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Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding

Overall: On the whole, Amped is an original and also a very good take on the Snowboarding Genre. Extreme sports has become the "thing" nowadys with most games trying to be tony hawks. When i got this game i was suprised about the depth of it, and it kept me going for Hours.

Gameplay: The buttons are easy when you get used to them and the learning curve is almost perfect. You play to earn more on this which is worth while

Graphics: The graphics are amazing seeing as this was a launch title! The snow is amazingly detailed and the character models were solid. The trees and backgrounds were impressive too.

Audio: The music was ok, a bit cheesy at times but good for the genre. Any game that lets you have your own soundtrack though, has to have a 5 because then you cant complain about rubbish music!

Suggestions: Advance the sequel to a wider audience. Maybe less difficult on the later challenges

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Shenmue 2

Overall: This game is an epic no matter what you may say about the graphics(which arent bad anyway) Watching the 90 minute movie gets you in the mood for Shenmue 2 and it does not disappoint. I had the original on the DC and there are a few major differences
1. there is a snapshot mode in which you can unlock side story and hidden extras
2.English voiceovers
3. Movie length DVD Fro shenmue 1
4.Enhanced graphics
5. No lag, better framrate and better lighting
6. All fitted onto one disc
7. For the measly price of.

Gameplay: Oh god there is so much i could go on forever, right. there is RPG elements, Fighting alements, Sport elements!(darts) Gambling elements and retro elements(arcade games and QTEs)and collective elements(capsule toys,and pawnshop flyers and moves) The game itself takes 20+ hours to complete without a walkthrough and then will want to play again to get everything,collect all the toys and get all the moves. there is so much to do here.

Graphics: Although it is a dreamcast port, it doesnt fail here because although they might not be the best graphics, they work and have been enhanced well, especially the night lights.

Audio: The epic soundtrack makes up for the poor english voice overs here. The japanese voiceovers were enthusiastic, when you here wong here you want to punch a hole through the TV!The music is amazing and will have you humming it all day

Any way, if you are interested in the shenmue series, check out for updates and other cool stuff. Cheerz

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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