Painkiller: Hell Wars (Xbox) by Dreamcatcher Games

Painkiller: Hell Wars (Xbox) by Dreamcatcher Games Box Art

Release Date
July 25, 2006.

Average Overall Score:
9.00 / 10

User Reviews

Score: 90
Overall User Average: 9.00 / 10 (90.0%)
Gameplay User Average: 8.00 / 10
Graphics User Average: 9.00 / 10
Sound User Average: 8.00 / 10
Date reviewed: August 6, 2006.

Overall: First person shooter with a good plot. You are a "good guy" according to you and are killed along with your wife in a car wreck and find yourself in a mid point between Heaven and Hell battling for survival to protect your soul while you await purification. You are trying to finally join your wife in Heaven but there is a plan in place that involves you, a lot of guns, major attitude, and a need to manage your fear which is where the fun begins... You have to battle across 20 very unsettling levels of battlegrounds and are up against lucifers army to prevent a war being waged against Heaven from Hell. From cemetary wars to posessed insane asylums you'll see it all and it will give you the chills at times. You battle grunts all the way up to generals against the evil army and to say you are outnumbered is an understatement.... Bottom line, this is not for the faint of heart, it's ultra fast paced, pretty scary theme wise, does not offer saves at your leisure, and requires thinking out your approach and ammo management unlike any other game that I have experienced. It's FUN & Hard...
Gameplay: A lot like the Halo series, direction and camera controlled by the thumbsticks, etc. You use the whole controller. Game play was good overall, a bit glitchy in parts where enemy would get stuck in objects like walls or ceilings occasionally and the frame rate was a bit slower than I thought it would have been. Overall gameplay gets a B+ with A+ being the best.
Graphics: Visually, pretty good. The cut scenes are really cool based on the story line and the back ground against which you play each level and chapter are pretty good too. I think it's one of the better looking games on this platform.
Sound: Good sound overall. I play on a 57" HDTV w/Dolby 5.1 SS system so I'm looking for both fun and graphically appealing games that sound great. This one does the job for the most part. Great sound track! The preview/trailer that the games goes into if you don't start it right away is definitely worth watching as it gives you clues on the game and is a really great rock video in general set to the gameplay. The band should use it to promote themselves, it's really very cool and well produced. Heavy Metal guitar and slow haunting music are abundant depending on the situation at hand. When the stuff is about to "hit the fan", the metal music cranks up and when you are in a prelude to another level, in between moments of chaos, or in a spot that is somewhat unsettling, the spooky classical/haunting stuff is playing. It does a nice job setting the mood and pace of the game. A few of the weapons could use some more punch sound wise (rocket launcher for instance should be a really loud weapon with a BIG BANG but is kind of soft sound wise...) and enemy voices and phrases could use some work. They say the same things over and over and over and over and over (oh get my point) which gets old on a few levels but the gameplay is so fast that you don't have time for it to bother you as you deliver lots of "lead love notes" to the bad guys at a blistering pace.
Suggestions: None, don't see a sequel to this one in the cards for these guys. Could have used some alternate endings as far as final cutscenes go but it is what it is. I felt like the end kind of left me hanging and did not reward me for all of the hard work & time it took me to get there. Sometimes it just goes that way. I still think the journey to get to the end was a lot of fun, frustrating at times, and very TOUGH. To me it was worth it just because of the overall story line and being able to take a crack at some legitimately in need of being killed bad guys.

Overall: 90 %
Gameplay: 80 %
Graphics: 90 %
Sound: 80 %

Painkiller: Hell Wars News

Painkiller: Hell Wars Hits Retail For Xbox
DreamCatcher today shipped Painkiller: Hell Wars, the Xbox version of its PC shooter,

Dreamcatcher Unleashes 3 NEW Videos for Painkiller
DreamCatcher Interactive Inc. today released three new gameplay videos for Painkiller: Hell Wars. Featuring cutting edge graphics and the advanced Havok physics engine

Dreamcatcher Delays Painkiller For Xbox...Again
Following an earlier delay, Dreamcatcher confirms that the Xbox port isn’t ready just yet.

New Painkiller Screens
Dreamcatcher has sent along some Painkiller lovin’! Seven (7) brand new screens, check’em out!

Xbox Painkiller Release Date Set
Dreamcatcher has let the word slip that Painkiller is currently set for a November 3rd, 2004 release date on the Xbox. The PC version of the game is currently scheduled for April 7th.

Piles Of New Painkiller Screens!
Dreamcatcher has sent along some Painkiller lovin’! Check out these 40+ new screenshots....and yes, it is coming to the Xbox!

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