Disney Infinity (Xbox 360) by Disney Interactive / Buena Vista Interactive

Disney Infinity (Xbox 360) by Disney Interactive / Buena Vista Interactive Box Art

North Amercian Release Date: August 18, 2013.

Average Overall Score:
7.70 / 10

As the fearless Buzz Lightyear would say… “To infinity and beyond!” – We welcome Disney Infinity! Right off the bat, the masses won’t be able to help themselves but to start comparing both Disney’s Infinity and the popular genre veteran, Activision’s Skylanders."

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Monday, June 17, 2013


1 more to go
Collect 15 Stars in 2 Play Sets.
Stand on top of a stack of 4 Characters.
All Modes
Drive a car, pilot a helicopter, and a ride a mount.
All Star
Collect 15 Stars in 3 Play Sets.
Almost There
Complete 3 Adventures to silver standard.
Another Happy Outcome
Complete the story in 2 Play Sets.
Bonus Bank
Win 5 bonuses in the Disney Infinity Vault.
Complete the "Easy" level on all Challenges in a single Play Set.
Challenges Conquered
Complete the "Hard" level on all Challenges in a single Play Set.
Complete the "Medium" level on all Challenges in a single Play Set.
Character Elite
Level up 1 Character to Level 15.
Character Elite Force
Level up 3 Characters to Level 15.
Character Elite Set
Level up 2 Characters to Level 15.
Character Plunder
Unlock 3 Character Chests.
City Planner
Buy 4 Play Set buildings and place them in the Toy Box.
Save 4 different Toy Box worlds.
Defender of the Universe
Defeat 100 enemies throughout Disney Infinity.
Doesn't This Look Better?
Customize 6 buildings in the Play Sets.
Feat Master
Complete 75 feats.
Feat Novice
Complete 25 feats.
Full of Toys
Unlock 10 toys from Play Sets.
Getting It Started
Complete a story mission.
Complete all Mastery Adventures.
Great Communicator
Talk to mission givers 20 times throughout Disney Infinity.
Import master
Place a toy from a Play Set in a Toy Box you are hosting.
Infinity and Beyond
Play 3 Play Sets and the Toy Box.
It's a Party
Play a 4 player game.
It's a Start
Collect 50 Stars.
It's All Gold!
Complete 3 Adventures to gold standard.
Journey Complete
Complete the story in a Play Set.
Buy 2 Tools from one Play Set.
New friends
Play a 2-player game using two different Characters.
Not Last!
Complete 3 Adventures to bronze standard.
Not Sorry?
Defeat 40 player Characters.
Power Pack!
Buy 2 Packs from one Play Set.
Power Up!
Place one Power Disc on the Disney Infinity Base.
Defeat another player's Character.
Spin Master
Take 20 turns in the Disney Infinity Vault.
Spin start
Take 10 turns in the Disney Infinity Vault.
Star Extractor
Collect 15 Stars in a Play Set.
Star Hunter
Get 18 Stars from Adventures.
Team Work
Complete a story mission in a multiplayer game.
That Was A Challenge
Complete 5 Challenges on hard.
That Was Easy
Complete 5 Challenges on easy.
That Was Rough
Complete 5 Challenges on medium.
The Champion
Win First Place in a multiplayer Adventure.
There is no "end" in infinity!
Complete the story in 3 Play Sets.
Toy Maker Extreme
Take 30 turns in the Disney Infinity Vault.
Visit the Hall
Visit the Hall of Heroes.
Wish Upon a Star
Collect 70 Stars in the Disney Infinity Starter Pack.

Disney Infinity News

Disney Infinity 2.0 leak reveals Guardians of the Galaxy figures
Even the biggest Disney critic has got to admit that Disney Infinity is a hell of a lot cooler with Marvel characters in it! I mean, who’d have thought we’d ever see Rocket Raccoon in a Disney game?!? Wait...that actually makes a lot of sense...

Marvel Superheroes officially announced for Disney Infinity 2.0
And every comic book geek who already loves Disney just soiled themselves.

New Disney Infinity '2.0 Edition' trailer teases Avengers
And just remember, Disney also owns The Muppets and Star Wars. The singularity is upon us.

Sorcerer Mickey finally joins the Disney Infinity party
You can’t have a Disney Infinite without at least one iteration of Mickey Mouse, right? What’s scary is that soon we’ll be saying the same thing about Star Wars and Marvel characters, now that Disney owns them.

Disney Store, Toys R Us list Disney Infinity gear for Nov. 26 release
Disney Infinity just hit store shelves with plenty of starter packs, characters and add-ons, but that’s nothing people, as the next deluge of Infinity products, including a yet-to-be-released IP, will be arriving in late November.

Disney Infinity to get new Toy Box updates weekly
A universe as big and populated with beloved characters as Disney needs environments just as vast and varied for players to play in, so knowing that Disney Infinity fans can expect a weekly influx of content is exciting news.

"Toy Story in Space" is the next Disney Infinity Play Set post-launch
It’s only fitting that Disney videogame featuring ACTUAL toys would follow up its upcoming release with a play set featuring toys that come to life. Brilliant! You’ll have to buy Woody separately though. Wonder how he feels about that? DEJA VU, MAN!

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