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Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter

Overall: The overall appeal is just the game. I am not a huge Star Wars fan, especially not of the new ones but this game I loved. The action was always fast and there was always something to do and discover. Pushing up the difficulty made the game really fun.

Gameplay: The controls are very easy to get used to even though I'm used to flying where moving the stick left and right rolled the craft instead of turned it, but that I got used to. Unless you play alot of flight sims you will not have a problem with it. Targeting and commmanding wingmates was made as about as simple as you could with an xbox controller.

Graphics: All I have to say is the it is all cool from the capital ships right down to the droids. I was inpressed when you blew the airlock on the prison the droids that had your crew pinned down actually flew out and starting shooting you.

Audio: Getting killed over and over trying to do a mission. You get really tired of the plot dialog, just because there is alot of it. But other than that when you are playing for the first time it is actually an additive.

Suggestions: All I could suggest was to make the game a little longer. I mean I was hooked when I first played it, and blasted my way though half of it in one night.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Elder Scrolls III : Morrowind

Overall: The over all feeling this game gives you is more like a pen a paper rpg than a video game rpg. You can play your character any way you like. Other games have a set story so a set way to play the character. I for one feel the character I created would never kill. So I don't, or at least try not to, unless I know they are truely evil. You can play your character good or evil, lawful or chaotic. When you get more into the game I have found that side adventures do have more that one resolution depending on how you play it. The game is engulfing.

Gameplay: Having so many side adventures, ranging from solving a murder to finding a artifact in a dungeon, poeple who say this game is repetative didnt stay with it long enough. The only problem I really have is the collision detection and getting stuck on things. That takes away from the flow of the game and the suspension of disbelief, especially in a battle.

Graphics: The sets are great. I have been playing this game for who knows how long and only a small portion of the map is uncovered. What I have found there is stunning. The dungeons are scary, the cities spectacular. Although I can understand where some people laugh at the first person animation of attacking, but hey, with this much game who cares it is only a small part in the end anyway.

Audio: All I got to say is whatever is in the crypts that makes that noise freaks me out. Especially when I am playing this game alone in the dark.

Suggestions: MULTIPLAYER!!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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