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Hunter: The Reckoning

Overall: It's scary that this game got such a high rating from everyone else. I have no idea how, and frankly, I wonder what I missed. It's the worst game I've played in a long time.

Gameplay: The control is fine, but there is no point. You have huge limitations on what you can actually do, the characters are ridiculous looking, the story is insanely stupid and it has the fun value of an 8-bit game. A cerebral palsy victim could play this game, it requires no intelligence at all.

Graphics: The graphics are ok, I suppose... I wasn't terribly impressed... Zombies were dumb looking... Atmosphere was pathetic... Not Xbox quality.

Audio: Bah. Average, if that. Little redeeming quality in contrast to the pathetically poor gameplay. The only real sound I hard, mind you, was me shrieking obsceneties at my tv in disbelief.

Suggestions: Please. Kill youselves. Or beat and ridicule yourself to the point of nervous breakdown, because after my caniption I had playing this game, I almost ate the !&%$@#* game.

Overall Score: 2.0 / 10 Blade 2

Overall: It's fun. The story lacks the depth and intrigue of the movie, as it is set after the death of the Reavers, but it makes up for it in gameplay. Bottom line, wasting vampires and becoming the Daywalker is cool all by itself. Interesting point system, but this one lacks the replayability. Once you are done, you are done. Rent but don't buy.

Gameplay: It's fun. The story lacks the depth and intrigue of the movie, as it is set after the death of the Reavers, but it makes up for it in gameplay. Control is good. I would have liked to see a more interesting unarmed combat system. Somehow timing my pushes of the right analong stick in the direction of the enemies deprives me of the satisfaction I get from beating someone senseless in DoA3 or something of the like. It's fun, but it gets old. The levels progress slowly, each level getting progressivly larger, with ridiculous objectives. (i.e. smash 3 big purple things to open a door). The only real beef I had was that I couldn't use my sword whenever I wanted to. I had to pummel 6000 guys to get my blood rage meter up, and then I can draw my sword. This is stupid as hell. I would be using my sword constantly if I were him. Other than these minor things, the game is fun, you get to do cool finishing moves, but don't expect ultra-realism in terms of combat or shooting.

Graphics: This was good. Blade looks almost right, except for his arms look very strange, and in an attempt to make his facial features as suave and cool as wesley snipes, he looks either mentally retarded or constipated. The environments were neat, I liked some of the explosions, and the blood effects are nice. Vampire elders and such look excellent. All in all, very nice.

Audio: Hmm... The sounds themselves were very nice, and the Wesley Snipes impersonator was almost right. My big thing was the timing. I found that he would do some cool move, all the other baddies would sorta stand around and wait for him to deliver his line, ("Ooh, so exciting.") A lot of the sounds were out of place or strange. Gunshots good, slicing noises good, but they went and synthesised the blood rave song from blade one and some other tracks. The blade soundtrack is arguably the best movie soundtrack out there; I would have liked to hear the kicking tracks from the soundtrack as I ran down the halls kicking ass.

Suggestions: Guys. Get the real stuff from the movie. Real voices, proper tracks, etc. If you are going to link them so much as to leave in a trailer for the movie, then please at least have the movie sounds and songs.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10

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