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Overall: This game is not trash, but more like a piece of bread thats been sitting out overnight. Your not gonna eat it, but it's not all that disgusting either. Spiderman falls into this category. Sharp graphics, smooth gameplay, and blah blah blah. What makes this game unplayable is the camera, especially on the indoor levels...

Gameplay: I think this game will appeal to most people. It is rather easy to pull off all the moves spidey has to offer. It's also cool that spiderman can cling to anything in the environment and can stink his little web stuff everywhere. However, trying to fight the camera and the bad guys becomes a pain really fast and becomes nearly impossible on the indoor levels. The game could've been presented better had the camera followed a standard 3rd person view, at least in my opinion, or maybe given you the option to control it or set it whereever you want AND have it stick there.

Graphics: The graphics are good, not great, good. The enemy models are average and spiderman's model is above average. I exepct more from the XBox and this game will eventually fall into the mediocre category at the end of the XBox's run. For now though, the game is pretty to look at.

Audio: Unless the sound is truly atmospheric or adds something to the game, I never pay attention to it. And for a game to be great, it does have to stand out. In spiderman, I'm not sure there was music. The sound effects seemed appropriate but nothing to write home about.

Suggestions: Fix the !&%$@#* camera! I'm not sure what could make it better, but it definitely needs to be re-worked. Also, try coming up with something original without relying on an already established franchise! I'm sick of re-makes, re-hashes, and god-damn sequels!!

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10 Gunvalkyrie

Overall: I was really excited to get this game home and play it. The first few hours were definitely entertaining. The controls were fairly easy to master and the gameplay was fun (for the most part). Then I got to Nfgalfars (spelling?) Pit I and discovered just how diffucult it can be to execute several manuevers in a row (which is absolutley necessary to reach the top). Thrusting forward, then side to side, then forward again just to get to the next platform was great until I missed the platform and had to start all over again. I'm surprised my controller survived this level of the game since I threw it several times and cursed myself for having ventured into this game.

Gameplay: If your a fan of classic NES games, you know the ones that force you start over at the very begginning of the game if you die, then you'll love this game once you get past the controls. For me I believe in difficult games, but I do not believe in frustratingly difficult games. If the controls had been done a little more efficiently then maybe, just maybe, it would have been more enjoyable. (At least add some checkpoints so I don't have to re-do all the jumps that I have mastered just to get the jumps that I haven't).

Graphics: The graphics are great. On par with Halo. Animations are flawless and the environments are rich. Enemies are modeled very well, even though youm can't tell what your shooting at most of the time because theres so many of them.

Audio: Sound effects are relatively well done. The background music is barely noticeable until you get Nfgalars Pit and spend some time doing the same jumps over and over and over and over and get the point. Oh yeah, the music! By the time your done with this level you will have Dr. Hebbles lines memorized and engrained in your brain forever.

Suggestions: Please rethink the controls. Everything is cool except the quick boosts (forward, side to side, and back). Trying to execute these manuevers when it is absolutely necessary becomes painfull. Also add some checkpoints to the jumping levels so I dont have to redo the same jumps over and over and over and over...there I go again.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10

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