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Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball

Overall: This cheeky game is all about bounce! I can't seem to quit playing whenever I get a little time to myself. This isn't so much a sports game, as the Volleyball sometimes seems to get in the way of watching the girls. Play for money in order to buy ever-skimpier outfits? That's what I call a great game!

Gameplay: Use the pad to move your girl around the court. Two buttons are all you need, one to defend/block and one to attack/spike. Depending on how hard you press the button you'll get different responses.

In the options screen you can change the controls from analog to digital, which you definitely need to do since this will set each button to perform only one action.

Once you get the gist of the controls you'll find that the game more or less "sets up" your attacks, there's not even a jump button, although you can decide when to perform a block. If you're set up, you'll jump automatically and have to choose only whether you want to spike or psych on your opponent. If they are blocking then you psyche them and shovel to one side or another.

The intrigue comes in learning how to work with your partner. Each girl is different, and if you want to earn that really nice skimpy suit (check out Lisa's, they're the best) you've got to keep her happy. Buy her presents that she likes and don't lose too many games, otherwise she'll leave you! You'll find that some characters get along well naturally and others just won't get along at all.

You can play the Hopping Game (visualize the closing credits from The Man Show) or gamble for extra cash. If you go to the casino you'll notice that some of the slot machines run "hot", but make sure to get out while you're ahead.

The stores on the island stock everything from tanning oil (it really works) to a golden revolver, and of course, SKIMPY SWIMSUITS! Just take notice of what types of gifts your partner likes or she'll leave you before too long.

Graphics: This game is all about the bounce. The game looks absolutely fantastic. If you've played DOA3 then you know the engine is as good as it gets. The outfits hang on the girls like they were real silk and even more spectacular are the "kinetics" of the characters.

You'll notice a setting in the control panel that allows you to set your age... Think of this as the "bouncy" control... if you get my drift.

Additionally, the FMV intros and fills are really great. You'll find Zack to be a bit slapstick (voice by Dennis Rodman) but the clip of Christie cliff diving is, in a word, breathtaking.

Audio: The music is good, as with all the DOA series. You can set your musical preferences and the tracks are all poppy actual releases from real recording artists like Aguilera, Spears, Baha Men, and Bob Marley. After a while though, you'll find yourself turning off the music and just running the woice and sound effects. Just throw something else on your home stereo.

Suggestions: Like other reviewers, I see a need for more "unlockable" levels, girls, games, and outfits. This was one of the real appeals of the other DOA releases, something that kept you coming back. And come on, this is a game about watching girls, there needs to be a cheeky cheat that enables super-buxom mode! Come on Team Ninja, how about it?

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10

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