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Overall: I have main points:

1-This game is ok, not great, just ok.
2- To those who to talk about others opinions especially towards the expectation of that Arcady feel, know that the 2K series IS known for an certain amount of arcady feel, while being a great sim. It's been the best mix ever, and no series can top that. So lets not separate some b-ball players to others. Just because certain people expect a little more on the fun side..does NOT mean that they should be playing some sort of blitz game. I know for a fact, mastering all the 2k series, that this particular one, excels on the sim features, and unfortunatly lost some of the smooth athletic feel from it's previous versions.

My point is, WHILE the more sim oriented player was playing 2K2 LAST year (which pales to this years game in sim features), I heard NO complaints from them in terms of gameplay. No one complained it was TOO arcady, TOO fun, and TOO smooth.

So all the better features in 2K3 game is FINE, but it does NOT explain why certain gameplay aspects of this game have taken a step backwards. Which indeed makes the game less fun and less playable, in the respect to it's game play and fun factor.

The 2K series has 2 fun factors: Sim features, and GREAT gameplay. This year the game play has gane down a notch. That's ALL. This really is not about Sim players, and Arcady Players, the 2K series has always, excelled in both, until now.

3-I expected more from this game because it was'nt a port from the DC versions. I do like the graphics, but, the view that I play in, does not show the improvment. Overall, I the the game is grear, but for me, it is brought down quite considerably for the blatant RE-gression in the passing system. What was once smooth, intuitive passing, is now, slow, and all uncontrollable lobs. And the so called fast passing feature is still very slow, and causes steals. I play basketball and watch it all the time. The way these guys are passing in this game is dead wrong, and boring.

I can still deal with the game, but it seems buggy, and not quite sluid. It's like they needed more time. But I must stick with it, because even still, I long to play it on Xbox Live.

Good game, but they made a fatal flaw. They must redeem themselves next year Or I can't see myself buying 2k5. I stick with VC because let's face even with the flaw, they deserve all the respect in the world for b-ball games, and until this series, I've been extreemly satisfied, so Im not going anywhere.

But as a fan I must be honest: Fix that messed up passing system guys.

Gameplay: Everything is still exciting, I like thie animations better this year. I also appreciate the ankle breaking juke moves, much more than before. It's more workable than it was in 2K2 which is a huge plus.

The low post defense to me seems to have been improve greatly. Im a good defensive player, and in 2K2 no matter what it seemed you could not defend against 90% of the centers shot attempts. In 2K3 that is not the case, Im blocking more than before, and I like the fact, that good pressure, and alter a players shot and not go in. 2K2 almost all their shots went in, within the paint.

The passing has gone to the birds. Like I said before, it's now slow, mostly lobs, and unrealstic. Very floaty. I feel that the amount of steels have increased just because the passes are made too slow. This does not appeal to me. It's such and odd thing, because the passing system was pretty much STANDARD in all the 2K games...WHAT HAPPENED??

Graphics: I think when this game is played in a close up view, it looks good, but I can't play that way. So the visuals in are in the same league as the other games, depending on which view you play in.

Audio: I hate the ESPN interface. It's boring, and sterile. And a huge dissapointment, from last years great intro and music. Let's keep it real, let's stay close to society, by keeping the intro with rap music. HECK, even some really good metal, would do as intro music.

The ESPN anchor music, with horns and all that is BORING, and takes a step back from being excepted by the masses. It does'nt hit a chord with the gamer, so there's no need to sit through the intro, when you dont care for the music.

I feel that EA sports has recognized what 2K2 has done, and upped the ante with real music featured in it's intro. It toatally has the feel of what stemed from 2K2.

And the worst thing of all is the missed opportunity for the use of Xbox's music ripping feature. I would have LOVED to play my OWN music playing my favorite b-ball game.

Suggestions: VC Please listen:

1-First and foremost, return to the OLD passing system, specifically from 2K2. There was nothing wrong with it. I would buy 2K4 if all it was, was 2K3 with 2K2 passing added. I'd pay for that. That's how important and polished the old passing was. It was great,...bring it back!

2-Even if you stick with ESPN, bring back the excitement of up to date, and original NBA inspired music. It helps. And it helps create a Legacy for the 2K series, when people look foward to something new next year. Not boring ESPN anchor music.

3-Use the xbox music ripping feature.

4-Also, the AI's Inbounding is a bit flawed. Where only a little pressure is needed to push them out of bounds.

5-I've said this since the original NBA 2K! Add a 3 POINT SHOOTING CONTEST AND DUNK CONTEST. It makes sense, why go to such lengths to create street ball, and then stop there. Contest's are plain fun, period. And Please create some sort of animated victory celebration when beating the season. Do you know how depressing it is, when after all that work, your the only one excited
to win the finals. The players should be shown in the locker room, celebrating or something.

That's all. BTW..I loved 2K2.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10

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