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Curse: The Eye of Isis

Overall: A statue is gone. Theres a big museum. There are monsters. You have weapons. Must find statue. And thats just a taste of the deeply probing storyline.

Gameplay: Curse: Eye Of Isis the most aptly named game I have ever played. It is a scare fest from the moment you load it up till the moment you shut it down. You will indeed feel cursed. How does the game accomplish this you ask? By dropping you into a original story of voodoo and death? By cranking out some of the most horrific monsters ever to spook you console? Nope. That would be too simple. Instead the developers rub off there "Curse" on you by giving you a graceful movement of a tank. A very rusty tank. By Handing you a map, that keeps no locations on it. Scared yet? Theres more. Curse: EOI also features the lamest targeting system since Scrabble: The Video game. And nothing will freak you out more that killing the exact same monsters over and over. What will monster No.1 do this time I wonder?? Ha! He'll just stand there and take the punishment I give him. Well played monster No.1. This is the game for anyone that thought the first Resident Evil for the PS1 was the peek of games, and just wants to play it again, on their Xbox. I bought Curse: Eye Of The Isis on a whim, and I have indeed got what I paid for.

Graphics: Not as bad as you'd think for a low level game like this. And it just gets better once you are lulled to sleep dullness of the gameplay

Audio: Basic footfalls in a empty museum, moans from falling creatures, and the slow popping of your guns. The speech isn't bad, with decent lip-dubbing.

Suggestions: I ask you to please send me and priest with a copy of the old testament so that I may be freed of the demon your game has awoken.

Overall Score: 4.0 / 10 Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind GOTY Edition

Overall: There should be a warning on this game. It will suck your life away. There is almost no end to the amount of things to see and do.

Gameplay: There is a lot of walking, but you won't mind since the traveling is always worth it. Between job, treasure, animal, home, and sometimes people hunting you will enjoy yourself. The only down side is the somewhat lackluster combat. However you will be shocked how quickly you become adjusted.

Graphics: At times its a marvel. However, the draw in distance could be better. Great weather effects. Detailed characters and monsters, more would have been better though.

Audio: Easily the worst part of the game. Since most of the in-game talking is actually in-game reading, its a good time to check out your CD collection

Suggestions: I never say this, but please give us another seaquel.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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