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NBA Street Vol. 2

Overall: A very fun edge of your seat game,very fast and nice gameplay.Excellent use of retro players also.the succeeds at what it has intended to do,BE FUN.

Gameplay: A fast paced basketball game that makes me what to play more,to unlock all the courts and players.there are a ton of moves and dunks to be had.Everything is over exaggerated on purpose and welcome because of type of game it is.

Graphics: The graphics are pretty good,again what we have here are PS2 graphics with sharper images and bright colors.Because of the cartoony nature of the game you can overlook the PS2ness of them.but i can't help but think what it could of been if EA wasn't sony's bitch.I was impressed with the animation's of the player's and background's and they match the fun factor of the game.

Audio: The sound is good.I'm a Metal Head so the hip hop crap gets real annoying after a while,but no other music would ever be a better fit based on the game is about streetball.the commentary is not bad ether seems to go along with the action not real repetitive,and sometime humorous i think it's John Leguizamo but i don't see his name in the credit's.No real use of 5.1 here.

Suggestions: Too EA,strap on some d*ck's and be men and make a ONLY ON XBOX game.Nuff said!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Brute Force

Overall: AN incredible game,this is the reason i got the XBOX.It's got it all,and it's fun as HELL.The attention to detail is amazing.It's a ball's to the wall actionfest.It's part MECHASSAULT and part HALO,if that is what you like, then this game's for you.

Gameplay: This is the best 3rd person game i've ever played.The way the characters animate,the way they interact with weapon's and the story/action is unprecedented.the movement and game-play is very smooth.the game is very easy to get the hang of.The first time TEX had both gun's drawn and going berserk,i had nothing else to say but,HOLY SH*T!!! This is why i play game's.

Graphics: If you have a HDTV,god bless you.this game is beautiful,this is easily as nice as Halo and spinter cell.the explosions and dust effects,hell everything is just wonderful.another benchmark title for the XBOX.I'm still in SHOCK.

Audio: Sound is real good also,everything sounds crisp and clean.exactly what i expected,5.1 glory again.the game is enhanced by the glorious soundtrack,special effect's and voice overs.

Suggestions: None,just I want More,Please,please please.this is what the XBOX is made for,pure unadulterated fun.Lesson to EA,this is how to take advantage of a system.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Enter the Matrix

Overall: I've been waiting for this game since i heard about it a couple of years ago when shiny acquired the rights to the Matrix.It's very cool that it not copy of the movie but a addition to the story.That in it self makes me want to finish the game in time for the third movie due out in november. in other words this game is for Matrix fans who cares about learning everything about the trilogy and beyond.

Gameplay: This is where i was a little disappointed.Don't get me wrong this is a very fun game,it's got all the cool Matrix stuff,Kung fu,focus(bullet time)and sweet guns to be had.but it seems Little has some pretty bad collision detection.the animations between running,walking and jogging aren't there.and some shoddy camera angles too.but on the other hand these seem small at times because game is's just i get mad when a game company doesn't use the xbox as the system of choice witch most of the times results in these issues i've noted above.

Graphics: This is a very good PS2 game.with a few enhancements for the XBOX.I can't stand the PS2 or should i say PS2 graphics.I consider all multi- platform game's on the XBOX director's cuts,the way the programmer intended to be before he had the task of programming for the god forsaken PS2 and it's never-ending list inefficiencies.for lack of a better phase,it doe's get the job done.

Audio: This is where the game has XBOX written all over it.The game has excellent 5.1,and the music get's all techno during fights,and bullets sound sweet as pass through speaker to speaker as they pass by you in focus mode.sometimes sound makes a game better and in this case it does.

Suggestions: Make game's for the XBOX in mind for a better end result.Instead of making games for the lowest spec system make it for the highest and strip away the high-end effect's for the lowly PS2 or even the gamecube.the company's do this on the pc's based on the graphics card installed.why can't they do this for the systems.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10

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