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LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game

Overall: This game is able to appeal to people young and old. With a playful nature, and a humour and style that is universal.

Gameplay: The game is basic, but at the same time complex. Using the controls is easy enough, but every character is a little different and play differently.

Graphics: Beautiful, almost looks better than Lego in real life. Great detail and the lego placement is so believable

Audio: The weakest part of the game. Yet, still above average. Basic Star Wars music but little to no duologue

Suggestions: This game could of used 4 player action and maybe a little more depth in the audio department.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 WWE Raw 2

Overall: WWE Raw 2, may be the most over looked WWE/WWF game of ALL TIME! Many reviewers have been unpleased with a lack of improved. This is true to a degree, not totally. Most people (including myself) expected much more from Raw. However, it also surprises all by the interesting additions.

The one thing that truly moves Raw ahead of the other WWE games out there is the Season mode. The Season mode lets you pick a path (if any). You can jump anyone, steal,gain allies, call-out other stars for matches and more. The one other feature that pulls raw ahead is the Create a Superstar mode (C.A.S.). It lets you customize everything on your character. Best of all you can used ripped music.

Gameplay: Raw comprises a bit of the classic No Mercy game play, the past raw grappling system and speeds it all up. Its still the slowest game out there, but thats not a bad thing. Also Raw offers almost every match out there. Cell, Cage, TLC, Tables, Hardcore, street fight, Royal Rumbles, King of the Ring and more. Best of all you can have up to 6 WWE stars in the ring at once!

There are some faults in these modes. Cell is EXTREMELY EASY. You can single handily open the cage, and win by pins or just knocking an opponent off the top of the cell, (WHICH IS EASY, too EASY). Cage and Ladder matches are too hard, or too easy (whoever gets first wins!). Another disappointment is the Elimination Chamber is not included, and you can only play elimination in a battle royal, or royal rumble!

Overall, THQ cut some series's corners, but did introduce almost all matches. However, Smack down and Restrain do a much better job than Raw.

Graphics: Raw is the best looking WWE game ever!, Which isn't saying that much. Its a hair ahead of Smack down, and a step or two ahead of Mania. Its to bad, you can't FIGHT ON THE STAGE OR BACKSTAGE! Plus no fighting to the crowds! Whats up with that?!

Its great that the game looks ok, but its little use.

Audio: Sound is something that is well wasted on raw. Its nice they got the original themes for Raw and Smack down. But the match music is annoying, and not a single PPV Area has theme music! Plus you can't use your ripped tracks. I found myself hitting mute and using my stereo system to overlap any possible sound from the game!

Suggestions: Please fix up your matches. Add the Chamber, allow at least 6 people in the ring during the rumble, add backstage. Get PPV theme music, Velocity/Heat stadiums/effects. Add voices to season, and/or captions. Also add some more modes. Add some real unlock ables, (Entrance Movies!?, Costumes!). Add a WWE shop, old school moves, some moves that aren't copyrighted by WWE stars.

Final (and this is important) DON'T LIE ABOUT FEATURE! Fight in the audience, where is it?, Arenas? I can't touch the stage! Rip tracks, not in background music, etc.! Tell the truth

You can do better THQ!

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Overall: Knights of the Old Republic takes you on a ride. Putting you in full control in 6 huge planets. This is done rarely in any game, But is even more rarely done right. This along with a solid story that has 2 very different ending, makes it the best game of 2003.

Gameplay: The game is a role-playing game first, and a Star Wars game second. Therefore the game uses turn-based game play. When you fight an enemy, and are picking attacks it still moves very quickly, in-fact if you don't pick an attack, the computer will. Free roaming levels are large and fun to explore.

Graphics: The game is the best in almost ever area. This is why it has gotten great reviews. However, when you look at the game and place its graphics besides some of the other games, its really only average. Not to say the graphics aren't good for video games. They are above average, bit, this is a Xbox title and you aspect it to be top notch in the visual area.

Audio: Every Star Wars game has amazing sound. The classical sound found in even the worst Star Wars games (Obi-Wan).

Suggestions: Bio-ware has done an amazing job with this game. But, the game had a few flaws. Firstly, the planets that were available were fairly boring. The Sith Planet was neat, and the Manaan was a nice level, but most were boring. The other problem were loading times! I had to load every 10 minutes! That was poor level design. The only other thing, that could be improved was Content Download! There is nothing!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

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