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Grand Theft Auto: Double Pack

Overall: Become a crime superstar by doing anything you want when you want. Avoid police and engage in gang wars. Oh yeah... steal some cars too.

Gameplay: Very addictive... kinda scary. You get so caught up in killing and stealing and whatnot you start to want to do it in real life! GTA3 isn't quite as fun as Vice City. Camera is a pain sometimes along with shooting system. Driving is done well though. Story is pretty good too.

Graphics: Again Vice City is a little better in this department. The trails are a really neat touch. It'd be nice if cut scenes were a little better than in game graphics but what can you do.

Audio: Best thing about both games. Radio Stations are great especially the cheesy 80's music. Great one liners from citizens. SUPURB voice acting. Ray Liota in Vice City is great.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3

Overall: The best thing to hit the box since Splinter Cell. Great graphics, sound, and gameplay. So many weapons to choose from. A true gem to say the least.

Gameplay: Take control of the special forces unit Rainbow Six in order to stop the terrorists and save the day. Give team orders like breaching doors and clearing out rooms. Stradegy counts. FUN!

Graphics: Graphics are amazing. The best use of lighting and shadows that I have ever seen on the box. Cut scenes were kinda half hazardly put together I thought. Often the characters talk like they're out of a cheap movie from Hong Kong. But in game graphics are the best I've seen.

Audio: Great sound. The music and voice acting are top notch. Gun and weapon sounds make you feel like you are in the heart of battle and scare the heck out of the dog.

Suggestions: Mutiplayer aside from Live and System link.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Halo: Combat Evolved

Overall: In 2001 this was the absolute number one game to have. Revolutionary to say the least, but here in 2004 it's beginning to look a little dated and over rated. Still one of the best shooters on the box. Won't take long to beat and be tired of... but like i said one of the best shoo- games on the box.

Gameplay: Run around the big ring they call Halo. Shoot anything that shoots you. Get in an ATV. Flip the ATV. Shoot anything that moves with the big gun on the back of the ATV. Comandeer alien vehicles. Flip the alien vehicles. Shoot anything that moves with the big guns on the alien vehicles... that about covers it. It's super fun though.

Graphics: Really? Is this really one of the first games on the box? WOW!!! The graphics are outstanding. Who could ask for more? The ring world Halo is the best of all. Lighting and shadows aren't exactly revolutionary but who cares it's just so pretty!

Audio: This area is another "WOW". The alien voices are great. The weapons fire is supurb. Above all is the music. Excellent score keeps the game moving and changes to add effect.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Brute Force

Overall: Brute Force is a solid title that lacks in just a few areas. Lots of fun, but the multiplayer mode is no where near Halo. Probably better suited as a first person shooter. Story is lacking and that kills the replay value and addictiveness. Graphics are good and everything else is supurb.

Gameplay: Not much stradegy here folks. As much as Brute Force would like you to think you're in a squad based shooter it tends to turn into more of a run 'n' gun shoot em' up. I would've liked to have seen more stradegy involved along with better Team A.I.

Graphics: Graphics are excellent. Very smooth animation. I think there should have been some levels taken place indoors to make the outdoor levels seem that much more brilliant. Using multiplayer the gameplay becomes choppy at spots when there are several foes on screen. Cut scenes are mediocre at best but they don't add to the game anyway... Character graphics are very well done in-game.

Audio: Sound is ok. Voice acting is kinda corny but I think that adds to the Sci-Fi element. The enemy one liners are great. Weapon sounds could be better but they're not too bad. Music is good too but dosn't add or detract from the game in anyway.

Suggestions: The game was good, but that's all. I think it failed as a squad based action title. This game would've been better suited as a "one man army" title. I like the other characters, but what should have been done with the squad aspect falling short would have been a option to choose which character you would like to play as... therefor choosing the style of play and stradegy. For example, choosing Tex would make it more of a run and gun game to survive, where chosing Hawk would make it a more recon-style, stealth to get by game.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10

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