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MotoGP 2

Overall: Best GP bike game i have played. i never bought the first one, but played the demo with XBL. i actually don't even follow GP racing, but this game is great for racing fans - it's a whole different game dynamic. it's a true XBLive game, with your rider linked to your profile.

Gameplay: There are a lot of game options for MGP2. By default you can login to your live account when you boot this game. single player mode has career and time trials and stunt modes. multi-player has XBL, split screen and system link. there are riders to unlock, and also mini-games to unlock. posting good times can give you access to mirrored, reversed, and mirrored reversed tracks.
the only thing that missing that would make it really hard-core is the option to crash out of a race/s and see your bike break apart sometimes on really bad spills.

Graphics: Great graphics and animation with a good selection of camera angles. weather effects and tunnel vision speed effects are well done - and replays can sometimes look like real video footage. would be nice to see bike parts fly off if they ever let the bikes get damaged in crashes.

Audio: the game lets players use their own soundtracks. the bikes have their own unique sounds. i don't recall a 5.1 option, but i don't have surround anyway. since the game is not arcade-ish there is no annoying announcer (woohoo!)

Suggestions: on the 100% sim mode, and maximum difficulty, let people destroy the bikes in crashes. (of course option to turn destroy bikes off in multi-player,) or have it as a single player career only option.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 MechAssault

Overall: 3rd person shooter with great graphics, and minimal tactics. it's a FAST paced game, and even tho i suck at all the multiplayer on LIVE i have fun. after all i'm not looking to break the 20,000 + kills barrier anytime soon - just have fun trying to get my 2 or 3 kills per game hahaha
the game lacks a lot of depth, so i play it to unwind and relax from intense games like splinter cel.
i give it a 4.5 because the single player game has potential to be better, and if you don't have XBL which is probably the majority - the single player game is not satisfying enough.

Gameplay: a great idea to simplify the controls and make a mech combat game that strips down the combat to heat, firepower, speed, and targetting.
Throw in whatver split second strategy you can think of like buildings and trees, and elevation, and water and human opponents and every game is different.

Graphics: there should be a bar that all games on this system are required to meet. but one shouldn't worry if this game meets that bar - it's above it. great effects, and it's expected from the kind of mayhem 8 mechs will cause downtown.

Audio: i have stereo sound. i wish i had 5.1 dolby. maybe later this year. then i can stop feeling like i'm missing something when i rate this c and bass turned up are always good tho.

Suggestions: for the single player game, maybe put more effort into the writing and the presentation. people will connect more with characters. radio chatter alone doesn't make a deep single player game.
for multiplayer games, of course people will be looking to customize mechs.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 NHL 2K3

Overall: This is a great hockey game. Sega's done a good job by adding stuff like pinning players to the boards. the best feature that my brother and i find invaluable is the ability to play on xbox LIVE. we both like to play hockey, but like to play on the same team against AI, and now, we can both play on the same team against other people which is great.
As a side note: i stopped buying EA's sports years ago, so this review doesn't compare this game to EA's but just rates Sega's NHL as an experience on its own.

Gameplay: you can choose to play with all the rules, or if you need to get a quick game in, you can disable some rules that slow the game down. a nice thing we've seen is the shots taken graph, which shows where your scores and shots are coming from and where your opponent is shooting and scoring on you.
my brother claims to get better checks from the defensemen than forwards but I need to put more time on defence to try that out.

Graphics: the arenas are superb. the lighting especially when they do intros is great. camera angles are all there for simlulating that broadcast feel. you also have several choices what view you play the game from.
i have to say that NHL HITZ has better faces on the players in that game tho.

Audio: if i had a good sound system i could rate this better.. to me most games reach a peak pretty fast on stereo speakers from the television.
i'd say the commentary is average to what i was expecting from a sports game.

Suggestions: Sega should keep supporting XBox LIVE in the future releases. it adds more value to your game.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

Overall: Splinter Cel is a great stealth game. i like these types of games, i'm a huge fan of Thief2. I'm also a fan of military FPS, like America's Army so this game has lots of appeal to me. They did a quality job on this title, tho i do have a couple of issues that just puzzle me, and i see they've been mentioned in previous reviews, it's the targeting of lights - why does he miss so often when the sight is DEAD on the light. And just minor issues with the behavior of the AI.

Gameplay: They gave the player lots of great moves to use in moving around the levels. currently the best set of moves i've seen for these covert/stealth games, not to mention 3rd person action games.
the use of shadow/light and sound as a game element is great, i love it when it's done right(thief2), and it's done right here.

