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Project Gotham Racing 2

Overall: A great follow up to the original. Improved in nearly every way possible. The cars look great, the Kudos system is more intuitive and the xbox live stuff is great

Gameplay: Completely addictive gameplay, mainly because the same race never feels like the same race because of how you decide to drive. The AI can get really tough, but it's all good.

Graphics: The cities looks so real it's almost scary. The cars reflect the amazing backgrounds at a faster pace. Even the water looks awesome! Not to mention that the cars are photo-realistic.

Audio: Engines, tires squeeling, smashing into walls, it all sounds great. Not to mention that you can add you own soundtracks into the game which is still cool.

Suggestions: None. This game rules. Pure Perfection.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Hitman: Contracts

Overall: A gigantic disapointment. A game that starts nowhere, and goes nowhere. What's worse is the crappy cliffhanger ending! GRRRRR

Gameplay: You do the same things as in Hitman 2, only in areas you've already visited before. Some of the missions are so hard you'll want to pull your hair out, and in the end it is all for nothing!

Graphics: The exact same thing as Hitman 2, only a bit darker and creepier at times. The meat king level is beyond perverse. Overall though the graphics are much more polished than Silent Assasin, while not being a giant leap forward.

Audio: Not much voice acting, 47 does very little talking but the ambient sounds add a lot to the atmosphere

Suggestions: The game starts out so strong and after you realize that it's all just a bunch of !&%$@#* flashbacks, the game shoots itself in the foot; repeatedly. My suggestion is to come up with a compelling story line and to completely re-vamp the games' engine and controls so it doesnt feel so much of the same old.

Overall Score: 4.0 / 10 Tao Feng: Fist of the Lotus

Overall: Fun and brutal. Extremely difficult in spots but pays off in the end. This game kicks MKDA out of the door.

Gameplay: It's easy to learn the fighting system, but it takes a long time to really get the hang of all the combos and stuff. But where are the finishing moves?

Graphics: This game will make your eyes pop out, the backgrounds and characters get torn apart throughout the fight, and it looks amazing.

Audio: Some of the dialogue is cheesy but overall the sound is awesome, especially when you knock someone into a window or a wall.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Enter the Matrix

Overall: Fun, but gets boring, not enough variety. But the movie cut scenes are fantastic and fun to watch. This game needed to be longer!

Gameplay: Being able to recreate your favorite scenes from the Matrix is the biggest thing that kept me coming back, but the gameplay does get repetitive after a while.

Graphics: This game was vomited up by the PS2, which is sad, because with an awesome powerhouse like the Xbox; this could have been an awesome graphical showcase. Instead, it's just kinda good.

Audio: The sounds in this game are awesome. The original score from the movie helps a lot, as well as the cool kung-fu type effects during hand to hand combat.

Suggestions: Make the next game more Xbox friendly, and also make it longer with LESS driving and more fighting!!!

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Brute Force

Overall: A really fun game that has a lot of Halo in it, and at times it comes very close to being as fun and addictive as Halo. But just falls short of supreme greatness.

Gameplay: The gameplay is obviously the heart of the game, and it is very polished. But the one major problem with the gameplay is the intelligence of your team mates, they just don't add the depth that was expected to the gameplay. They seem to be there more as show.

Graphics: The visuals are easily fantastic. The explosions of grenades, scenery, and enemies looks amazing. The character models are good, but not awesome. The framerate is very good, and hardly ever dips. And the environments are bump mapped and look awesome. Many people are going to hold this game up to Halo in the graphics department, and of course, Halo easily wins, but by no means is this game not amazing to watch.

Audio: The voice acting, especially by Brutus, can be extremely annoying. But otherwise, the sounds are great.

Suggestions: This game should have had much better team mate A.I. to make it a real squad tactical gameplay experience.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Midtown Madness 3

Overall: This game is really fun, and I don't even have Xbox Live! The cities may not be ideal but the overall game is non-stop fun.

Gameplay: Each car handles differently, some are fast, some slow, duh. There are lots of different race types to chose from, and it all rules! This is everything that Wreckless should have been.

Graphics: The graphics are totally awesome. The cars look great, and the damage models are really cool. The cities themselves look great with different lighting effects and tons of destruction to be done. Even the water looks great.

Audio: Crashes, screaming pedestrians, destroying everything in sight. All the sound effects suit the game well, and you can use your own songs for a soundtrack too.

Suggestions: Make the next cities be: New York City and Los Angeles

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Burnout 2: Point of Impact

Overall: A totally awesome game that is very old school in it's approach but is totally next-gen in style. This game just fricken rules, and it has more features than the PS2 version.

Gameplay: The motto of this game should be: Speed kills, but can also be fun. The faster you go, the more of a rush you get, this game will give you a hell of a rush!

Graphics: Although originally a PS2 game, the Xbox version looks great! The cars have reflection mapping and the framerate is great. Also improved over the original are the crashes, you have to see them to believe them!

Audio: The metal crunching, tires squeeling, horns honking, everything sounds awesome. You can almost feel the crashes. And the Xbox lets you use your own music which is a huge plus.

Suggestions: Make Burnout 3 an Xbox Exclusive!!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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