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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon

Overall: This game is a hard action packed game. This game has every thing you could ask for. It has strategy , team work , and a chance to blow away some bad guys. This game Ghost Recon is such an awesome game that i beleive that this game may be the role model for other games with the same kind of fighting. There are many action packed levels in this game and the best thing is you will never know what to expect next. Whether it be a sniper 300 or 400 yards away or a bad guy two feet in front of you. Ghost recon has a great plot to, its about green berets that have to keep peace and control in this new russiangoverment thats trying to invade Georgia. So for this game I would recommend it to any one that is a true action packed killing person in xbox games.

Gameplay: Very awesome in graphics and realness to guns. In game play it is amazing that the graphics are so good that a bad guy with the right camoflauge could stand 10 feet in front of you and you wouldn't know it.

Graphics: There is only one word to describe the visual. AWESOME. Thats right this game has amazing graphics. And i mean Like stunning.

Audio: The sound could use a little work. But over all its very good. The part of sound that needs the most work is the voice sound.

Suggestions: Make more levels and more weapons. Also you should add high tech terroist snipers.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Phantom Crash

Overall: Its ok , no real thriller here. This game is pretty dull and pointless. Its entertaining for about 2 hours and thats about all you will get out of this game.

Gameplay: Its awesome, even I have to admit this game is ok but great in graphics. They have a real world kind of graphics.

Graphics: Its not great, but it will do. Most of the time you will get a hedache from the fast pace movements and the great graphics.

Audio: Its awesome, its has the best sound around, Thats what I would say if i was impressed. The sound is choopy some time and sometimes it doesent even make the right sound for the right action.

Suggestions: Do an entire make over of the game and for the people who actually bought the game , give them their money back.

Overall Score: 4.0 / 10 Dead to Rights

Overall: This game has stunning graphics , realistic fighting , and a awesome stroy line. This game is about a canine unit and the cop's dad is killed. And the cop and his faithful dog companion ( Shadow ) go to avenge his father and to serve justice.

Gameplay: Gameplay in this game is intense , you can do any thing from defuse a bomb to telling your dog to attack. Every minute of the game is filled with action whether it be fighting a guy with fists or throwing a gas can at a guy and shotting it in mid air to make a boom.

Graphics: Four words , cant get any better. This game has graphics that compete with splinter cell. Every thing looks so real from the carpet on the ground to the sutomatic weapons.

Audio: The sound , now thats a story. The sound is incredible. You can hear every thing from a leaf that hit the ground to a bomb going off in the distance.

Suggestions: Just one thing , make a 2nd dead to rights !

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2

Overall: This game is a fast pace racing game. It is fast pace because well you go fast. That and you have to make half a second decisions. Well what I mean is in this game there are cops that can chase you down and give you a ticket and the other racers keep going to win the race. This game is basically a kind of like street racing. But in any case this game rocks all. Could they come up with a better racing game ? Probably not well may be but not with cops!

Gameplay: Intense gameplay. The competition in this game will just literally blow your mind away , BOOM. And there is shortcuts you can take in the game

Graphics: Great graphics. The graphics and scenery in this game is absolutley explosive , its so realistic. Their for another word , almost perfect.

Audio: Wonderful sound , could use a little work. However other then that this game is a premium game , I'd buy it oh wait I did.

Suggestions: Work On the sounds and add older cars to , whats wrong with the old Ferrari's.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Project Gotham Racing

Overall: This game is a very fast pace racing game. And this game really is awesome. It has every thing you need to a beatle to a f1 Mclaren. Plus in this game there are many exciting track with secret roads you can travel on and I recommend this for thos who have a need to speed.

Gameplay: Very quick decisive gameplay. Yep thats right in this game while your playing you got to make quick descisions. Why you ask? Because the realism in the cars is so great that if you turn with out breaking you'll find your self hitting a wall. But other wise game play is intense and smooth.

Graphics: Great graphics. Just amazing , I mean you can see reflections in the cars nice wax job. The visuality in this game is better then any car game i have ever played. Beleive me I would know , I was around win super nintendo was a big thing.

Audio: Let's just say this , when I started to play this game and when I hit my breaks the first time my freinds thought that some one had a car crash right outside. The sound is justs so ..... LOUD.

Suggestions: Make even more racing tracks !

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Frogger Beyond

Overall: Well if you like latform games then i guess buy this game. This game to me is personally a boring game. You basically do the same thing through out the whole game. Just jump the logs and stumps and other stuff and collect frogs.

Gameplay: It gets boring after a while. No lie, very addictive at first but after you do the same type of stuff level after level it gets about exicting as a grandma reading a book so one word for the gameplay, BORING.

Graphics: Great visual effects, I have to admit the graphics were very colorful and stunning. Its the only that i really thoguh the designers put some time into.

Audio: Sound is very good. They have a wide range of sounds from made up sounds from their made up characters and the realistic sounds of a real frog. So a descriptive word for the sound in this game is Impressive.

Suggestions: Make it more exciting.

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 NFL Fever 2003

Overall: Very cool. Yep thats right , this is a very realistic game and its has great things in it. Such as the diffrent plays in it and you can even make you own plays. Also this game if you play it online it is extrodinary , just amazing how feirce the competition is. I reccomend this game to every bod who is any body.

Gameplay: Great graphics , wonderful plays , and very addictive. I got so addictive to this game that i played it so much that i almost lost my part time job at kroegers. What can i say I was always late. I just had to have that 2 hours in the morning before i went to work.

Graphics: The Visual effect are just stunning. Its just as simple as that. The coloring in the feild is awesome and when it snows or raind you actually see the foot prints of the players on the feild

Audio: This game in sound, well I have only one thing to say , Perfect. When i first started to play this game I actually felt I was There literally in the stadium , sitting right there with the people in the crowds.

Suggestions: Make more stadiums. You have ove like 40 stadiums but make some stadiums just mad up from imagination.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

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