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Tao Feng: Fist of the Lotus

Overall: I just like this fighting game. Only three real complaints. First, how can a thong be ripped and stay on the hip of a hot !&%$@#* chick? No more thongs fellas, full front, full back, string on the side panty please. Second, the camera is not bad but when your fighting to gain leverage in the fight, your postion may be hampered due to camera kicking of a wall to the oppisite direction that you are hitting the D-pad and in turn may run into the opponent you are trying to get away from. The third, the combos are not hard to pull off, but definitley hard to get out of an opponents attack. But this game is for true fighting fans. I am not a true fighting game fan but I have had good titels (Soul Calibur(DC), tekken 3(PS1)and DOA(Xbox)).I got this game because of J. Tobias and his team. I was going to get MK:DA but was not sure i'd like it. Plus i'm tatooed.

Gameplay: The gameplay is simple enough, you try to kick someone's tail. Period. Just like any other fighting game. It now depends if you like the way it fights. And I personally do. The charactors are great, the story is great and the design is great and the compos are great. Having to deal with a computer and the Chi isn't cool becasue they can Chi themselves and have their limbs back but to beat them after that is fun. Playing a friend that doesn't know that Chi can save themselves instead of being used as a power move is priceless..

Graphics: Just a few words on it visually. THIS GAME SMOKES! You can't get better. "Xbox only" means that this was made for our box, not gaystation.
Nuff said.

Audio: I turn the music off and the SFX high. SFX are great. I can hear breaking bone noises. Nuff said there too, because you picky tricks bitch that the sound tracks sucks, no kidding! Show me a fighting game that has music you would bump in you bucket. (car: for all you non Hip Hoppas out there)

Suggestions: Make this game online compatible. Period. (but with more fighters)And please use the panty desciption above for future chicks appearal.And thats all I have to say about that.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 MotoGP 2

Overall: You don't just play this game, you are the game!. When your trying to fly around corners in order to take the lead on the last lap your whole body is involved with the turn. I am very impressed with this game and it took all I had to keep me from buying the MotoGP, I played the demo that came with Live because I knew the second edition would be incredible. And incredible it is. The customization is second to none and the ablity to put your name or team name on a bike to possibly have team games and tournements is simply astounding. Even though the review side bar states that the game does not support soundtracks, my sound track has been on and the jams keep comming, whether its in the training, the challenge, or race portion of the game, my "stick up kids" soundtrack has been playing. I really like the pick-up and play attitude this game have. You just have to master the tracks and turns and you are on your way to the best, most intence racing you have experienced in a long time. The Live support is superior. Banging eachother on the track and say "Hi" to your opponent is great fun and should not be missed. The othe big issue I find very helpful is if some jerk tries to play in a poor manner to what the rest of the contestants are doing, the jerk rider will be seen as a "ghost". That right there is huge. Hey i'll stop writing and go to work(opps, i'm at work now) and i will see you on the track. SlaveZero

Gameplay: Gameplay is the balls, nothing better than racing top level riders and trying to pass them on the last lap and both of you crashing, allowing other riders the win. Great game.

Graphics: Part of the reason I got this game was the graff. All kidding aside this game just looks good. At all angles and replay mode. No racing game is as stunning as this, you can bet me!

Audio: The review from XA states that the sound track is not supported but in the "overall" discription above I write that it is working and I have had a blast with my sound track. The music for the game sucks. But thats why I thank Mr. Gates for the HD. SFX in game are great. I have a few freinds that were in the racing circut and the bikes sound great. But i'm looking to unlock the "screaming kids" tailpipe sound.

Suggestions: I can't complain about this game. This game could last forever and not get dusty. Whether in career mode, training, or on Live, this game just has me. A suggestion to developers would be to get a tournement started soon!. Great job Climax and THQ. A big thank you from this gamer.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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