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Tao Feng: Fist of the Lotus

Overall: basic boring fighter got old fast. chi moves are wonderful but more of a super move than the usual special moves. animation could have been better. when you get limb damage showing that stupid cut scene just destroys the flow of the fight. on lowest difficulty the computer does huge combos which is strange that the computer would fight so hard. graphics and sound are its strong point fun factor isnt. the annoying camera changes at the worst times so instead of blocking you walk into combos. boring story pole and wall attacks are cool but can be a pain to pull off unless your crazy about this game then everything is easy. for me i would prefer mk:da myself but above all i am still for the 2d fighters since they usually are more fun like old SNK or Capcom fighters. awesome idea and i was all wanting to play this game but when i rented it i found myself bored after a few fights. long fights is great idea with 3 life bars but again useless cut scenes of person getting up are annoying cause you cant skip that stuff. so in my view this game is a big let down.

Gameplay: horrid fighting system. throws and chi moves are nice though and thats about it. and whats with the goth guy having a choke slam what is he kane from WWE?

Graphics: WOW awesome only reason i would rent it again is to look at the visual marvel! i mean it makes you drool but then start a fight and make you want to shut it off!

Audio: ahhhh its ok. i mean it pretty much fits into the feel of the game. but kinda calm dont motivate me to kick butt....

Suggestions: whole new improved fighting system and much better control and a camera that dont make you lose when you try to innocently block big combos although people that block all the time are lame but for the people trying to block when needed it dont help

Overall Score: 4.0 / 10 Hunter: The Reckoning

Overall: i didnt get a chance to play this title with friends i bet that would have made it much more fun. but playing alone was very boring...

Gameplay: it might just be me but it was kinda boring to play this game i mean it was pretty much putting me to sleep and i usually love these types of games

Graphics: the graphics are wonderful i loved them it is really the high point of this title. i cant wait for the next installment of this game i will give it a go again

Audio: another good area of the game i think kinda fit the mood of the game. only bad part is at times it helped bore me didnt make me want to go out and shoot the dead

Suggestions: add more make more entertaining then you will have a huge hit

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10 Kung Fu Chaos

Overall: very nice looking and entertaining title but i think its strong point is multiplayer cause once you finish the single player stuff why go back and play it that much ya know

Gameplay: silly characters with entertaining moves easy control you can basically pic up a controller and know what your doing so its cool

Graphics: Wonderful cartoony graphics nice lighting makes this title nice to watch. the opening movie is awesome also

Audio: sound is nice but gets kinda annoying with the director guy but thats no biggy other than that its all good

Suggestions: i dunno what would make it better its already a great fun title

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball

Overall: found myself playing away like a zombie on crack to this game. would have given a 5 if it had more to offer though. like all games it has its ups and downs.

Gameplay: ahhhh if your looking for something serious go get something else if your looking to relax and play a fun simple addicting game that has gambling volleyball and a hopping game LOL then go get it! although i would like more mini games but the gambling is fun and the simple volleyball is almost flawless but sometimes when i try to do a setup for a spike my character spikes for some odd reason and that can be annoying but other than that its fun!

Graphics: OH MY GOD! one of the best looking games i have ever played! but just cause it is wonderful looking doesnt mean it is the best thing since jell-o but it can help some games...

Audio: well i found the music boring but since the xbox rocks so much i took some of my cds and put my own music on the xbox with the copy feature and woo hoo i got my own music to listen to and it makes it easier to play for awhile since your hearing your own music ya know it does help alot.......

Suggestions: hmmmm just add more to do so it will be a longer lasting game to play

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10

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