Graphics: This game is a GREAT example of great xbox graphics. just check it out and see for yourself. FIVE.

Audio: nice ambient sounds, and the dynamic music is great. i'm not sure but i think the game is 5.1 but i don't have 5.1 sound system anyway. it still sounds good to me. Michael Ironside, how cool is that. heheheh.

Suggestions: make a sequel

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Overall: I've never seen an episode of Buffy, but the action in this game makes me wonder if the TV show is just as violent and cool. Was never interested at all in the game when i heard about it's release, but many months later after seeing it recieved a 9 in OXM list of reviewed games and i saw it for 29 bucks, i thought it was a safe purchase.
THIS GAME ROCKS!!! if you like the fast stylish hand to hand combat in the Blade 2 movie, i just can't see how that person won't like this game.
The game has a brief history of Buffy for those like me who have no clue about the show. there's a story that moves you thru the game, lots of effects, and just great combat locations and enemies.
I highly recommend this game, even if only to rent - though it's a great game to show your friends.
out of the 8 games i bought this weekend, (splinter cel, mechwarrior, steel batallion, deathrow, NHL2k3, RallySport Challenge, Ghost Recon, Buffy and XBLive,) Buffy has been in the tray the whole time (unless my friends were over for some multiplayer action.)

Gameplay: It's a great combat story game. the missions and story are there to move you through different levels and fight vampires. you have conversations with friends and they teach you new moves and make new vampire-hunter weapons. lots of different enemies along the way thru the story.
your surroundings play a large part in how you play this game. a wall, a fence or chair, can come into play when you're feeling against the ropes. so while the basic concepts of punch, kick throw combos is there, it's another thing to use them with style and to remember than you can throw an opponent in to a nearby fire or break a boarded up window to cast sunlight into the room if you don't have a trusty pointed object weapon handy.
Even when i finish this game I can see myself popping this game in every so often just to for some instant kick-booty action.

Graphics: great graphics. i was REALLY impressed with the textures in the environments especially Angel's apartment. hats off to the art team. the effects are great, especially the instant ash-disintigration-death. the animations are great.
The models are great, with animated faces. they use the game engine for story cut scenes.
SMG doesn't look like she does in the cover, but still a good 3d model. i think the face of the 3d model has too much cheek.
The vampires also have different styles of clothing, and they're well done. you have your grungy vampire, your half decaying vampire, skeletal corpse vampire, shiny black leather goth vampire, etc. and they all look good.

Audio: the sounds are all around good. my only complaint would be that the characters usually sound like they are not in the environment when they speak, as if the voice track was not adjusted with the rest of the sounds or something.

Suggestions: we NEED a sequel.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Deathrow

Overall: Great Multiplayer game - no XBOX LIVE tho! This game is a fast paced and simple to learn sports type game. Two teams of 5 kick, punch, backbreak, stomp and mangle each other in an attempt to shoot a disc thru the other teams goal. there are about 150 moves to learn - lots of unlockable teams and arenas. Requires fast thinking and good sense of direction.
From the moment we finished our first match, my friends and i knew this was gonna be another great multiplayer game.

Gameplay: A combat sport that moves at a non-stop fast pace. literally fight to gain posession of a disc/ring and shoot it thru the opponent's goal at all costs. Lots of hand to hand combat is part of the game, since there are no rules. the concept is simple, and has been designed well into this game to provide non-stop multiplayer combat/sport action.

Graphics: The arenas and lighting are great. the characters are great. There are lots of arenas to unlock, and they have their unique characteristics.
you get eight high quality characters in the arena. The characters are well animated too.

Audio: the environment effects like reverb are affected by the size of the arena. for example small garage bays sound different than large statium arenas. the game features 5.1 sound.
You can play your own soundtrack, which is great because people who dig this game will definitely have appropriate music for fast paced violent sports.
the CPU controled players will communicate to each other and you by yelling if they are open, or by telling you to shoot or pass. of course you don't have to listen

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Gunvalkyrie

Overall: A great game easily worth the 29.99 for people who like arcade combat games. The suit control concepts are easy to learn and understand, but harder to master and require good coordination on top of quick judgement (which gun to use and which enemies you should take out first when encountering a mob all while concentraing boost skills to remain airborne and avoid attacks)
Naglfar's Pit will make or break you if you're renting it, it's one of the areas on the 4th stage I believe.

