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Outlaw Golf

Overall: I've always liked golf games, but this one is the best of them yet. The strange characters add a lot of value to the game, but the golf engine is amazing.

Gameplay: You can play with up to three other players in different game modes. The controls may seem confusing at the beginning but once you get used to them they are great. It would have been nice to play less than 9 or 18 holes in multiplayer, as a 18 hole four player game can take up to three hours. And the beating mode is too easy. Combos would have been nice.

Graphics: Amazing. Games like this are the reason to buy a XBox. You can see very far, the details are great, the landscape beautiful. But the characters - mainly in the beating mode - are poorly animated.

Audio: Good soundtracks and great voices. There could have been more sound samples as they repeat soon.

Suggestions: More courses!!! More voice samples. Customizable tournament (pick your own hole). More interesting beating mode (doesn't have to be a DOA3 but not just one button pressed at the right time).

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Crazy Taxi 3: High Roller

Overall: The Crazy Taxi series started great and gets more and more boring with every sequel. High Roller is just a lame Crazy Taxi 2 - with a few new features but no evolution.

Gameplay: You try to get as much customers to their destinations as possible in a time limit. You can do some tricks with your cab (like jumps, power slides, ...). For every delivery you earn money. It's pure fun - for about 15 minutes, then it gets boring. More so if you played CT 2. The mini games are very hard, but you can at least unlock a few new drivers there.

Graphics: Slowdowns are encountered far to often. Apart from that the visuals are good, but not amazing. The traffic is clipped in from nowhere.

Audio: Good soundtrack, nice songs, but the voices (Gus, etc.) are taken from CT 2 - at least they are as good then.

Suggestions: Don't make Crazy Taxi 4! If you do so, please add a career mode, multiplayer options, better graphic with no slowdowns and more gameplay ideas.

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Fuzion Frenzy

Overall: This is a solo player looser, but as a party game, Fuzion Frenzy has it's moments. There could be more different mini games and more interesting characters, but the game delivers what it's for: bringing fun to a group of four players.

Gameplay: A lot of mini games, but only few are really new or challenging. You can play them one after another or as a tournament. In tournament mode, the points are counted for every mini games and in the end there's an overall winner. But the game picks the mini games randomly and the final mini game is always the same - it would be great if you could customize the tournament.

Graphics: Not overwhelming, but solid work. The visuals are fast and you have a good overview - at least if your TV is big enough. Else the characters will be very tiny. No slowdowns.

Audio: The songs are boring and the voices are attacking your brain after short time. No option for a custom soundtrack.

Suggestions: Take a second try, this time with more mini games (be more creative!), customizable soundtrack and tournament mode. Tweak the visuals.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Aggressive Inline

Overall: Okay, I've never before played Tony Hawk Pro Skater or such games. But I played JSRF. For me, Aggressive Inline was very entertaining. It's fun to see your skater become better in his skills (he ac !&%$@#* ulates skill points) as you (the player) get better in handling the controls too. The multiplayer part is also good, but there could be more mini games.

Gameplay: The controls are quiet complex for a beginner such as me, but after some time (it took me an hour) you get used to it. After that is it very motivating to score a high trick combo. And you can unlock new skaters, new locations and more. The huge arenas are very impressive.

Graphics: Very good! Huge levels, no fog, very much details. The animations are good, but could be better. I saw no slowdowns.

Audio: The "own soundtrack" feature is hidden in the sound menu when playing - it took me a while to find it. The songs in the game are good, but the voices are boring.

Suggestions: If there's a need for a next title of Aggressive Inline, make more mini games, better animations and perhaps more unlockable things like clothing or more special tricks.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

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