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Overall: I dont really have an opinion. It was really cool when i first played it. But i dont play it much anymore.

Gameplay: Ok well i must admitt, the gameplay is awesome. I love how they got every little movement that spidey does and more. you can actually feel like spider-man, but more in a third person perspective. LOL.

Graphics: Well, as for the visuals, The little movie clips were great. Amazing actually. But when you actually playing as Spidey, its not as pleasing as i imagined. The only levels that seriously strike me a visually pleasing are the ones in the sky when you need to swing. Thats pretty kewl.

Audio: The sound sucked. I didn't really find it.. good. lol for lack of words. I was like cracking and breaking up. And it wasen't just my TV.

Suggestions: Not really no

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 The Sims

Overall: Awesome! Alot Better than the computer game, ALOT. I was so excited when this game came out because I am a real Sims addict. I had all the Sims expansion packs installed on my computer, but when i got The Sims for x-box, i uninstalled them from my computer because it was a serious waste of space, because The x-box game was ALOT better. It satisfied my Sims craving.

Gameplay: Awesome. though confusing at first. But you get the hang of it in no time. Yes sometimes i still get confused, but thats ok.

Graphics: Great! Alot better than the computer version. ALOT BETTER. lol I think x-box got ahold of these graphics and took them to higher levels. Good Job

Audio: The sound was good. It is probably the best sounding game i have. I enjoyed listening to the Sim talk for hours

Suggestions: Yeah, Make Sims for x-box live! oh and maybe make another game, but this time add more things from the expansion packs, like DOWNTOWN, or The Pet stores and The Clubs and Bars..

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Fatal Frame

Overall: So Far, I love it. I mean, it's freaky and keeps me guessing. I can't play this game at all without jumping or my heart rate speeding up faster and faster. I love it.

Gameplay: Awesome. Yes she walks very very slow, and the running doesen't help much either, But the controls are easy and fun.

Graphics: Awesome. I feel like im right there with her. Truley amazing. The way everything is placed and they way everything moves makes it creepy and fun

Audio: CREEEEEEPY. The sounds are what make this game the terrifying game it is. I play it on Dolby Digital Surround, and its freaky. Truley FREAKY.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: Well I was suprised when I found out this game came with the X-box addrenaline Pack, I was buying a new X-box anyways, It was an added bonus to be getting 3 new games with it. But i wasen't all that excited to play Halo. I heard it was good, I heard it was really good, but I'm not ussually into games like that. And then i popped it into the X-box... and let me tell you, I am soo addicted! This is truley a WICKED game and i am going out to buy the new one ASAP.

Gameplay: At First, hard. I coulden't understand the controls, Then i later found out i could change them to however i liked. So once i did that it was pretty easy. Your charector and all the other charectors move nice and fast, there is no lag or freezing what so ever. All and all i thought it was amazing!

Graphics: Wicked, Truley Wicked. The grapics are amazing. If the villians didn't look so animated, it could be mistaken for the real thing. But i was shocked and amazed. I just wonder what the second one will look like.

Audio: Sound was great, I have dolby digital surround, so it made it all worth that little more. It was wicked, i felt as though i was right there with them. Good work

Suggestions: Wicked, keep it up and keep making more! Good Job

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Overall: I Totally Loved this game. I'm a serious Buffy fan as it is. So i was totally psyched when the game was released. I pretty much only bought my X-box for this game, and I totally think it was worth it. Buffy has great graphics, good sound and the controls are wicked easy.

Gameplay: When I first played the game i noticed it was alot better than i imagined it to be. The gameplay is wicked. Easy to figure out everything, how she moves, the views, ect.. Its not too slow like other games X-box has released, But still not the fastest either.

Graphics: The Graphics were great. I thought it was great how much Buffy looked like Buffy, as well as the rest of the charectors. you want to see good graphics? heres a tip, take out the cross bow near a charector, and zoom in as close as you can on their face, thats good graphics.

Audio: The sound was OK. Not the best. I loved how everyone did thier own voice, EXCEPT BUFFY. What was Sarah Michelle Gellar too good to do this, did she not have enough time on her schedule. What a snob. LOL J.k. No but seriously, the sound was pleasing, thats all.

Suggestions: Yeah, I saw clips for the second Buffy game, Chaos Bleeds. And im really hoping the clip i saw was gamecube or playstation, not x-box, cuz it looks like its going to suck. The graphics look horrible and the sound was terrible. So please, make Chaos Bleeds better than this one, cuz if it is better than this one, its going to ROCK!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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