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SSX Tricky

Overall: This game is great! One of the best sport games i have ever played. even though the graphics are not perfict.

Gameplay: The gameplay is great. the way you have to change to the d-pad to do spins in the air is great and the handling is the best out of any snowboardin game.

Graphics: The visuals are the same as PS2 and gamecube witch is a bd thing but the gamplay makes up for it THIS GAME ROCKS!

Audio: sound is great! nothin g realy to say about the sound, the music is good and the voices of the people are well done too.

Suggestions: hmn.........

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Loons: The Fight For Fame

Overall: This game is alright. it is a bit childish my little cousin loves it! once he started crying because he had to go to bed and he wonted to keep playing it.

Gameplay: gameplay is average it is fun for little kids but if you are into realisim and that it no good. so yea.

Graphics: graphics are average aswell they are better than the playstation 2 verion but they arent very good for xbox.

Audio: sound is good it has the voices real good and they say some funny s**t. yea im just makin up stuff now to get over 100 caracters. there we go.

Suggestions: hmmmm........

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Deathrow

Overall: I HAVE BEEN PLAYING GAMES ALL MY LIFE AND I KNOW A GOOD GAME WHEN I SEE ONE. EVEN IF YOU DONT EVEN KNOW ENYTHING ABOUT THIS GAME GO OUT AND BUY IT RIGHT NOW!!! ITS THAT GOOD!!!This is the best game i'v ever played. EVEN BETTER THAN HALO!! coz you can kill anyone you want and the swearing is funny. multiplayer is the thing that REALLY makes this game so good. ITS REAL COOL!

Gameplay: best gameplay i've ever played!

Graphics: the best graphics i've ever seen!

Audio: the best sound i've ever heard!

Suggestions: make deathrow 2 now! or ill kill you!.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Project Gotham Racing

Overall: This game is crap! i'm a real fan of racing games but this game is just crap! it feels like your traveling a 2 m/h.

Gameplay: the game play is the worst aspect of the game the physics are crap and it feels like your going as fast as i can run.

Graphics: the visuals are the best part of this game. it makes good use of the xbox system. saying that they are still average.

Audio: the only thing that is good about the soung is that you can put your own music in the game. every thing eles is crap.

Suggestions: Make no. 2 way better!

Overall Score: 2.0 / 10 TransWorld Surf

Overall: This is the best surfing game i have ever played. way better than kally slater! it also has way better water affects than kally slater.

Gameplay: realy good gameplay it feels like you are realy on the wave yourself. could have done with afew more tricks though.

Graphics: The best water affects of any game. and the waves look realy cool when they form but are a bit gaggy.

Audio: Great sound. you can add your own music into the game witch is cool. the wave sounds are also very good.

Suggestions: great game could have done with a few more tricks though.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Hunter: The Reckoning

Overall: This is one of the best multiplayer games i have ever played, though single player can get a bit boring its still worth a look.

Gameplay: The game play is real good. what makes it so good is you use the right analog stick to aim your gun and straf its realy good to be able to walk in one direction and shoot in another.

Graphics: This has to be the first xbox game when i have played it for the first time and just said WOW! it has some of the best gaphics your see for ages. its even got beter graphics than most pc games

Audio: The sound is great. the guns sound real and the music suits the game.

Suggestions: more characters to choose from

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 House of the Dead 3

Overall: this game is good but isnt as good as deathrow if u havent got deathrow yet go and buy it!

Gameplay: real good gameplay

Graphics: they could be better but they are still real good!

Audio: sound is alright

Suggestions: better gun

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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