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Top Spin Tennis

Overall: This game has so far been all it was hyped. I love it, very fun for the tennis fans and for those who just like good multiplayer games.

Gameplay: Gameplay is extreemly intuitive. If you know how to hit a ball with a flat object you can get a handle on this game off the bat. The more intense parts are complicated at first but become easier, yet still challenging when figured out.

Graphics: Really outstanding in most respects. SOme people are upset that there is no widescreen support etc but for most of us thats no biggie. The playing surfaces are really outstanding looking and the stadiums are great. It is hard to make the character look exactly like yourself though.

Audio: 1 Word SWEET. The sounds are purely tennis. I would swear that I was watching them play. But 1 thing not enough female grunting when hitting the ball!.

Suggestions: One thing that I did not enjoy was while training if you failed the training you could not retry without the game exiting to the screen where you choose the training. This is upsetting when you just missed the objective by 100 pts and it throws you out just so you can reload it. BIG TIME WASTER. I suggest a popup asking if you want to retry for X amount of coin.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Overall: Overall I would give this title a 8 out of 10 initial, and most of the 2 lost points could be made up if the plot turns out to be good and go somewhere. So probably around 9/10 in the end.

Gameplay: Good, dont like the areas that are 1' up and i cant move over them. Fighting is done well, from the preview i thought they would run up to eachother and use blasters from 2' away, but they pull out melees or go hand to hand. Do show dodging etc thats good. Wish I could strafe while firing. :( hard to find quest triggers, wish team members would give ideas of where to go. Carth doesnt give any help.

Controls: once again the clipping is an issue, wish running into people would knock them down and upset them, but no. More cinimatic angles in sword fights would be nice concidering they fight on thier own anyway.

Graphics: Graphics: Good but not the outstanding graphics you see in the Fable highlights, although Im only on the first city.

Audio: Sound: Great even without surround, I have stereo bookshelfs for now and the sound of Ships roaring by is phenominal, I found myself looking away from the tv to see the ships, hehe stupid me. The voice acting is sweet and it is timed well for the most part.

Suggestions: Maybe make the basic civilians a bit more interactive. Not in dialogue but as I said before, when you bump into them or maybe fun by them holding 2 swords they could get scared. That type of thing. Another thing would be the fighting cameras, when with swords why not rotate the camera around the fighters or something. You did give free move around 180 deg but I would prefer a more cinematic look.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball

Overall: Pretty Good game play so far, excellent grapics obviously, and the extras such as the casino are great.

Gameplay: Great Volleyball except so far the controls are kindof not what I expected. They jump for you and its just different than I imagines, not bad though.

Graphics: OH MY GOODNESS. The games visuals are simply outstanding. What else can you say. Maybe bounce bounce bounce.

Audio: WHY WHY WHY. All I want is an English version. I hate subtitles. BOOOOOOOOOOOOO. The sound effects are ok though.

Suggestions: ENGLISH VERSION NEXT TIME PLEASE. And maybe what they say is cool in Japanese but the translation comes out like they are actually trying to speak english with a bad Japanese accent. Not as bad for that as DOA3 though.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

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