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Project Gotham Racing

Overall: I don't like the game at all. The levels are too short and the turns in most of the levels are ridiculous. I like games like Grand Turismo.

Gameplay: I don't like the idea of Kudos points and other stuff like that. I like to race computer cars when playing single player mode. I didn't like the idea of Kudos points. I also didn't like the Crappy levels. Also the game should have been made system link compatiable.

Graphics: The graphics are nice and the cars are nice. I like the different types of cars the game has to offer but I wish there were better cars.

Audio: I like that you can play your own custom music while racing. This is one of the reasons why I purchased the game.

Suggestions: Make the levels longer, and add nicer/better cars. Also add new levels. I don't really like the crappy levels that the game has to offer. Also get rid of the Kudos junk and make it so when a person plays in Single Player mode they race other computer racers. The kudos points junk annoyed me, especially on boards with all the stupid turns, etc... Also make the game XBOX Live & System Link Compatiable.

Overall Score: 4.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: I love the game, multiplayer online is the best. The weapons and vehicles should be changed around.

Gameplay: I haven't played the full One Player mode. But I play Multiplayer using System link and I vs other people on Gamespy and XBConnect and I love it, and so do my friends.

Graphics: Graphics are great, but could be a little better. I think the graphics meet XBOX standards. The game graphics are good in one player mode, but it multiplayer they can be better.

Audio: Sound effects are good. Maybe add some music to the multiplayer games. Also maybe add some better sound effects in multiplayer so when you sneak up on a person they hear like suspense music.

Suggestions: Add music to the multiplayer games. Also change the vehicles and weapons, and make new ones.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Dead to Rights

Overall: Game is one of the best First Person shooting games I've played in awhile. This game and Halo are the best games on XBOX that I have played so far. I recommend that anyone who is interested in buying this game that they should buy it.

Gameplay: This game has different levels of excitement as you advance in the game. It gets harder and harder. It takes me a few times to get past certain points of the game, but I love the game.

I do wish though that you can carry more rounds of a certain gun, but maybe they will change that in DTR2.

Graphics: Graphics are great. They meet the XBOX standards and it was definately worth the purchase of the system XBOX and the game Dead To Rights.

Audio: Sound effects are great. The characters are programmed to talk indivuadually and nothing is repeated over and over like in other games.

Suggestions: Allow Jack Slate to hold more ammo for each indivual gun.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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