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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

Overall: SCCT is at light years from what its two presequel are. The has improve alot into putting the person in sam fisher's role

Gameplay: The gameplay is actually the same as the others splinter cells except that here in this game we have more interaction with the world we play in. The new moves that sam has are to say very useful during the game not like in the old splinter cell. Even for the beginner of this series it will be something good to start with

Graphics: Visual are to say far more superior than other games Splinter Cell Chaos Theory uses lighting effects to it is fullest not to say ubisoft push the xbox to its limits the water the rain even the characters details are more vivid than we have ever seen in any other game one thing that surprise is the visual on the characters faces it all becomes very realistic when playing this game and the lightning effects is what makes this game so awesome to play

Audio: the sound quality is great we know that from ubisoft mostly when you plug it in with your 5.1 system its so realistic that you come to think the bullets are really flying over your head. There is ofcoure some twiches in it but it is to say minor stuff

Suggestions: the sniping mode in this splinter cell it is hard compare to the two other.

why can

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Pirates of the Caribbean

Overall: Pirates of the Caribbean (hnmmm) very good game I would say even though with it bugs and crashes that I have the honor to be witness is a good game . Depending how you play the game will last 20 to 40 hours for the main quest and more others hours if you do all the game quests.By the game to you players i will give you a hint now read carefully and do what i say : ALWAYS SAVE TWO TIMES I KNOW IT IS BORING BUT YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT IF THE GAME CRASHES CAUSE CRASHES DO HAPPEN IN THIS GAME AND IT IS VERY FRUSTRATING TO RESTART ALL OVER AGAIN SO PLEASE DO SAVE TWO TIME IN DIFFERENTS BLOCK BECAUSE I MYSELF FOUND THAT MY GAME CRASHED AND IT WAS FRUSTRATING REDO IT AGAIN SO SAVE TWO TIME ON DIFFERENT BLOCKS AND YOU WILL THANK ME LATER IT IS A MESSAGE FROM (PIRATE NIGHTGHOST) TO ALL MY FRIENDS HERE IN XBOXADDICT.

Gameplay: The gameplay in POTC is very cool at first while playing the game you will say to yourself that the controls are weird but when you get use to it everything becomes cool though the ship's controls are a bit more hard to learn first it will take a person about an hour to get use to the ship's controls.The game story is not really based on the movie as for Nathaniel Hawk he is not the actor in the movie but they have their similarities as for the cursed golden coins that some pirates will try to retrieve that is just one of the similarities but i won't tell you more here because I don't want to ruin your fun while playing and knowing what is going to happen next. As for every RPG game we have skills and abilities which are very cool and we can choose from differents swords and pistols each one with it's own characteristics . What really makes this game really cool is that when you begin to play it you get few information from one of your crew's menber he will only lead you a little bit at the begining but then you will be on your own what give the game an open-ended gameplay which is cool. What this game has little different from others RPG is that you can build your reputation whether you are a good captain or an evil captain also known as pirates which will make you during the game have some jobs from people or not depending on what kind of reputation you have.

Graphics: Graphics are amazing whether on land or at sea what really caught my eye is that when you are on land and walking around granss you will actually see the grass moving like if it was real and we have a clear view when you are looking at things that are far away but, but the best graphics are when you are sailing on the sea the waves are very well done they look almost real the reflect on the water is cool too the storms twisters and tempest each one this sea horror have their unique effects which you can see and be amazed by it because the graphics make them be so real and gorgeous.the caracthers are very well detailed the Ships are amazing to see in all Pirates of the Caribbean has amazing visuals effects.

Audio: The sound is very good mostly if you play the game is big speakers and surround.In each situation you are there is differents types of music if you are in a peaceful place the music will be joyfull entertaining and if you into a fight it will be more of a dark music and i have to say that the music from the game is way better that the one used in the movie .


Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Brute Force

Overall: A very nice game lots of fun whether you play it in campaign or mutiplayer though some weapons look deadly but when you shoot at ennemies sometimes you dont have the feeling of the power but after that it is all good

Gameplay: the gameplay is awesome you get into the story as it begins and the controls are really good it looks something like halo when you play so it is not hard to learn the controls

Graphics: Graphis are of course amazing everything has been done carefully the enviorement is awesome even the details on each character is amazing the grass it is well done though they should have use soft materials like in splinter cell just for the grass but rest is awesome

Audio: sound is pretty good gunshots are well done the voices are amazing the explosions are very good but the back ground music it is a bit annoying but after all it is all good

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

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