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Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball

Overall: This game is all that I expected, the graphics, sound and gameplay is superb and advancing throught the game is very fun.

Gameplay: The gameplay is kind of a frienship sim, where you need to earn your parter simpathy to get to play with you against other player and this is very fun and also the way they are modeled is excellent.

Graphics: On of the best in game graphics I ever seen, this puts in the dust anything that any other consoles can put on thier system.

Audio: The sound is alright notting bad, but is good enough to put you on ambient but with custom soundtrack this sound feature deserves a 10.

Suggestions: Should have made the Casino fully 3D

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Shenmue 2

Overall: This game is awesome. Very interesting story and goals. I have not played shenmue 1, but I love this game from start. I was interest by the intrigue on the game. The way you get to interact with people to reach your goal. This game is just one of the best games on Xbox.

Gameplay: I never liked RPG and Final Fantasy seem boring to me, but this RPG has changes my perceptions of RPS's because the story is based on fictional real people. It's very fun seing it interact to people, find its way to place by asking. I like that you can work, gamble, sell on pawnshops, learn through skill through referal of several people. You get to complete skills by going to one person and that person will refer you to another person to finish your goal, and the stories and information you get to share with people is just fun. People sometimes will take you to the place you need. You get daytime and night to get things done. you go to sleep, sleeping goes quick, after you get out of the place you slept you choose the quarters you have visited, then go from there if you remember what to do next, if you forgot just press "X" and your notebook will give a hint or you can ask a local. The intrige the suspense is just so immersive.

Graphics: I saw the visual on the Dreamcast once and the visual improvement is very high. The amount of people and the places look very appealing. The game may not be the best Xbox graphics but the world looks very immersive.

Audio: The sound its not as bad as some people say, The only part I don't like is the one when you work on moving crates, the sound of the co-worker is just awful, aside from that it's alright.

Suggestions: Make Shenmue 3 with better graphics, using Bump Mapping, Pixel and vertex shader at its max.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Serious Sam

Overall: This Game is one of the best FPS shooters ever. It deserves a spot next to the Doom Series, I have always loved this kind of games where you can have lots of fun.

Gameplay: This game has so much senseless nonstop action. The Multiplyer mode is a blast! All my friends love to play this game with me on CO-OP mode, The game slows down for a second, but it doesn't bother at all. We will be playing this games for countless hours with my friends.
I see this game as how DOOM should have been, being able too play with your buddies through the mission. You should buy this game if you haven't already. Its great games for hanging out with friends

Graphics: This games deserves props since it was able to port the graphics engine with no problems and increasing the resolution of the game. Since the nonstop mindless fun just overshadows the perceptions of the graphic engine. This game may not be as beautiful as most Xbox games should be. My friends don't see to mind the graphics at all.

Audio: The weapons sounds could have been better, but the soundtrack is very immersive. It feel like you are on on war.

Suggestions: Please make Serious Sam 2.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Sega GT 2002

Overall: This game is awesome since it challenges you a lot. The Car feel is very realistic, since you have to use the brake and handbrake to handle turns. I never used the brake in racing games, since I barely played them, but this game got me hooked.

Gameplay: The gameplay is addictive, I love the way you use the brake, how you have to calculate every turn you make. You need to learn the right speeds to turn in corners. At the beggining the car seems impossible to be able to turn with them, but if you have patience you can earn enough money to custumize the car until its exactly the way you want it, after you get used to the controls and your car its fixed you start winning races, getting a better licence, the game gets harder as you advance in the game, this challenges you to learn how to turn more efficiently. sometimes it may seem like its impossible to get the licences challenges finished, but with more driving strategy and carefull observation, the right tuned car and a effective use of the brake, then you will be able to finish the challenge! All the things you have to take into consideration, challenges you, and I have lots of fun meeting and improving my driving skills constantly to advance further in the game. Trust me sometimes you will think that you have the best car, but when you get higher licences and advance, the event races catch up to your car performances, always mantaining the level of challenge high. Well I will say to you that to really advance in this game you will need to learn how to use the brake to make smooth cornering, dont get out of the track and minimize dragging.
I know dragging is fun but you will make better cornering if you minimize dragging. I will tell you that getting the Ford GT Concept will help you a lot in the game.
you will earn the Ford GT Concept, if you keep passing all the Licence stages in first place, dont worry about the rank in the licence test only the stages. It would have been could if you had real crash and damage physics, but this doesn't take the fun at all out of this game. I didn't like that there is too much loading when navigating through the interface, but it didn't matter to me.

Graphics: The cars visual are almost perfect, the replay visual are almost perfect, If you dont Have and HDTV or Plasma TV, or play on a LCD screen that graphics while playing on the tracks will not impress you, in fact you may think they look PS2ish, but they are not well only in close ups in replay and when selecting the cars is when you will see the strenght on the graphics. I agree that if SEGA put more colorful animations the game could have looked better on stardard TV's. Most colors use in sega GT were colors on the grayscale or similar colors. But I will say that the graphics use in this game use the Xbox capabilities, the major problem was in the artwork of the Tracks.

Audio: Awasome I can race on my tunes. Itinspire me being able to race on any mood of music you feel like playing into. Can't use the soundtrack feature for the Chronological mode.

Suggestions: More futuristic and Colorfull Artwork, less grayish graphics and dont repeat artwork, even for a few times on tracks. Please make it possible to use all upgrades to any car, once you have the money, I have over one million on money and I cannot put a turbine into the Viper, but at the same time if bought other car that options was enable for it, that its not fair.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: This is Simply very addictive. Well as you see I bought it 4 days ago and now I see why is name best game.
I love the story line. The plot. The levels. the Level of difficulty.Simply the best FPS game I ever played!!!!!

Gameplay: I love that the game got harder as I progressed on the game, I also loved on how balance it was. Very challenging and yet not impossible to beat. The appearing of the flood into a hight tech battle place was impressive and may me jump once.

Graphics: The best graphics ever in a game console,well until Halo 2 and Fable. I simply loved the way everything looked.

Audio: Great Dolby Digital 5.1 effect make storyline com alive. Everything fit with everything that was going on on the screen.

Suggestions: Get inside buildings on earth. Movie ending on Halo 2 showing how humans recover after defeating the covenant. A lot human weapons.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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