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TransWorld Snowboarding

Overall: This game is simply a must buy for any Xbox owner. I've read that line on several reviews thus far, but this game deserves those words. This game has it all. Great graphics, good sound/track and just a lot of fun to play. Basic tricks are easy to perform, so anyone can practically pick the game up and start playing at a good level. I rank this title right up with Halo.

Gameplay: Lots of good game play. You can race against others, or challenge them in a score. The career mode is not rediculously crazy on the goals you need to accomplish either. Levels can be unlocked after a rather small % of goals completed, and you can unlock new boards too. The more goals you accomplish at the lower levels, the fewer goals you need to accomplish in the higher levels. There's secret areas and a ton of area to board, so you don't feel confined like most skate boarder games I've played. There's other fun things in the game like rabbits and moose (or deer) sometimes jumping in your way, along with cars, trucks, snowmobiles and snowplows.

I've read the other reviews and most are saying the game would be great if it included XBox Live support and if it included a "build your own skater" option. Personally, I could give a crap about building my own skater. Playing this game on XBox live would be great, but it shouldn't keep you from purchasing this title.

Graphics: Very good graphics. Great looking rails, mountains and snow. I must admit there cabins and people could have been a little better, but you'll be blown away with everything else so it won't matter.

Audio: It sounds like you're snowboarding. When you hit a rail, it sounds like you hit a metal rail. When you hit a tree, it sounds like you hit a tree. The "ugh" noise can be a little annoying if you hit things more than you should and the default volume for the music is a little higher than I wanted. What makes the sound good in this game is that it's not overwhelming. The sound is good because of the lack of it - you feel as though you are skateboarding down a mountain, not in an arcade game.

Suggestions: Very few suggestions. Put it on XBox live. Clean up some of the outside graphics like the audience and houses. Keep making more games as we need more titles like this.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: Halo is by far the best game out there today. Stunning graphics, sound and gameplay. It has a pretty good story behind it too. This is a must buy!

Gameplay: What makes this game appealing is there's always new ways to destroy your enemy right around the corner.

Graphics: The graphics and environments are flat out AWESOME! Even if you don't like first person shooter games, you will appreciate the graphics on this game.

Audio: Like all X-Box games, you're in Dolby 5.1 surround sound with this game. Even if you don't have an expensive sound system, the sounds are still wonderfully done. You'll FEEL cold when it's snowing and you hear the wind howling.

Suggestions: Bungie did an amazing job on the graphic design and enemy AI. I'd love to be able to get up close to some of the monsters in some sort of stealth mode - just to watch how the monsters react and talk among each other.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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