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Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Overall: If you are a Buffy fan this game is a must have title. If not, this game is near the top of the must have list. The storyline is like a Buffy episode, the dry humour is there, and the voice acting is excellent. The various aspects of this game whilst I don't rate them all as absolutely the best, they are right up there near the best and the fact that they are all consistently good, gives this game a 5/5, it is a great game. My kids love it, I love it, hell even the wife will sit down and watch me play it.

Gameplay: The gameplay is what makes this game so much fun. It plays very similar to a fighting game. As Buffy you can punch or kick, you can string combos together. If you time it right you can hit some slayer moves, which is effectively a powerful punch. There are also special combos you learn from Giles. One of the really cool parts of this game is the ability to use the environment to your advantage. Smash some boards off a boarded up window and allow sunlight to stream through, smack a vampire into the sunlight, he's dust. Kick a vamp onto a protruding piece of wood, he's dust. The only minor quibbles I have with this game is that multiple opponents are a little frustrating to deal with, and jumping can be inaccurate, but these are VERY minor quibbles.

Graphics: Graphically Buffy is sound. The character animations are great, the environments are really well done. The lightings is atmospheric and spooky, which is cool. The character faces could do with a little more work, but overall, it's all good.

Audio: Dolby 5.1 is used really well in this game, the sound effects are excellent. The add a nice atmosphere. The voice acting is great, with the exception of Buffy all the characters are the voices of the actors in the series, and the sound-a-like for Buffy is very good. After 10 minutes of playing I forgot it was a voice-a-like. The only let down for this is sometimes the soundtrack doesn't quite gel with the rest of the game. The hardout rock tracks in the middle of battle, for me, didn't fit in very well, but this is minor, very minor.

Suggestions: A sequel, yesterday would be good. Multiplayer, where you could play as one of the Scoobies or Angel, or even another slayer, (Kendra, Faith). Finally Sarah Michelle Gellars voice as Buffy.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Blade 2

Overall: Initially I thought this would be a pretty cool game, hey more vampires to waste. I thoroughly enjoyed Buffy the Vampire Slayer so surely Blade2 would be at least on par with that right? Wrong! You can tell a bad game when you hire it out and your kids would prefer to play games that they've owned for months over the new one. Not a good start. I was bored with this game within an hour and only played it for 3 hours so I felt like I at least got my moneys worth out of the rental

Gameplay: The gameplay in Blade2 was substandard at best. It left me feeling like I had no control over how Blade attacked his opponents. I keep comparing this game to Buffy the Vampire Slayer because it's of the same ilk and Buffy's gameplay has it ALL OVER Blade2, there is no comparison at all.

Graphics: The Graphics were ok. Definately a notch below what I've come to expect from Xbox. The Vampires burning up could've been so much better. The way the levels looked was not bad, even if the designs were bland.

Audio: Little to no ambience to the sound. Dolby was used adequately, but not on the level of other games. The music in Bladewas good, in fact this was the best part of the game.

Suggestions: It's effectively a fighting game right? So let us choose how Blade attacks, this was by far what ruined the game for me. I felt like I was merely pushing the thumbstick and Blade did whatever he wanted to. In fact I suggest you guys get hold of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and take notes.

Overall Score: 3.0 / 10

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