Xbox One version will bring back the fluid, 60fps visuals that are lacking in its 360 cousin, in addition to new characters and other improvements. But will this be the FINAL DOA? Highly doubtful.

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate coming to Xbox 360
Just as a friendly PSA, I advise you wear protective glasses while playing this game, as there’s a good chance you might get one or both of your eyes poked out while oggling DOA5 Ultimate’s "sensual yet realistic style". Consider yourselves warned.

Team Ninja talks character DLC and more for DOA5
In an interview for, Team Ninja talks about future character DLC for Dead or Alive 5 as well as hinting at something for "next gen" consoles.

DOA 5 brings tag matches back but no online lobby
While DOA5 is shaping up to be a stunning entry to the fighting game genre, there will be no more online lobbies like there were in DOA 4

DoA5 in development and launching in 2012
The fast paced fighter returns with a vengance in 2012 to the Xbox 360. Yes Ryu is back and more brutal than ever. Are you ready? Round 1.... Fight!

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