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Elder Scrolls III : Morrowind

Overall: A great open ended rpg. Very fun with few flaws. i highly suggest getting this game. Don't rent it because u need to play it alot.

Gameplay: GREAT!!!!!! I love to join factions and stuff. Also, i love sneaking around in temples and missionary places where there r no guards and go around killing people. Then, when other peeps see me and i talk to them they are like "OMG"

Graphics: Need works. I feel like i am staring into a big wall of fog the whole time. Also, make some happy places. It seems like every place i go to is dark and gloomy.

Audio: Good but repetive sound. Create more sound voices and once again make more happy people. They all sound sad. I am so sick of "this is the end of you fetch!"

Suggestions: Shorter loading time, yes i know it is a huge !&%$@#* place. But instead of complaining about that do something about it. Whenever i die i have to wait for 1 and a half minutes just for the f !&%$@#* thing to load. I use these brakes in gameplay to eat and pee. ALSO!!! MAKE SOME HAPPY PLACES!!!!!!!!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Aliens vs. Predator: Extinction

Overall: I am speachless, the only thing i can say is "thank god i only rented this piece of !&%$@#* ". I played the first level on marines and i was thinking, is this it? I wanted to fool around with the units so I had a skirmish game. Wait, nevermind, there are no skirmishes. Just this dumb as hell missions. Guys pop of everywhere, stuff like that. When i think of RTS i think of peasants and buildings and stuff like that or having a set amount of guys and play with those. But no, u must take skulls from people for money( or some other shit). with that money you call in guys with a dropshit (yes i did mean i dropshit because that's wut it does) or they spawn. What the developers made is a terrible game i wouldn't even use to wipe my own but.

Gameplay: Pointlessly running around, ambushed, run around for another 5 minutes, yet another ambush, call in 6 marines. Ya, that is gameplay for you. Also, you can only play campaign games, so u can't start put with 1 guy and some money, make an army, and attack the computer's army. No, only cmapaing games.

Graphics: I actually kinda liked the graphics. Only problem is that the guys bunch together so 5 marines look like 1.

Audio: Gunshots and alien screams. This is some terrible mix between wild west and Halloween. Music is ok..

Suggestions: Better way of getting money, being able to make a base w/ buildings. Higher food cap, mor amusing missions. Actually, just make a totaly unrelated game since whatever you losers will do with this will probably screw it up more (if that is even possible). If i ever want to play an AvP game, I'll play Star Craft ( it is base off AvP series).

Overall Score: 2.0 / 10

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