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Overall: Kind of sad that someone is getting their yayas off of something like this. The sick perverted humor makes me thinks of a bad Polly Shore movie. I want to play and watch both of them equally. Maybe I'll do both and take a bunch of pills too. Why would anyone buy a game like this. How perverse would you have to be.

Gameplay: What? See some fake looking @#$#% after playing the game forever!? Why in the name of everything holy would you put yourself through that!

Graphics: The graphics kind of suck. Theres a ton of jaggies. Come on people this is just sick. Really I don't understand this.

Audio: I doubt the kind of people playing this game are playing it for the sound. Sick freaks... Why!? It's all so wrong! I gave this a 1.5 just because I can't give it all ones!

Suggestions: I'm suprised anyone bought this game in the first place, but I suppose there are those out there... No I can't even except that. I refuse to! It's too wierd. Never make anything remotely close to this again!

Overall Score: 2.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

Overall: Definatley overall a great game. The graphics are stunning, maybe not quite DOA3 stunning, but these are two very different games. The lighting sets an amazing atmosphere, and on top of that, it actually has a purpose. There were some great ideas that went into this game, and I have only minor problems with it as a whole. A fantastic game though.

Gameplay: The gameplay seems very well thought out, and very realistic. You are truley immersed in a world that seems to live and breath, with tons of gaurds and other npcs just walking around and doing their job. That is, until you give them a swift elbow in the back of the head. Here lies my first and one of only few problems with the game. It seems that even when you are right on top of a guy sometimes, you just can't seem to get close enough to hit him without making him notice you first. Once this happens, prepare to take heavy damage or a mission failure. This same thing happens when attempting to grab a character, but overall these are only minor problems, that only at times take away from the overall game play. The game is focused on realism too, so maybe, in a way, this is just a way make it more real. It does seem annoying sometimes that, despite ever effort, you just can't seem to not alert a gaurd or take major damage when you fight someone, but that's how it would be in real life. Just because you are a well trained agent, doesn't mean everything you do will go off without a hitch. You are definatly not super powerful either, as you will soon find out. You die fairly easily, unless you are quick or sneaky. One guy can mean death, two usually always does. As I said above though, this game is focused around reality, and although you can do some cool stuff, you are not super human. If you are looking for a shooter, look else where.

Graphics: Fantastic graphics! Only second to DOA and that's a serious compliment! The lighting is incredibley realistic, as is just about everything else in the world of Splinter cell. There are times where there may be some very apparent jaggies, or where you notice, that something simple could have been easily rounded to look better, but overall those moments are far and few. Everything in the environment reacts realisticly to everything you do. I would say that if there was one graphical error, it would be people's hands. During the game, they look fine, but during cut scences, they look terrible at times. Sometimes it looks like the peoples' ring fingers are fused to their middle fingers. These are only minor graphical problems though, and it doesn't warent me not giving it a five.

Audio: The sounds are great. The sound of a freshly capped soldier hitting the ground sounds perfect as far as i know. Also the sounds and reactions that soldiers do sound good. Echos of bullets striking the wall and of your foot steps on the ground also sound good. I really wouldn't know what the guns would sound like in real life, but for that sake of sound effects, they sound good to me. 5.1 fully immerses you in your surroundings too.

Suggestions: Maybe make for some replayability in the future, but other than that this is a great game. I didn't plan on buying it originally, because i ran out and got MGS2: Substance, but I'm glad that I did. I won't say which is better, because i really couldn't tell you, but I will say they are both great games.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: Most certainly one of the best games I have ever played! Definately the best FPS ever created! I can't understand how someone could not like this game. This game might not be fun for the moronic of anyone who knows they can't figure out a simple set of button combinations, but other than those people, everyone else should be giving this game a 5!

Gameplay: The controls are easy to learn an intuitive. Once you get the initial two stick movements down, it is like second nature. The story is great and keeps driving you through like few games can. This is a vitually flawless game!

Graphics: Fantastic graphics! Very few games can compare. Any time you would think graphics might get fuzzy, such as when you would zoom in or get really up close to something, they only seem to get better. Just go up to a tree and look at the bark and you will see what I mean. The only complaint might be in four person multiplayer. Guns seem to begin looking jaggie, but it never takes away from the frag fest!

Audio: The guns sound great! The banter and babbling of your fellow marines is hilarious! The scrieching cries of frieghtened grunts and the roar of Elites is also priceless! The sound of ships flying overhead is also great! I have not yet tried it with 5:1 but I'm sure that can only add to the experience.

Suggestions: I've heard people complain that in the late stages of the game environments tend to get repettative. Personally, I don't know what they are babbling about, but I would appreciate constantly original level design just to shup the people up. Great game! Keep up the good work and deliver another historical milestone with Halo 2!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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