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Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Overall: Suprisingly good. Lots of people say the story was trite but that's the kind of story you would expect from the show. I am so glad they started from the early seasons because after the 3rd one it went downhill. Detail was very good, esp. Angel's mansion, it was exactly like the real one. Also I took more notice of facial expressions. Easy combos and I like how there were different controller settings available. Not being able to save at any time or having to start all over did get frustrating but not as frustrating as the slayer not being able to swim. You mean to tell me that the Chosen One can shimmy on pipes and the sides of buildings but she can't swim? That's my one real complaint.

Gameplay: I like this game, it kept me interested but I don't know about the replay value yet since I have not finished it. I do have to put it away sometimes because I get frustrated after the 5th try to jump on a crate and have to start all over again because I drowned. Also, I didn't enjoy the fact that almost everytime you get punched you get flung into the air and that counts as falling so your health gets taken down even more. But I guess that's part of the challenge, it's inconveniencing but challenging none the less. I like how once you have to fight a boss they don't really give hints directly to you on how to defeat them, you have to figure it out on your own. Oh and before I forget, I am sucker for games with interacting enviroments. Being able to throw your opponent onto things to dispatch them or breaking things with them is a definate plus. I do wish though that once you saved someone they would leave because it sucks that I would save them but then they'd die anyway because they just stood there.

Graphics: The visuals are not the best I have seen but they are still pretty good. I liked the facial expressions and I thought it was excellent how you couldn't see the vampires in the mirrors. One complaint though, Angel; he looked so messed up in this game.

Audio: I had no problem with Buffy's or her friend's voices, that was all good. I did however have a problem with the Master talking almost constantly throughout the dream world. I loved the music though, it chimed in perfectly everytime something major started happening. I'm also a sucker for fighting while techno is playing! ;) And the noises the Necrmancer's zombies made was perfect, it creeped me out.

Suggestions: Maybe make the game compatible with your xbox's built in soundtrack, the fighting would be funner.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Tao Feng: Fist of the Lotus

Overall: Finally a fighting game for everyone! Of course I was expecting all the chicks to be juggies but I was suprised to find some of the guys on there hot. Way to go with that! I thought the soundtrack was good, it's very easy for game music to get annoying when it's repetitive, but this game's music didn't bother me. But I do wish the voices were different.

Gameplay: I rarely ever buy games that are just fighting but this one is really great, I never get tired of playing it. I find it very addictive and am itching to play right now. Even if there are little things that bother me, it kind of gets canceled out by the replay value.

Graphics: The visuals were stunning. The scenery, the characters everything. However, where male players most likely enjoyed seeing the chick's top strategically rip at the cleavage, there was nothing for the female gamer. Why couldn't some of the guys clothing get lost in the fighting process? Like Goth's head gear or someone's shirt get torn, especially Divine Fist's? I'm just saying, why couldn't it have been fair for everyone?

Audio: The SFX was good, I loved the sounds when the enviroment broke or the sound of limb damage. But the voices; half of them just didn't fit the character.

Suggestions: Well apart from some of the voices and an equal amount of clothes rippage for both genders; this game is great. Keep up the good work!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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