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House of the Dead 3

Overall: Good not Great, This game was alright i thought it was going to be really fun seeing as how it's the only light gun shooter avaliable up to date but I was wrong. The House of the Dead movie just looked liek a joke(even though i know the movie is really coming out)

Gameplay: The game is your classic mosters attack you shoot them and then you move on. The only cool thing was that when you beat the game you unlock House of the dead 2.

Graphics: For some reason everyone must have master****d never mind, everyone's hands in the game are gigantic. The graphics are pretty cool other than that

Audio: God, i hate the girl in this game she has something annoying to say after every boss battle (example: After defeating the plant monster in the game she says "I was never good at gardening")

Suggestions: I have no idea how to make this better but the game wasn't that fun. try making it either free roaming like HALO or hide and shoot like Time Crisis

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10 Marvel vs. Capcom 2

Overall: Lots of Charaters, But i can't belive this game is in the top 10 fighting games and Capcom vs. SNK 2 isn't.

Gameplay: The game is pretty fun and really fast paced. The thing i didnt like was the fact that you only needed to hold the two trigger buttons to perform super attacks. Alos the absence of the mid attack.

Graphics: The game is pretty pixelated with 3d backrounds. I'm giving this game a 2.5 for graphics because for a 2D game it looks a lot more pixelated than it should. I think these games need to take a lesson from Guilty gear X which is 2d fighting with great resolution

Audio: Good music, great sound effects I like how most of the character sounds haven't really changed over the years (spider-man doesn't sound like Tobey maguierre)

Suggestions: Endings, this game had no ending what i suggest is that these fighting games need to have more ending sequences.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Capcom vs. SNK 2: EO

Overall: This is a great game that I don't think people understand. People tend to think (with all the technology we have now we can make it 3d) But i think most people know that when you make a 2d game 3d it really messes the game up (eg. Street fighter Alpha EX, Contra)

Gameplay: THe gameplay is really fun. The EO messes the game up because the old 2d fighting games are dying out and the last thing we need is a new setup that makes it easier for newbies

Graphics: Great. First for all those out there who complain that the graphics are dumb because of the 2d graphics, this is an oldschool game and by keeping with these oldschool graphics keeps our ties with our old video games. Graphics aren't everything most of the best games dont have great graphics (eg. Chrono trigger, Advanced wars 1 & 2, Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time) so don't get mad because you don't like the @d graphics.

Audio: THe music is pretty cool, the one thing i don't understand is that the game actually has a big soundtrack with good music but only 30% of it is actually used. I scored the Sound 3.5 only because when you get a dynamic kill in the game all the music stops.

Suggestions: Try and make delay's in the computers moves, because it would be impossible for a human player to do a Sonic Boom while walking foward.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

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