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NHL 07

Overall: Thought at first the game seems awkward and difficult to control, once one understands how the players move, and how the game works, the greatness of the realistic game play becomes evident. Overall, i would definately reccomend this game to any hockey fans.

Gameplay: I've played many hockey games in the past, ranging from many of EA's old nhl titles to the great NHL Hitz series. NHL 07 comes off as more difficult, but also more realisitic. No longer can you depend solely on one timers to do all the scoring for you.
Firstly, the skill stick while good on some occassions, really sucks the other 90% of the time. Luckily, one can change the controls to classic controls, while still retaining the ability to use the skill stick when wanted. When relying solely on the skill stick the controls are awkward, the players are difficult to control, and shots and passes rarely work how you want them. However, when on breakaways or in shootouts the skill stick can be great once mastered. Overall though, the skill stick falls short of its desired 'must have in every NHL game' status.
Once one gets over the skill stick (or just changes the controls), NHL 07 has the ability to shine. The realism of the game is great. It is often hard to score, hard to retain the puck, and hard to make clean passes through defensemen, But, thats hockey. Once one fully understands how the game works, and doesnt expect to just be able to pick it up and slapshot their way through the competition, this game really is quite fun. The frustration you encounter while failing to score on 20 shots only leads to excitement when you do score. The player really gets drawn into the game, and thats why its great.

Graphics: Cut scenes look fantastic. Gameplay looks good, although i always play with the camera relatively far from the ice so the detail kinda gets left out, but its a sacrafice for easier gameplay. Overall, though, the visuals are spectacular. Exactly what one should expect from the 360.

Audio: The commentary is great, though a bit repetative. That can be expected though. The only thing about the commentary that truely disappoints is the lack of support for dynasty mode. It would be nice if the commentators discussed how the season was going or anything about the season at all, but they dont. On ice sounds are on par for a hockey game, and the soundtrack is good. Really, you're not looking for too much in sound in a hockey game.

Suggestions: If EA could polish the skill stick controls so that it was relatively useable all the time then it would be great. Besides that, I dont have many complaints. I've played lots and lots of games, and havent yet gotten into a fight, even though i see it in the options. I know the new nhl is all about not fighting, but, come on. Its a hockey game, its kind of expected.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

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