Gameplay: The main key to this game is learning to control your suit's flight. The controls require a lot of attention in the beginning to learn, but by the 3rd level, those who stick to the game will be able to deliver a lot of firepower from the air. The suit has an advantage when it is airborne to move quickly, and if a player only runs on the ground they will not be able to get far in the game.
A system link or split screen "one on one" battle would be great - it would show that the player who can better control the suit clearly has an advantage over someone who is not as good at controlling the suit, even with good firepower.
The better the person becomes at controlling the suit, the less wear and tear they will put on the controller. Early on, i found myself wanting to smash my controller because the controls require that you push the analog sticks while moving in both of them in certain directions to aim and maneuver, which could make some people feel uncoordinated and scream.
Now that i've put on almost ten hours into the game, i'm more relaxed and can remain airborne for a long time.
It's satisfying to learn the suit controls.
I plan on playing the game with both Suits. the first suit is quick, with less firepower, and the second is a heavy hitter, but not as agile.

Graphics: The graphics are great - a lot of nice effects, especially heat vapors.
The enemies are nicely designed, but it's rare to catch a glimpse of an enemy up close that's not covered with exploding gunfire :P
The only thing i would ding the visuals for is the large ground textures in a couple of levels where you have to run on narrow cliff edges. other than that the environment textures and detail is awesome. the skies are really cool.
Yes there is slowdown, but i use it to my advantage to actually form a game plan in the heat of battle cause it only happens when the screen is covered with dust and enemies and explosions :P

Audio: The sound and music are both good. There is an arcade feel to the sound FX and the music is bearable to good. Bottom line is it's not annoying for me, and if it ever does get annoying there are voice, music, and FX volume controls in the options, which is all that matters to me.

Suggestions: Gunvalkyrie2 should have a small arena type side-game head to head, maybe some starting cash set by the players to choose upgrades.
even a single arena like the Naglfar's Pit would be a great arena for boost combat.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Circus Maximus: Chariot Wars

Overall: This is a great 2 vs 2 game! The single player game is loads of fun as well. I was impressed with the amount of control they give to the player in controlling all aspects of the chariot from the driving to the attacking - really great stuff, and not confusing or frustrating to control!

Gameplay: This the controls are the best part of the game, and really make the game. The elements of; tipping your charriot, ducking under obstacles, running over people for more money, leaning to prevent your charriot from overturning, the powerups, attack moves and blocking, pacing your horses, damaging your charriot, and yes - even hanging on for dear life when your charriot looses one wheel but staying in the race with good balance from the warrior!!! ... i'm sure i missed a couple - they all combine to make this game very intense. This game requires concentration and skill, and allows you to employ a large number of strategies to win.

Graphics: For me, this was the weakest part of the game - though the graphics are above average. There were some levels where i felt the art team was WAY too conservative - or the programmers had no clue how to give the artists more polygons to work with.
First the animation was really really good.
The actual charriots, drivers, warriors and horses were well modeled and had generous textures.

I felt that they should have simply used more polygons on the environments especially the oval tracks and larger textures, or more textures on the larger tracks. There was never a time when i though that the graphics presented could only be done on the Xbox. The trees in the Cypress level had no effort put into them.
I think the lack of casted shadows jumped out at me the most, which led me to realise that there was hardly any committed direction of light in the levels (no sun). Sorry, but the simple 12 noon shadow under the cart wasn't convincing enough and looks strange at night.

Audio: The sound is sweet in this game. From the voices, to the charriot effects and the music it is great and fits the game.

Suggestions: Everything else about the game rocks to the limit except the graphics. A lot of missed opportunities in the graphics which can be improved upon next time around for sure and will add much atmosphere to the game. CASTED SHADOWS!!! Display more polygons on the screen. there was no excuse for making low polygon columns in the oval track. :D
Larger textures or more than just 2-3 mip map levels.
Animated environments! animals grazing near trackside! tress that sway in the hills!!!

A system link multiplayer would be nice.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Blood Wake

Overall: A nice game, but was repetetive for me going into the 4th act.
It seems some people like the game and some don't, and i just happen to be one of the ones that didn't enjoy this game as much as i thought i would. One of the few games I finished that I felt deprived of satisfaction.

Gameplay: The physics when the boat grabs air are a little too floaty for me, and is what made me dislike it the most. Many missions pit you against multiple enemies at once, and maybe it was just me, but being knocked into the air by enemy fire and juggled to DEATH by multiple enemies because you float like a dirgible and descend like the Hindenburgh was just smelly logs.

Graphics: The game has decent graphics. The way the water animated and affected the boat was great and is the high point of this game. (too bad the in-air physics seemed out of place to ruin the effect of catching air off the swells.)

Audio: I'd say the sounds were average. Nothing really jumped out that was really outstanding. A user soundtrack/playlist would be a nice feature that was missing here.

