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Voodoo Vince

Overall: If you like platformers at all then you should play this game. Microsoft should have spent for money promoting this instead of other less popular titles.

Gameplay: This game is really easy to play and the voodoo element is used really well instead of just being a gimick. My only minor complaint was that the the "diving head attack" button being the same as the "swing from rope" button, causing me to accidentally plummet to my death instead of swinging to safety if I hit the left trigger a split second later than the button. Other than that this game is top-notch from start to finish. The graphics, sound, dialog and level-design are all excellent.

Graphics: The graphics in Voodoo Vince are very well done, and the levels are well designed. Unlike other games where it just gets repetive after a while, Voodoo Vince has enough variety in the environments and gameplay to keep you interested.

Audio: As with everything else, the sound is very good and the dialog and voice acting is really good. I really liked the sense of humour.

Suggestions: Excellent job guys!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

Overall: After playing this game for just a few hours, I'm officially sick of it. Every time you make the tiniest mistake you have to go back to the last checkpoint and do everything all over again. And no you don't have a choice about how you play this game, if you go around shooting everybosy you run out of bullets in no time and then you're screwed. Would it really hurt to leave some bullets lying around or let me pick up the gun of the hapless guard I've just knocked out? But I could handle all that if it would just let me save whenever I wanted, or at least let me save more than once at a checkpoint. In one case I hadn't hidden all the guards I knocked out properly and go to the next checkpoint, I spent the next 2 hours running back through the buliding to hide everybody over and over again before I could even try to pass the next objective, make some tiny mistake, reload, run back through the building to hide everybody, make some tiny mistake, until I was pretty much ready to punch the TV.

Gameplay: Other than the saving issue, they did pretty much everything else right in this game. The only complaints about the gameplay would be that there should be more supplies available. It seems weird that you're infiltrating a police station and can't find a single clip of bullets.

Graphics: The graphics in this game are amazing. It should get an award for lighting effects alone, but seeing a curtain flutter as you brush it with your shoulder is pretty !&%$@#* cool too.

Audio: I didn't really notice the sound much so it wasn't really mind blowing, but it bad either. Pretty much what I'd expect from this type of game.

Suggestions: Use the xbox hard drive and let me save whenever I want

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10

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