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Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

Overall: Hitman 2 promised to be better than it's port predacessor, and it delivered in a big way! Smarter AI, and awesome array of firepower from something as simple as a fiberwire to a .50 cal sniper rifle, and just the pure uunadulterated joy of being hired to kill people is enough for anyone to grin.

Gameplay: The gameplay is pure genius. The controls are simple enough and in some ways modeled after that of Halo (which seems to be like the Mario Bros. of Xbox) that anyone can have the basic mechanics of killing mafia punks within 10 minutes, but the true mastery of the game lies not in the hand but in the mind. To play this game I have found there are really only 2 ideologies. 1) You can either say $#%! it and kill everything with 2 legs and a heartbeat, or 2) You can try and be a Silent Assassin, being patient and savage at the same time and truly appreciate the genius of this game.

Graphics: I do agree that Hitman 2 seems to be lacking in this respect, some areas seemed to have been passed over when it comes to detail quality, but is that so wrong?! I mean how often do you see someone whine and &#@$% about how the something or another could be so much better but never offer an alternative or solution ot their incessant discourse. I say quit the bi-otchin and enjoy this game for its smooth loading, lack of frame drop, and sheer sweetness of killing people and getting paid to do it!

Audio: Quite possible the best score for a game that I have seen for the Xbox yet. I could not have thought of a better title screen track than what Hitman 2: Silent Assassin has at the start screen- it's dark, reminds me of a Cold War like Russia, but is elegant and exciting at the same time. And the lack of a powerful sound track during the game is awesome because you get to focus on your next kill rather than having to listen to a track that you hate like on other games. *cough, cough, Tony Hawk, cough*

Suggestions: Bravo, keep up the good work.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Dead to Rights

Overall: Very interesting game! Think of Blade Runner meets 21st century. Very impressed with the challenge and sheer carnage of this game, but I find myself wishing I was playing Max Payne with a crappy imitation of the slow motion effect by this game.

Gameplay: HARD HARD HARD. You need to be hardcore into this game to get much of anything done. Be prepared to die many times before beating specific sections in this game.

Graphics: Very smooth graphics, except the stripper in the begining... Wish the maps were more interactive, but oh well it can't be perfect.

Audio: After being stuck in particular points in this game you really learn to hate the music. But very appropriate score for the game overall.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Bruce Lee: Quest of the Dragon

Overall: I love martial arts, martial arts games, Bruce Lee, fighting games in general... This game unfortunately has none of the above.

Gameplay: Gameplay? You mean more like Crapplay, because the playability of this game is none. Whoever decided to make martial art fighting into a "Lock on one enemy at a time" should be castrated and buried with this game. Horrible controls, no skill needed, linear fighting, I was bored by the time the Title screen loaded.

Graphics: Please, give the creators of South Park a call because I was more impressed with "Fight Evil Cartman" than with the models in this game. Looks like a rip off from the original Virtual Fighter arcade. Perhaps you should look at some real pictures next time when creating characters

Audio: SOUND?! Who the hell associates Bruce Lee with some rapper intro song?? And the constant yet annoying Bruce Lee wannabe signature fighting sounds remind me more of the local Chinese restaurant than the master himself.

Suggestions: Umm... no actually, if you haven't figured out by now how much of a horrible job you have done me telling you won't change much. Keep on being ignorant and slapping together games, you sure fooled a lot of us this time.

Overall Score: 3.0 / 10

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