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10 Wreckless: The Yakuza Mission

Overall: The game is a mix of stunt driving and demolition driving. The game has only 20 levels but there is some replay value in trying to outdo your last replay by beating the levels with different cars, or just driving around blowing stuff up with the tank.
If you're drawn towards watching the caught on tape real world videos that sometimes appear on the news (like Shawn Timothy Nelson's Tank Rampage) or real world shows then you'll get some short term intense satisfaction out of this game.

Gameplay: There was enough variation in the missions and the selections of cars to use on the missions to make the simple gameplay last through 20 missions.
If there would have been more than 20 missions, there would need to be more gameplay elements other than smashing up stuff and stunt driving.
The collision on some corners could become annoying if a player's master of the controls and power sliding isn't perfected.
the physics is not perfectly realistic but this is great because it creates spectacular action sequences during replays and keeps the action moving by allowing your little sports car to keep going after smashing a double deck bus or cement truck, instead of coming to a dead stop.
For what the game is, the gameplay is right on.

Graphics: If you enjoy watching caught on tape videos and dangerous police chase videos caught on camera, this will be as close as you can get to making your own for now. it's easily worth the rental to check out the graphics.
The replays look so good they make you wanna drive even more wreckless so you have a better show at the end of the mission.
For those who have seen Wreckless, image how cool to see a replay of a Halo mission like the Silent Cartographer beach landing with the news/handheld cameras they have in this game!
Easily a game to show off some kick !&%$@#* graphics and a preview of what we could see and even surpass in the future of Xbox games.
What a great way for Bunkasha to enter the Xbox arena.

Audio: I didn't notice anything special about the sounds.
There is no option for user soundtracks, therefore no "Crazy Train"
I don't have Dolby Digital set up, so i can't tell if it uses it or not.
The sounds during replays sometimes felt as if they were the correct distance and sometimes didn't.

Suggestions: A Free Roam mode WITH the ability to edit your replay. I noticed the game captures 5 minuts of replay (which is still long) but if the user can edit replays on the hard drive it will add some value.
Include SEVERAL cities.
Add a user soundtrack/playlist option [ this goes for ALL developers ]
Since Adult entertainment is a Bunaksha specialty outside the video game industry, make an M or A rated title for XBox.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 NHL Hitz 2002

Overall: AWESOME! I bought this game to hold me over until WWF RAW comes out AND because i'm a hockey fan too.

The game is 3 on 3 hockey. The action is pretty much non-stop since there is no icing the puck or 2 line pass or offside delays.

This is extreme hockey with no penalties for cross checks - just no penalties AT ALL. which is great cause you can just take someone out over and over again and level people posting near the net.

If you are looking for a hockey title "simulation" which has all the rules, then skip this title. NHL Hitz is a smash em up hockey game with cool special effects, many unlockable extra items. I have nothing against true sports titles, and was wondering if NHL Hitz 3 on 3 hockey could be fun, and it is!

Gameplay: I like what the designers have done with this game. Player vs Player, Players vs Computer - this game is great. When your team get's on a role, one or more players catch on fire - a really awesome effect - which also increases your skills.
I love the arenas you can unlock by earning points and buying arenas, uniforms and "wacky heads" for your players.
They've done something amazing with this game by combining hockey, with a game like Soul Calibur (fighting and unlocking many extra items.) and Wrestling with the no penalty non-stop mayhem.
I can't wait to unlock the Moonbase arena and play against the aliens!!!
You can create your own team, and there are many options there for creating their skills, jerseys, and looks, and a loooooong list of nicknames for your guys that the commentator can use in the game. "MAX
A nice touch is the trivia questions after games to score extra points to improve your characters or more points to unlock special items.
There is also a skills mini-game section which reminds me of the NHL All-Star mini competitions - which helps you improve your shooting, passing etc. and keeps records for the various mini-games.

Graphics: These graphics kick booty!!! the animations are hillarious when your teamm mates watch you catch on fire.
The reflection on the ice is too strong, and i wish there were more permanent skate trails on the ice, and ice sprays when the players cut hard or stop fast.
The detail is amazing on the uniforms, and the arenas are totally wild. The underwater arena is really over the top for a hockey game!
I can't help busting up seeing my players on the ice. i've made some with really fat legs and feet and really tiny heads and arms - it's a riot.

I can't rave enough about the great visuals.

Audio: The sounds are great. Commentator is entertaining and will repeat after you've played for a while, but i don't think i will be annoyed since his remarks are appropriate, especially when smashing someone through the glass into the audience.

