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NBA Inside Drive 2002

Overall: Its a fun game to play, but it really REALLY lacks the depth to keep me as into it as i am in NFL FEVER, microsofts football game. i was surprised to see that ID2002 had no franchise, no create a player, pretty much the same options i would expect on my sega genesis were what i got in this game

Gameplay: like most games its really fun, reminds me of the nba2k2 type of play. pretty much the basketball version of nfl fever, more fast paced and arcadey than most basketball games, and running plays is used more to get guys open

Graphics: its xbox, what do you expect? graphics are great, but the hands i think could use work it doesnt look like the fingers are each moving individually u can see this when they zoom in on a guy. otherwise from the camera angle you get playing the game the players look great

Audio: i dont really pay attention to the announcers because i just assume its not as interesting as my music, but from what i heard the most common saying is "Sorry MJ" when one commentator interrupts another. there is some pasuing between a saying and a player name, but not as much as i expected

Suggestions: i never get sick of sports game because i always will get a craving to play it again, but the options in this game really test that for me. first of all i cant create players, one of my favorite options, and most importantly, there is NO FRANCHISE MODE. what am i supposed to do after i put hours upon hours into a season and finish it? start another season and have nothing to show? this SERIOSLY needs to be added next year or im not gonna buy ID2003. the only reason this was a buy was because nba2k2 is gonnna come out way to late and i cant wait that long, but microsoft really needs to put the effort into options in ID2002 the way it did for fever2002 because i still play that game because theres always something to shoot for with tons of seasons playing off each other and historical marks like the hall of fame and records to shoot for

****one thing that doesnt bug me if not included but gets me REALLY excited is when in franchise mode when they have drafts you are able to read about strengths and weaknesses and things like that instead of just inferring that from numerical stats-just a thought cause that adds multiple hours to drafting just reading those looking for a guy with more potential and raw or instead a polished guy whos not gonna get much better*****

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 NFL Fever 2002

Overall: I really like the game, especially the graphics. the AI is pretty good, and the game is a good challenge. the commentary is not very good, but the rest of my views will be brought up later. the game is very fast paced, and if you want more intense and challenging game, pick this one up.

Gameplay: Running the ball without a star running back or a good line is really tough as the defensive line is able to jump off their blocks often. passing game relies on quick throws, passes get deflected a lot-and no more heaving bombs, i learned the hard way they get picked off much more than they are caught. but you actually feel like you are playing the game unlike some other football games. if you are a safety like i like to play, there is a button for intercepting and you can also sack the qb or stuff the runner, so you actually do get a lot of tackles. i already set the nfl record for ints in a game and a season with a mid tier safety against all pro.

Graphics: the graphics are the BEST i have ever seen. the jerseys gather mud as the game goes on, in rain the field deteriorates, and in the snow the footprints are left from every single player for the entire game. the crowd also looks very good from the playing field, and when you begin to get beaten on the field, the stands become emptier just like in real life!

Audio: the commentary is really lacking. its really choppy, and the pitch of each word is different. the taunts are good though, and they have a wide array of players names to taunt at.

Suggestions: Give franchise mode more than 5 minutes, make the commentary smooter, and a few things from the other football games i've played. i really miss the maximum passing from nfl2k series, and that would add a lot to this game. a minor thing would be an option to challenge rulings on the field, because there are a lot of sidelines catches. there also only seems to be 3 penalty's in this game. false starts are called somewhat frequently, holding is called pretty much once every good drive and it kills you, and pass interference is not called nearly enough. my recievers sometimes are unable to reach the ball because the defender is blocking the path. other than that, the game is AWESOME, the Dynamic player performance is a great added incentive for game to game progress. Buy this game, in my opinion it is better than madden because the speed of the game and the way you feel like you are participating instead of watching

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

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