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Overall: When I think of Basketball, I think of one of the Greatest Sports ever Invented. Basketball is a Game powered by Instinct and Emotions. And when you have the time to do so, theres also alot of thinking and Intelligence to Basketball. In order for a Sports Videogame to be a Good Basketball Videogame it has to be as good as actually playing Basketball, which is rare and hard for many Sports/Basketball Videogames. Over the years, I have followed the NBA Live Series and the NBA 2K Series, and I have kept my eye on anything else related to Basketball. I feel that not only is NBA 2K3 the best NBA 2K Sega Sports has made yet, but the best Basketball Videogame Ever Made. You can watch NBA Basketball all you want, go to the GYM and play Basketball everyday, but when you're at home, nothing will satisfy your Basketball needs like NBA 2K3. And with the XBOX Live Network ready and able to Play NBA 2K3, what more could you ask for. If you are looking for a Basketball Game or just a Good Sports Game, look no further. You have Found NBA 2K3.

Gameplay: When Basketball Videogames first were created, we could really only Shoot and Pass. Because of New-Age Technology and "How Great Consoles Are Today," we are living in the best age for Videogames. Sega Sports was able to bring the most Detailed Basketball Videogame to us, this year. NBA 2K3 gives you complete control over the Game. You Run the Offense and Set the Plays, and Call the Defense and "Take that $#*% out of your House." The Artifical Intelligence is amazing, it's as if the NBA Players volunteered to be cloned into NBA 2K3. Kobe Bryant plays like Kobe. And if you leave Michael Jordan open, your gonna have to watch that three-pointer go in. NBA 2K3 has an amazing PIVOT mode, which allows you to control your Player's area without even Dribbling the Ball. And the Shoot and Pass mode can make you celebrate and cry at the same time. The Passing can be so Amazing you'll start screaming: "I GOT DIMES" and the Shooting can Result in nothing but net. But the Computer will take advantage of Bad Shots and Passes, so you will eventually learn to be a NBA 2K3 Master. And no Game can match the Level of Defense in NBA 2K3, from Time to Time the Computer will leave the Ball-Handler "uUaware" of what is going on, so you'll develop a Skill to Steel that Rock. I can't continue, because theres not much more to say. The only way to Understand how Great the Gameplay is in NBA 2K3, is to experience it First Hand.

Graphics: For those of us, who owned a Dreamcast we all remeber how great looking the NBA 2K Series was on the Dreamcast. Now that NBA 2K3 is on the XBOX and PS2, the Graphics haven't really changed. There is not much of an improvement from the Dreamcast versions, but NBA 2K3 still has amazing Graphics. The key to NBA 2K3's Visual Appeal isn't necessarily in the Screen Shots, but in the Actual Gameplay. The Overall Environment is Picture Perfect, and the Players Bodies and Faces are Picture Perfect. The only Dissapoint is that the crowds have Faces in the back of their Heads, you'll see what I mean. In the Future, I hope Sega Sports will create more "Enthusiastic" Coaches. But besides a few negatives, the Graphics are amazing.

Audio: Never have I heard Commentary from a Sports Game that doesn't get Boaring or Repetitive. It takes a while, and I mean a while, for someone to start disliking the Commentary. And the Crowd and Game Sound Effects are Amazing. Listening to the Referee's blow their Whistles on a Foul, makes me feel like I'm at the Game. And what can be better than Playing NBA 2K3 on XBOX Live. Your gonna love Crossing Over your Opponent, and then Rubbing it in his Face. And it's even better to hear your Opponent "Moan and Complain" when you constantly "BUST" Shots, right in his face.

Suggestions: There are only a few suggestions that will make this game Perfect, and I mean Perfect. One, make the Graphics better, meaning the Players and theirs Faces should be identical to Real Life. Two, the Coaches should be Involved more, so on Replays and such we should be able to see the Coaches and their Emotions. And Finally give me a Free-Copy of NBA 2K4, NBA 2K5, etc.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

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