Wipeout 2 (Xbox 360) by Microsoft

Wipeout 2 (Xbox 360) by Microsoft Box Art

Release Date
October 11, 2011.


Saturday, January 21, 2012


Aaaaannnd Cut!
As Matt Kunitz, skip ahead through every obstacle in any episode's Qualifier.
Ahead of the Curve
Finish the game with an average time of 4:00 per episode or better.
Aligning my Shakras
Balance on any Screwdriver for longer than 45 seconds as Sasha Durant.
Assisted Wipeout
Push your friend into an obstacle during the Final Four round.
Ball I Want for Christmas
Unlock all the secret characters.
Bribing the Judges
As Jill Wagner, give yourself the $50,000 prize.
Christmas Special
Beat Wipeout Zone D in Single Player or Two Player mode without wiping out once.
Dress Up
Unlock two Avatar Awards.
El Dorado
Collect every ring in any episode in one playthrough.
Episode 1 Gold
Beat Episode 1 with a time of 3:00 or better.
Episode 2 Gold
Beat Episode 2 with a time of 3:00 or better.
Episode 3 Gold
Episode 3 GoldBeat Episode 3 with a time of 3:10 or better.
Episode 4 Gold
Beat Episode 4 with a time of 3:20 or better.
Episode 5 Gold
Beat Episode 5 with a time of 3:30 or better.
Episode 6 Gold
Beat Episode 6 with a time of 3:40 or better.
Episode 7 Gold
Beat Episode 7 with a time of 3:40 or better.
Episode 8 Gold
Beat Episode 8 with a time of 3:40 or better.
Fall Line-up
Finish the summer episodes.
Fool’s Gold
Come in first in any episode without collecting any rings as Mabel.
Halloween Special
Beat Wipeout Zone B in Single Player or Two Player mode without wiping out.
Happy Ballidays
Cross the Big Balls without wiping out.
Holiday Primetime
Finish the winter episodes.
I Believe I can Fly
Jump from more than 4 meters high as Super Stevie.
I Can Dodge Bullets
Avoid being hit by any blaster shots on any Two Player episode as Jules Johnston.
I Love the Sound of My Voice
As John Henson, listen to 25 lines of John Henson commentary in any episode.
Jack Be Nimble
Make it through a Piston Punch without jumping or wiping out.
Jumping Jack
Jump 8 times in 10 seconds.
Look Out Below
Land on top of another contestant from more than 3 meters high during the Final Four Round.
Not the Beard!
Trudge through 4 meters of mud as Junkyard Bill.
Ollie on the Half-pipe
Slide for more than 3 seconds as Stacy Stokes.
On Curve
Finish the game with an average time of 4:30 per episode or better.
Practice Makes Better
Finish any Eliminator 3 times in Practice in one session.
Practice Makes Even Better
Finish any Final Four Round 4 times in Practice in one session.
Practice Makes Good
Finish any Qualifier 2 times in Practice in one session.
Practice Makes Perfect
Finish any Wipeout Zone 5 times in Practice in one session.
Rock'em Sock'em
Pass a Sucker Punch, grabbing each ring, without wiping out.
Rockin’ Around the Sweeper Tree
Last more than 27 seconds on the Sweeper or Ski Lift.
Season’s Beatings
Wipeout on all six obstacles of any winter episode's Wipeout Zone.
As a Blaster, hit your friend 5 times in 10 seconds.
Staying Alive
Bounce for more than 15 seconds in a Pinball Machine playing as Hot Latte.
The Power of Faith
Win any Two Player episode without firing blaster shots or pushing your opponent as Brother Dave.
Way Ahead of the Curve
Finish the game with an average time of 3:30 per episode or better.
We Have Liftoff
Bounce between two or more Launch Pads four times in a row in Single Player or Two Players.
Wisconsin Pride
As John Anderson, get a time of 1:15 or better on Bruiseball.

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