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ATV: Quad Power Racing 2

Overall: Only 30 freaking bucks for one of the most entertaining games I have played for the box. What a deal. This game is easily worth every penny.

Gameplay: Game play is right on the money with a few small quirks. Controls handle great and buttons are easy to get used to. The tricks are easy to pull off once you get the hang of the game. The one part I didnt like is that you have to let go of all buttons after hitting a jump and wait a second before trying any tricks. Other than that I have no complaints.

Graphics: Visuals are pretty good, nothing spectacular but not bad either. Having hot girls in skimpy outfits adds to the visual appeal.

Audio: Good mix of songs that give the feel of racing, a few more would be nice because I am kind of getting sick of the same songs over and over again, even though I do like them. Good sounds when you wipe out or kick someone else off their bike.

Suggestions: Custom soundtrack, get rid of lag when doing tricks,more atv's, more tracks...even though there are 15 its really only five with differnt routes but they are pretty good, Keep the price of #3 at the $30 mark

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Battle Engine: Aquila

Overall: This game is a joke, come on people, there is no way this is a 5.0. I played it for a couple hours and was so bored that I wanted to break the disc in half. So I figured the deathmatch might be good...wrong. the mechs are so !&%$@#* slow that its pointless to try to avoid someones fire, so you end up standing their shooting at your friend hoping that he blows up what fun. Or if your really smart you can just go stand on the healing pad and shoot at people so you cant die. the best part of this game was that I was laughing so hard while playing because it sucked so bad...

Gameplay: Like I said you have a slow mech with 2-3 wepons(which are nothing special) and you walk around and shoot stuff, or guard stuff. Wow. But wait you can fly too, for about a minute before you have to land and dumb is that

Graphics: Good visuals during gameplay, nice environments but you dont really get to explore them because you are guarding a building or convoy the whole freaking time. Enemies look like little boxes(tanks) or little ants(men). The flying enemies are even worse. The animated story line looks like a N64 game

Audio: Booring........who cares what it sounds like when the game sucks....boom, bang, splash, die...weak weak weak

Suggestions: Stop selling this turd of a game, make the missions more interesting,make the mech faster and able to fly without recharging...oh and this super advanced mech that is supposed to save the world isnt waterproof??? Thats die if in the water...whos idea was that one

Overall Score: 4.0 / 10 NHL 2K3

Overall: Pretty good game, plenty of options and good team control. The one thing I dont like is that the golies are soooo good. Most NHL superstars given a open slapshot from the bottom of the circles will score at least 75% of the time...not in this game. The publishers figured they would make the goalies super human to make up for the terrible play of the defensemen. that is not real hockey my friend. I played a whole season and only had one goal against my team(red wings rule) because my goalie would stop everything, forget playing defense just let the goalie stop everything and go for the counter attack...boring

Gameplay: Good controls, especially the advanced option with the modifier button, but the AI sucks. They intercept passes well and can put some passes together fairly well but if you just skate the puck in, you can usually get a scoring chance without being touched. And most of them would be goals in a real game without the SUPERGOALIES

Graphics: Sucks, player faces are terrible and most of the game left me uninspired, gameplay and customization are this games strong points

Audio: Where are the big hits, when you lay one down its like you gave the guy a love tap, lets hear it and feel it so we can get into the game. Best sound effect is the puck hitting the post...Ping

Suggestions: Get some real AI for the forwards and defense, dont let me skate the puck in unchallenged have the D man stand me up at the blue line, at lease make me have to pass to get into the offensive zone...get rid of super golie, its so unrealistic, also work on the slap shot, I couldnt tell the difference between the speed of the wrist and slap shots and the golie couldnt either

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10

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