The Bureau: XCOM Declassified (Xbox 360) by 2K Games

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified (Xbox 360) by 2K Games Box Art

Release Date
August 20, 2013.

Average Overall Score:
7.00 / 10

It's difficult to play The Bureau: XCOM without wondering what kind of game it could have been. Originally intended in 2010 as 2K Games’ first de facto entry in the storied XCOM franchise as well as the first XCOM game to be released on consoles since the original PlayStation, The Bureau (originally known as just “XCOM”) has weathered several changes in title, genre and gameplay over the past three years (and perhaps just as many from its original inception three years prior). The game's development was also the subject of much criticism from XCOM fans, many of whom were immediately turned off by the game's E3 2010 re-envisioning as an FPS, feeling that it ran counter to the franchise's isometric, turn-based strategic roots."

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Away Team
Complete your first Minor Operation
Bursting the Bubble
Take down 20 Outsider Shields using laser-based guns within a single campaign
Can't be Everywhere at Once
Complete 6 Dispatch Missions within a single campaign
Clever Girl
Get 40 kills on Flanked enemies within a single campaign
Dead Head
Get 20 Headshot kills with any gun within a single campaign
Don't Run, You'll Just Die Tired
Attach 10 Sticky Grenades onto Outsider enemies within a single campaign
Enemy Within
Have Mind Controlled enemies get a total of 15 kills within a single campaign
Glad My Trust Wasn't Misplaced
Complete your first Dispatch Mission
I've Seen Better, But Not Many
Reach Rank 5
Leader of Men
Give 150 commands to agents while in Battle Focus within a single campaign
Let the Boys Have Their Fun
Complete an entire Operation without the player firing a weapon or using a grenade
No One Left Behind
Complete the game without a single agent bleeding out
Not Playing Favorites
Take an agent of every class into the field within a single campaign
Ready for Anything
Reach Rank 10
See the World They Said...
Complete 6 Minor Operations within a single campaign
Sight Beyond Sight
Perform 15 unique scans within a single campaign
Spring Cleaning
Complete all Investigations in the base within a single campaign
The Last Suit You'll Ever Wear
Customize an agent
They Wont Know What Hit Them
Use all of the agent and player abilities in the field within a single campaign
Top. Men.
Get an agent of each class to Rank 5 within a single campaign
Vigilo Confido
Beat the game on Commander difficulty without ever changing it
Welcome to Earth
Finish off 20 aliens using melee attacks within a single campaign
What Are You Without Your Armor?
Strip all of the armor off of 5 Mutons before killing them within a single campaign
... And the Body Dies (Secret Achievement)
Confront the Outsider Leader
A Dish Best Served Cold (Secret Achievement)
Defeat a Titan
A Story of Axis and Allies (Secret Achievement)
All That Remains (Secret Achievement)
Escaped Groom Range
Bringing down Goliath (Secret Achievement)
Defeat a Muton
Exorcised the Demon (Secret Achievement)
Retrieve and escape with information on the enemy base
Is He Old Enough to Drive? (Secret Achievement)
Defeat a Sectopod
So Just Let Me Introduce Myself (Secret Achievement)
Secured the package
The Devil's Tower (Secret Achievement)
Infiltrated the Outsider Tower
The Fat Lady Has Sung (Secret Achievement)
Now, it's time to end this
We Will Fight Like Lions! (Secret Achievement)
Defeat all the Outsiders before escaping on the Skyranger

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified News

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified 360-exclusive DLC launches next week
We liked The Bureau: XCOM Declassified OK, but the game apparently loves all of us more, as some Xbox 360-exclusive DLC will be dropping next week. Do you feel that? That’s a big Grey Alien bear-hug. Watch out for the fingernails though. They smart!

First DLC for The Bureau will be 360 exclusive
The first DLC available for The Bureau: XCOM Declassified will be exclusive to the Xbox 360, which will make the arrival of this long-awaited title on the Xbox platform all the more special.

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