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Friday, February 1, 2002.
UFC: Tapout Box artUFC Tapout Interview

We have had the priveledge to talk to Mike Givens over at Crave Games about UFC Tapout, a stunning title that surely will show the power of the XBox.

Q: Could you tell me a little about yourself and your job?

A: My name is Mike Givens and I am the Producer on the UFC Franchise. I'm a huge fighting game fan and excited about making UFC the best fighting game on the market.

Q: Who's the mind behind UFC Tapout?

A: There is not just one mind behind the project, in fact there are several ranging from the senior group marketing manager to the producers and even the testers all have influence on the product. We are striving to make UFC the best possible fighting game, so we are always seeking feedback that will enhance the experience of the game.

Q: How was Crave able to take advantage of XBox's hardware?

A: We were able to utilize the wonders of the Xbox in several ways. Most noticeably the characters. They are pretty amazing, and represent the actual fighters perfectly. Sometimes when I look at the game I feel as if I am watching a real UFC match on Pay-Per-View. We are also using the the anti alias feature to makes the game look all the more realistic.

Q: Could this game have been done on any other console?

A: Well UFC is on other consoles but, there are certain things that are unique to the Xbox. For instance the detail in the character models are unmatched. there are between 10,000 and 12,000 polys each character making them the most detailed out of the UFC line of games. When you play the game it feels as if you are controlling a real person adding another level of immersion for the user.

Q: Is UFC on track for its target release date?

A: In order to create the best possible UFC game to date, we made a decision at the end of last year to spend extra time polishing the game. Once you play the game, I am sure you will be blown away at the results. We are making sure that the game is as close to the real event as possible. The gamers needs are really important to us, so we feel that spending the time to make the game really good is not only the right thing to do but also an absolute must in our eyes. It will be on the store shelf within Q1 2002.

Q: Is there any truth of Crave taking out important new features to UFC?

A: There has not been any features removed from the game. There are some minor things from the original plan that may have not made it into the game but we felt that they would not effect the overall experience.

Q: How is the game mapped on the XBox controller?

A: We are using a pretty standard button layout. similar to the Dreamcast layout. Y & B are left and right punch and X & A are left and right kick.

Q: Any online features going to be added to the game?

A: This version of the game does not have any online features. but that is defiantly something that we are looking into for the near future.

Q: Graphically designed, how does it look compared to others of its genre?

A: This game is amazing. I would have to say that the character models are unmatched. the characters look so good that you can mistake them as real.

Q: At what target group is the game aiming at?

A: - Well, any gamers who like fighting games really. It appeals to folks who like Dead or Alive and Tekken.

Q: Is there any details on Crave's next developed Xbox game?

A: Not as of right now, Bounty Hunter will be coming out soon and we will have more details on it later next month.

Q: Lastly, could you tell me how fun it is to work in your business and the video game industry?

A: Working in the game industry is a dream. I used to spend all of my money playing games and now I get paid to play them. what more could anybody ask for. I would recommend it to anyone.

Thanks for the opprutunity Mike, for letting us get the inside scoop on Crave's highly anticipated title.

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