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Loons: The Fight For Fame

Overall: I was really looking forward to this game, but in the end i was disappointed. I expected "Power Stone" like Gameplay with the Looney Tunes, but in the end it turned out to be a very poor "Power Stone" ripoff. If you are about 5 Years old you should like it, but everyone else better stays away!

Gameplay: Sounded nice and gave me hope that this would be the new multiplayer hit of the year, but it isn?t! There are just to many flaws in the gameplay and everything seems amateurish. It is like "Power Stone" just without the fun.

Graphics: The first screenshots looked beautiful and I couldn?t wait to see the graphics in action. In the End it turned out to be full of errors and flaws. You don?t want to see this in reality! Moving it is much uglier than on the screenshots. Oh, and the camera am bad!

Audio: Best part of the game. Original voices and effects! Some nice one - liners and cartoonish effects! But not worth 50 bucks ;)

Suggestions: You did everything wrong when you tried to copy "Power Stone". Where is the gameplay in this, where is the fun and innovation?

Overall Score: 3.0 / 10 Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee

Overall: I kinda liked it... for about 20-30 Minutes. The graphics are nothing out of the ordinary, the sound (especially the german version) is terrible and there is no reason to play this game for long except for the new Monsters that you can get with a cheat as well.

Gameplay: The gameplay is very slow and cheesy. You could say that it is like an old godzilla film. It´s fun for the moment but the more you think about it you realize that it is pure trash (in a good way).
Don´t expect a great game, but if you are a fan of Monster-Combat and cheesy japanese Films take a look at this one.

Graphics: The bumpmapping on the monsters look nice and the models are allright. The Cities look a bit cheap though and there are some unnecessary slow downs. Didn´t have to be like that! The X-Box is capable of more!

The Sounds of the monsters are like in the movies and thats great, but the rest just plain sucked!

Suggestions: Faster Gameplay, real 4-Player action, get rid of the slow downs, work on the graphics and the sound.
To cut a long story short: Make a better Godzilla game!

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10 Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

Overall: This is by far the worst game I?ve played this year! I thought that "Terminator: Dawn of Fate" sucked big time, but I was wrong! This one gives the word "suck" a new definition! The Levels are just confusing and boring, the enemies look like N64 and even the weapons aren?t spectacular.
Oh, and it?s buggy!

Gameplay: Nothing special! Just walk from A to B, kill machines, press a switch here and there and fight with other Terminators. Could have been great, but it simply is not!

Graphics: The Graphics look a lot like really ugly PS2 graphics and seem lifeless and plain. The Levels are confusing and the graphical effects look nothing like in the Terminator Movies ;)

Audio: Didn?t pay much attention to it, but I think it is nothing out of the ordinary as well! The Arnold samples get boring after a while and the rest is just lame voice acting and effects!

Suggestions: Never ever make a game like this again! Everything here needs improvement! If you F??k up "Terminator: Redemption" I will never buy a game by your company again! What has become of you Atari!?

Overall Score: 2.0 / 10 Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath Of Cortex

Overall: Although the presentation isn?t that great I really liked playing the game. It is frustrating at some times, but overall very enjoyable.
If you are a Fan of the Bandicoot give it a try. If you own the prequels there is no need to buy it, but renting it won?t be wrong.

Gameplay: Typical Jump N Run, typical Crash Bandicoot game. Can be frustrating sometimes, but is still fun to play!
If you are a Fan of Jump N Runs check this one out!

Graphics: Nothing special, but nothing bad either. Just average graphics that fulfill their purpose. We have seen better and worse as well!

Audio: Some nice "cartoonish" sound FX and Voice samples. Again nothing special, but enjoyable!
Can?t remember about the music though.

Suggestions: Keep up the good work and improve the graphics. A little more innovation wouldn?t be bad either!

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10

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