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Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball

Overall: DOAXVB features the girls from the DOA series playing volleyball on Zack's island. It also includes a new girl, Lisa, that is not in any of the previous DOA games. This is one of my favorite Xbox games as it is a very fun game to play and it is very addictive trying to collect all the outfits.

Gameplay: It's not just eye candy like some suggest, it has a fun and addictive gameplay style and is a blast to play in both the single player and two player mode. It's easy to pick up and play, and stays fun for hours. I've played it for well over 25 hours, and still have not collected everything. I only wish that it would have been an Xbox Live title, or at least have downloadable content.

Graphics: The best looking Xbox game ever! This game is solid from top down in the graphics department. The outfits are very unique and each girl has a huge collection of skimpy swimsuits to choose from. The character models are very well done and I hope they use these models for DOA4.

Audio: The volleyball sounds are very good, and the game lets you play your own soundtrack. The default music is also very good, and I actually use a few songs from that along with my own music. The girls talk in Japanese which may annoy some, but I thought it was cool.

Suggestions: Xbox Live

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Outlaw Volleyball

Overall: Aside from a couple annoying flaws, this is a very fun game. Outlaw Volleyball has it all...loads of funny characters, volleyball courts, Xbox Live, unlockables, solid gameplay, and more. I liked the announcer for the first few games, but it got real old fast and became too repetitive. Also it takes way too long to unlock everything. I'm almost at the end of the game (I have two tournements left), but have been playing forever. I still haven't unlocked Harvest yet. So, I've played for over 20 hours and still can't play a character I wanted to. The difficulty gets way too hard near the end. It goes from easy to very hard without any in between. But, overall it is very fun and is very addictive to play and try to unlock everything.

Gameplay: This is where this game shines. It has a lot of different types of gameplay. There is different types of gameplays such as a hot potato and one where bombs explode on the court while you are trying to play. It also has Xbox Live, which was fun, but I did experience a little lag at times on it. I liked how each player has a unique super spike. I did not like the fighting (you can fight your opponent to gain momentum)as it was basically a two button masher and did not feel right.

Graphics: Can't think of much to complain about here. It is definately not as pretty as the DOA Volleyball game, but the volleyball courts look good (they have jungles, graveyards, sewers, prisons, and more). The characters are funny. I liked Summer and Liz the best, but I haven't unlocked Harvest or Killer Miller yet, so who knows.

Audio: The sounds and voice acting is very good. It also uses the custom soundtracks, but you can't change the song on the fly during a game. I thought the announcer was funny for a bit until I heard everything 10,000 times and then it got annoying.

Suggestions: Make the difficulty ramp a little slower and not so jarring. More commentary so it is not so repetitive. Don't make it take so long to unlock all the characters because if you like Killer Miller it'll take 30 hours or so to unlock him.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

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