I don't have 5.1 sound, so i'm not sure if this game takes advantage of it, but if it does, i wouldn't be surprised if they took advantage of 5.1 for the arena/crowd effect.

Suggestions: there's room for improvement on the ice surface and the effects of ice when players turn or stop.
Yes! another game that uses the Xbox HD jukebox feature!!! :)
The arenas are just so awesome!
I'd buy a sequel if they can take this game to another level and have more extra stuff :)

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Dead or Alive 3

Overall: I like fighting games, and this one is great. My draw to this game, like other fighting games is combos, and after playing Soul Calibur on DreamCast for 2+ years I can say DOA3 has got my attention - though i still eagerly await SC2 :)
I'm slowly making my way through all the characters, learning their moves.
This game has great environments for fighting and using environments in fights - something that Soul Calibur lacks. It's so nice when you shatter concrete tiles of the floor by piledriving your opponent's head into the ground.
The only thing that keeps me from playing this game for more than 3 hours straight at a time is that there is very little to unlock, so i only play to improve my skills.
On the other hand, an extras disc is on the way which is awesome, which if it was out, i would give DOA3 a 4.5 or 5 depending on how much is packed on the new disc.

Gameplay: For people who really like fighting games, there is stuff here that will keep you occupied.
This game has enough that fighters will like to experiment with how they can optimally string attacks together and juggle their opponents effectively, and how to throw and counter effectively.
I'm addicted to the Time Attack and Survival games. I have spent hours on those and have not yet started my Tag Team skills so i have a ways to go. Who knows how much reasearch will be required in finding good tag team pairs :)
I personally recommend turning off the analog button option to perform more consistent combos and attacks.
I have to deduct from the score for the small amount of unlockable stuff that ships without the coming expansion disc.

Graphics: The game looks great. Honestly, I think for a long time since it came out, Soul Calibur on Dreamcast put some of today's next gen games to shame (Kabuki anyone?), but DOA3 with it's environments and details is currently the best looking fighter in my oppinion.
The details in the fabrics of the characters, Lei's dress, Gen's costumes, and Brad's costumes are really satisfying.
The effects where the environment reacts to the characters is awesome. When the players deform the snow and sand where they walk adds another subtle satisfaction to the visuals.

Audio: I focus on eye candy more than sound. One of my personal observations on sound after playing other fighters, specifically Soul Calibur for 2+ years, is that the music, character voices or sound effects never became annoying - and that is GOOD. So far, there aren't any sounds or music that i find annoying in DOA3. I think if i ever expand my system to 5.1 I may appreciate this game's sound effects a little more. I guess playing in the X-Arena with the crowd would be freaking awesome in surround.

Suggestions: What happened to sand being kicked up when players are fighting and being slamed around on the beach?
More environment effects like the floor in the ice cave where characters slip. How about they slip if they are running and stop. Slower movement in the sand or water?
Slightly more environent effects like in the level with the breakable concrete tiles - how about when they hit the wood walls of the two buildings they break pieces off. they don't have to bust down the wall, but just show a huge smash mark in the wood and have pieces fly off.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee

Overall: It's a great game which has you play off two characters' strenghts and weaknesses. Often there is more than one way to solve the puzzles in each level.
I think i'm halfway through the game, and the story is entertaining - but i don't see much replay value.
Maybe I might re-visit the game much later on after beating it to see if I can do a perfect game, (rescue all scrubs and fuzzles.) My halo is not golden at the moment since i've let quite a few scrubs and fuzzles die.
The game is definitly going to be great the first time around, but i'm not sure what the benefit of having a golden halo is so I may not play it again for a perfect game.

Gameplay: This is a good tag team game, where it's entertaining for two people to play this one player game, by having a coach who is watching as you are playing and can warn you of things you miss, or a faster way of solving a certain situation. Or to hand off the controller in situations where the other person might have more skills to pull off some of the action/jump puzzles.

Graphics: only half way thru the game, there are tons of great effects. the levels can tend to become a little too consistent in color, but the environment designs are great for things like buildings and stuctures.
I have to admit I feel sorry for Munch. I think he's so !&%$@#* ugly he just busts me up when i'm not playing. The poor snot has to look forward, but the designers stuck his eyes on the sides of his head.

Audio: All the sounds are great, and none stand out as being annoying after hearing them over and over again. This game may sound awesome in Stereo or Dolby (if it's supported) but I play on a mono speaker tv.

Suggestions: I'm only half through the game, but the rest of the levels seem like they will be consistent in color and style.
In the future it might be nice to show more colors or new environments from Oddworld that have a new style or mood.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

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