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Elder Scrolls III : Morrowind

Overall: This game is extremely addictive. It is very tired to get bored of. But my disc isn't in very good condition because i bought it used so i keeps freezing up on me. But i won't penalize it for that!

Gameplay: This is what the future of non online gaming will be like you being able to choose which quests u accept and which you do not you can chose to be good or evil you can chose your race, horoscope sign, the way you look you strenght and weekness! The choices in this game is are the best part of the game

Graphics: Not to stunning but with such an immense world you can't expect too much. It's only the character models that really anoy me

Audio: I like themusic it's not too anoying and i don't usually notice it which is good. I'm sure it has something to do with the game being addictive!

Suggestions: Make more!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: If you don't own this game then stop reading this right now and go anywhere games are sold and get it. The way that this game plays is simply adictive. There is so many extra little thing in the single player game that the game developers put in there just for fun that keeps the game interesting like beeting the game on legendary or that grunt that has a "grunty thirst in the last level" there are most likely more that i'm still interested in. And that's only the single player mode the mulyplayer is incredibly addictive especially if you can find 4 people with xbox's and 16 other players. That will keep you busy for days. The best game for halo is an understatement, halo is the best game period.

Gameplay: Most of the other first person shooters i've played have been simply to stay on a designed path and there is only one way to do things. This game allows for freedom. There are aldo many vehicles you can use and there are covenent turrets you can operate. And may guns that have there stengths and weakness'. But everyone has probably mentioned that. What is the thing that seperates this game from any other first person shooter is the enormous levels. In order to beet the game just by walking though it without enemies would take you several hours. Most first person shooters are puzzles in a way you have to find specific keys to unlock specific doors. I't get's really furstating when you get stuck. I don't remember ever getting stuck in halo because I didn't know where to go. Alos normall first person shouters are only run poit shoot. But in halo you do run point and shoot when using your gun but you can also throw a grenade without having to switch your weapon (which is very anoying when playing other first person shooters) and you can melee attack people. Which adds another dimention the the gameplay

Graphics: The visuals are great wow, before this game I was happy with the graphics of many games but after being accustom to these graphis the phrase "Ahhhhh, that's nothing compared to halo", came up alot. If you haven't trted this already go rught up to a tree and look a each individual piece of bark (not that I do that in my spare time) also the rocks you can see the texture of the granite so perfectly. The only this that I was disapointed about was the movies. None of them were full motion videos. Despite that the graphics were good and i'll still give it a 5.

Audio: The music was what was the best thing about the sound I think. Music is very important in a video game it captures the games attetion and keeps them playing. I really noticed it in the last level. I was homefree and almost at my ship when my total consentration on the game faded and I noticed that the music was !&%$@#* good it caught the emotion of the last part of the game very well.

Suggestions: Okay this is why i did this review to suggest stuff to bungie for halo 2.
The fist thing you need to change is the marine AI they need to be as good as you are. Another thing is you need more weapons and vehicles. You definetly need FMV's. You could use more enemies. Make lots speech just like the first (the marines were so funny), make a lot of levels in multyplayer lots of big and small (remember that that is most likely the reason why so many people will buy the game, make it so that you can accually use all vehicles in multyplayer (in the first I couldn't use the banchee), try to make destuctable enviroment but if it ruins it then don't do it, and last but not least try to make custom soundtracks that would be putting the cherry on the cake. By the way great game I really liked it as you can tell by my review!!!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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