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Sega GT 2002

Overall: If your a GT fan, then you should absolutely not miss out on this one. Good GT mode, great car visuals and realistic racing make Sega GT 2k2 a really great game. Although Its not as good as GT3 its still a good competitor. The chronical mode is a nice idea and improves the lastability of the game even more. Its guaranteed this one will keep you occupied for months on end.

Gameplay: Fun, fast paced yet realistic racing is what this is all about. ALthough it can get REALLY hard at the higher seasons, it just means you need alot of racing skill in this game. The damage system is a good idea to prevent cheating like oh so many do in the GT series and rewards you well for making a clean race, it can get a bit frustrating since the computer cars will hit you due to their bad drivind and your the one who faces the penalties. Theres alot of different types of races which helps keep the game fresh. The vehicles are well diversified although somewhat limited in the amount of car manufacturers. I think what it needed were more tracks and more weather variety. Oh yeah, AND I COULDNT BARE THE F*CKEN LOADING TIMES IN THE MENU'S!!!.

Graphics: The cars themselves look fantastic, near photorealistic. The scenery is not bad but what really looks like garbarge are the trackside spectators. I would rather they didnt put any at all then put those stupidly fake cardboard cut outs all over the place, it was obvious they couldnt be bothered in that department.

Audio: Great sounding vehicles, it echoes when you go through a tunnel and all that business which is good. The music wasnt anything special, some of the tunes sounded a bit like !&%$@#* music.

Suggestions: Do anything you can to get rid of those !&%$@#* loading times in the menu..USE THE DAM HARD DRIVE!! when you're flicking in and out it can get highly frustrating to have to wait for medicre looking menu's. I swear the menu loading took even longer than the racing track loading.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: Overall, I thought it was a good game, the storyline was well suited and kept me engaged for a long time.
Multiplayer is great as well. One of the best reasons to get an xbox.

Gameplay: Although it kept me glued to the TV for along time and the gameplay in the beggining was enjoyable I thought it got too repetitive near the end. It frustrated me to see that same circular shaped room filled with hordes of mobs over and over again. Thank god for the last few missions to ease the pain.

Graphics: Great looking game, the framerate was also constantly smooth especially for an extended clip plane. Halo takes full advantage of the Xbox hardware. The colours and the models especially stood out. Good animations.

Audio: Good sound, although I didnt have a 5.1 surround setup it was still good to hear the creature sounds and cries and the booming sound of the rockets and vehicles. Music was well suited.

Suggestions: More innovative gameplay, less copy and paste jobs of the same levels. A bit of varierty from the typical shoot everything in sight style would have been welcome. Let's hope halo 2 improves on an already good game.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

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